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No Christmas Says the U.S. Navy

Updated on December 13, 2012

United States Navy

No Christmas
No Christmas | Source


It would appear that the United States Navy are not the leaders of freedom that we were led to believe.

They have “backed down” when faced with controversy.

You may well ask, “What super power could make the U.S. Navy flinch”?

The answer is: The M.A.A.F.

I know, you are thinking what sort of terror group is this that is barely known.

It is not a Russian, Iranian, Chinese or even Muslim group: It is American.

The M.A.A.F. stands for the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.

Middle East

A United States naval base in the Middle East, known as Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain, has for many years had a tradition of having a “nativity” at Christmas. Naval personnel along with their wives and children, take part in acting out the nativity to coincide with the lighting of a Christmas tree.

That tradition is now stopped on the orders of the United States Navy.

It would appear that the M.A.A.F. complained that this activity would give the local population the opinion that all the U.S. Navy are Christian, which they are not. In the complaint to the Navy the M.A.A.F. apparently protested that with the local population getting the wrong opinion, it could cost the lives of some of the serving sailors.

To the disappointment of The Chaplain Alliance for religious Liberty, that usually organize the nativity, and the children of the serving sailors, the Navy agreed with the protest and banned the tradition.


Now I thought that the United States were the leaders in freedom. Do they not preach freedom of religion? Isn’t it in their constitution?

Now, with there supposedly being freedom of religion, I can fully understand why the Navy would allow such a group as the MAAF to exist but why should this affect Christians from practicing their faith?

This is on a par with saying “OK we’ll allow ‘same sex’ marriage, so from hence forth there can no longer be marriages between people of different sex”. It is absurd.

Those sailors who had chosen to take part in the nativity, had chosen to be Christian, they had chosen to join the Navy and had chosen to put their lives on the line for their country. Why then should the Navy stop them from celebrating their God in their own fashion?

It sounds like we are talking about some ruthless dictatorship, but we are not, we are talking about the United States of America.

I thought that part of the United States policy was to encourage freedom of religion around the world.

What if some of the local population see that some of the sailors are Christian?

Surely this is far better than showing them that the supposed “freedom of choice” being preached by the West is, in reality, even more repressive than their own ultra religious dictators.


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