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Nine Things To Do

Updated on September 10, 2015

Nine Things To Do

Everyone wants to improve their lives, but that usually doesn't happen instantly. First, you need to accomplish certain things; one of the hardest things to do in life is accomplish things that need to get done. Many are not even sure what they should do. They just drift through life accepting whatever happens.

Most of the time, people know what they want to do, but very often they don't get to do those things. In addition, some people don't plan for the future, and are not prepared for important events that come up in their lives.

One important thing to do everyday is make a list of things to do. On this list you should have at least nine things to do each day. List three things that should be done, three things you want to do, and three things that would help you in the future. If you want to improve your life, you should do your best to accomplish these things each day.

Before the day begins, write down at least three things that you have to do. Maybe you have a payment that should be made, or an important phone call to make. Maybe you have a certain appointment you made for that day. Many people get a calendar and write in important things to do on the appropriate date and time.

Your "things to do" list depends on who you are, and at what stage of life you are in. For example, what you do or what you should have done after completing high school. Many go straight to a job working 8 hours a day. Then they try to stay with it until they get promoted or at least get a raise in pay. At some point, if they make enough money, they can get their own place to live; or maybe they can get a car to get around in. These goals could develop faster and better with just a little planning.

Everyone has areas of their lives that develop, including health, career, romance, pastime, etc. They want these areas to have a positive outcome; yet many do not plan their activities so that they progress toward that outcome. For example, you should have a certain time to exercise for at least twenty minutes. Exercising, eating nutritious foods, and getting enough sleep would certainly have a positive effect on your health.

The process of planning your life does not have to be complicated. Writing down things to do each day that would make your life better is not difficult to do. The hard part may be getting motivated to actually do those things. However, if you visualize yourself achieving your goals, then you would most likely be motivated to achieve them.

After writing things down that you should do on a given day, write down three things you want to do. Maybe there's a movie or concert you want to go to. Or maybe you'd like to work on your hobby or start a new one. You might just want to call a friend or family member to see how he or she is doing. Whatever you do, it is important to relax and relieve stress in your life. For example, many people find it beneficial to meditate each day.

Preparing for the future can be helpful because the future soon becomes the present. Many things you do now affect the future in a positive or negative way. What are some things you can do to prepare for the future? Many people save a certain amount from their income, or they invest in a business. Savings and profit from am investment would help accomplish financial goals. Some continue their education in an area that would further their careers. Still others organize things in their lives, hoping to make future days go more smoothly.

You cannot stop time. Therefore, if you don't do things that should be done, these things can "pile up" and make future days more difficult. When you have too many things to do, you can become overwhelmed and stressed. Your life could easily become a mess if you don't take care of business each day. Although you can't stop time, you can manage your time and get more done everyday.

After you list nine things to do, arrange these things in the order they would most likely be accomplished. You most likely have some things that are higher priority than others and should be done first. Create a time frame and list your things to do according to the appropriate time. Do your best, but if you don't get everything done, don't worry about it. Just include those things on the nine-things-to-do list for the next day.

Life is a step-by-step process, and if you don't get things done, your life can get complicated. People need a way to be efficient so that they can achieve their goals. Many have failed because they didn't approach life with a positive attitude, and they stopped trying to succeed.

Sometimes people fail because, even though they had a good attitude, they were not organized with a plan to succeed. A simple daily list of things to do with the motivation to get those things done can take someone a long way on the road to success.

However, if you become too regimented, you may reduce much of your happiness in life. After all, the main purpose in life is to be happy. Those who accomplish their goals, but have a negative attitude toward life, would not be considered truly successful. Therefore, your goals should include having the right attitude about life. If you are selfish about your possessions, your knowledge, or your emotions, then you are not likely to be happy.

You may be surprised how fast time goes when you are getting things done that are on your list. But if you do those things, you will find that life can be more enjoyable. This is especially true when you have a positive attitude. And when you do the nine things on your list each day, you should be able to reach your goals sooner.

Are your goals limited to the time you have before you die? That depends on what you believe regarding life after death. Many believe that this life is all there is; therefore, their purpose and their goals are limited. Others have different theories about the hereafter. There are two main divisions; one is that human beings are mortal, and when they die, that is the end of their lives. The other is that humans are immortal; and after their bodies die, their souls or spirits continue living in some form.

If humans are mortal, what causes them to die? Your things-to-do list may include activities that would improve your health and may extend your life. But is there a way to overcome death? You could get lucky and avoid fatal accidents, or fatal diseases, or getting killed by a psychotic killer or terrorist. But if you do, you will still get older and die of natural causes. In any case, after you die, could you continue living in some other form? If you did, you wouldn't really die.

If humans are immortal, what causes them to physically die? If your soul or spirit does continue living, what form would it be in? Many believe that form would be a pale and shadowy figure called a ghost. Others believe that your soul is reincarnated into a new body. Still others believe that your soul or spirit goes to Heaven if you had been good, or goes to Hell if you had been bad. Is it possible to know the truth about life after death?

Your to-do list should include trying to find out what happens to you after you die. If there is a way to live eternally in peace and happiness, wouldn't you want to know about it? The problem is that many different beliefs exist about death. You should decide for yourself which belief makes the most sense. However, this can be confusing because the truth is often clouded in deception.

The truth begins with God. Even though many do not believe in God, without Him the truth cannot be found; people could only speculate about it. Many ask; if there is a God, why does He allow suffering and death? Without God, humans would not exist. Therefore, God does exist and He created humans, but He did not create them to suffer and die.

God wants us to live eternally, but we cannot do that if God has not forgiven our sins. Making a to-do list is important; and knowing the truth about death will help you list things to do that will help you overcome death and live eternally.

People are born with a sinful nature, and that makes them imperfect; this causes them to commit sins. Because God created humans, did He create them with a sinful nature? No, but He did create them with independent thought. The first man and woman were perfect, but they chose to commit sin. This caused them to have a sinful nature, and that caused their bodies to age, and they eventually died.

Every human being born since the first man and woman sinned has inherited a sinful nature. This has resulted or will result in their death with some exceptions. For example; Elijah, who was a prophet of God long ago, did not die but was taken to Heaven. Christians who are alive when Jesus Christ returns will not die, but will become immortal and go to Heaven.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He came to the world to die for our sins. After He died, God resurrected Him and He returned to Heaven. Those who believe in Jesus as their savior may die, but they will be resurrected when Jesus returns, and they will become immortal.

Discover the truth in the Bible. Put it on your list to read it and learn about God and His plan for people to have immortality. You could just make a list of things to do with only the limited time you have before you die. Or you could find out how to live eternally someday in a perfect world.

From the Bible:

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

(John, Chapter 8, Verse 32)

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