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No Time Limit in Life

Updated on January 5, 2015

So many people stress themsleves out by putting limits on themself. They feel that when it comes to something they want there is a time limit. They feel that things have to happen right away. They tell themself "It would have happened already." That is not always true.

Just because something did not happen yet does not mean that it will never happen. It just means that right now is not the right time. What you want can happen it will happen at the right time. Just don't wait around for it. Let it go, enjoy life and when you least expect it you will get what you want.

When you put limits on yourself you are going to stress yourself out. Is that the life you want to live? Limiting your dreams and desires and getting upset just because they did not happen yet? Do not listen to people who talk you out of what you want.

People will make you feel that you have to have everything when you want it. They feel that if you like someone he has to ask you out right away. You have to have your dream job right out of college. What they do not see is that sometimes in life things take time.

Think about things in your life and ask yourself when did it happen. Did you get everything you want right when you asked for it? Or did you get it years later?

People come back into your life. If you want to reunite with an ex it could happen. You never know who will cross your path. If it is meant to be you and your ex will be together. It will all happen in good timing.

If you want to write a book go for it. You do not have to be a certain age to be published. Everyone has to start somewhere even if it means starting at the bottome. It is never too late to have your dreams come true.

The manifest destiny is you manifest what you believe. If you do not believe you will find love then you never will. All you have to do is know what you want, believe it could happen and let it go. Know that it will happen when it is meant to. Do not go placing time limits or worry that it has not happened yet. Just enjoy life and when you least expect it you will get what you want.

People come depressed when they do not see what they want happened. They get upset and stressed out and wonder why it has not happened yet. If a guy did not ask them out yet they will feel like it is something they did. You will start to measure your self worth based on weather or not your dreams are comming true.

No one knows the future. They are not open to possibilities. When you are open to possibilities everything falls into place. You never know when you meet your next boyfriend.

It is not something you did. Move on but know that you and that person could get together at a later time in life. There are many people who met young but later on they got together or relationships ended up better than they did in the past.

Two people can meet each other and not want the same thing. One could be immature and not want a relationship. That person could want to party all the time and the person they are with could want a serious relationship. They may go their seperate ways because of it and somehow by fate they cross paths down the line. They decide to give it a chance and this time it works out. It works out this time because it is all about timing.

Do yourself a favor and limit any time limit that you have. Know that what you want can happen. Go out there and have fun. Enjoy life. There is a saying "You have to be at the right place at the right time." All you have to do is believe you could have the life you want and everything else will fall into place.

Do you live a life without limits?

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