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No building can exist without a hidden foundation!

Updated on May 7, 2017

Let us do our work..

Truth is hidden behind falsehood!

Truth is hidden behind falsehood and the visible palace is standing on a foundation below which is invisible. Thus the world of creation is supported by an invisible creator. But for the creator, the world will be null and void. This is the reality explained in most of the religious scriptures of the world. But the world is engrossed in the seen phenomena and ignores the base! It is patent in the cinema theatres. The screen alone remains and the pictures come and go! Imagine a canvass over which many beautiful scenes are painted. Which is real, the canvass or pictures? The paintings may be erased later and a new painting may takes its place. But the canvass is constant feature. We believe the body as real but how long it will exist? The maximum age of any human being is found to be 120 years but a very few people reach the 100+ age. Most of the people pass away during their seventies or eighties. This percentage is also low compared to world population of around eight billion. In Ethiopian countries, children die the most due to malnutrition and hunger. The mothers have no milk to feed the babies. The mass hunger is the worst calamity in any country! Man need food, water, cloths and shelter as the barest necessities. But many governments are unable to feed and cloth their population. Only the wealthy can survive in such situation!


How money came into existence?

Hence money is sought by one and all to lead normal life. The ancient civilization survived without depending on money. Bartering was the way, the people bought their needs. But there was a problem. The value of different materials could not be assessed correctly. Hence there were peculiar situations that a buffalo was exchanged for a bag of salt. Also people found it difficult to carry animals to the market place. Later, some wise people invented metal pieces for purchasing their needs. Different metal pieces had different values. Even gold and silver was thus exchanged for procuring the needs of rich people. Pearls, gems and condiments were costly items. Trade through sea routes flourished when big ships were constructed to carry the goods across the ocean. In a society, all were not poor. There were rich land lords, business man minting money at the cost of poor and middle class. In course of time, people who owned lot of gold and silver thought of selling them for profit. The need of jewels was felt among the rich people. Money lenders started to gain since people were honest and pledged their jewels for money. If the jewel is not redeemed within a stipulated period, it was auctioned by the money lenders to settle the loan. Today, public sector banks engage in all the business done by traders and money lenders. The interest rates were reasonable in banks while the money lenders squeeze the poor with exorbitant interest rates.

India deals with corruption!

Money is a Mammon!

Today, money the mammon is worshiped throughout the world. People have forgotten human virtues. Hence service and sacrifice are seen only in the dictionaries. Every human being, at some point of time in his life will understand the futility of garnering wealth beyond their genuine needs. They cheat the government of the legitimate dues in the form of income tax and other taxes. They hide the excess income and keep them in lockers or in some foreign islands where facilities exist to stack the black money. The person who hoards money in this manner may suddenly die one day without leaving any clue. Previously many people who earn in millions used to deposit them in secret accounts in Swiss banks. Nowadays, the government has woken to the need to bring to books such tax evaders and money launderers. If the citizens honestly pay their taxes, the government won’t find it difficult to carry out people oriented welfare schemes. Sadly, the hidden money is many times more than the yearly budget of any country. The volume of corruption in third world countries is substantially high than major countries. Even in Communist regimes, corruption cases are dealt severely. Those who are in the higher echelons of party seem to earn illegally by favoring certain people in society.

Corruption is like Cancer, eating the vitals of society!

Like cancer, corruption eats the vitals of a country. The sad part is that from the lowest employee to high profile ministers, everyone is engaged in corruption. There may be few honest people everywhere who find it difficult to perform their duties, since people bypass those honest elements and approach the higher authorities who demand heavily. It is not enough if few leaders are honest, everyone in society must become honest to root out this virus from society. Stringent laws must be enacted to hand the severest punishment to the corrupt officials and politicians. Their ill earned properties and money should be confiscated by the Enforcement Officials. Before independence, India had many honest and virtuous officials and leaders. The political leaders sacrificed everything for the sake of the country. Hence people revere such honest leaders even now. Notable among them are Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Ambedkar. There were humble leaders like Kamaraj and Kakkan in South India. Also great brains were in the helm of affairs of administration. For Freedom struggle, almost all the people of India fought the struggle by undergoing rigorous imprisonments in Jails and they were made to do hard labour in Jails. Some of them died in Jails due to the torture of British Jailers.

Their sacrifice should not go waste and the present youth must understand the value of their sacrifice. Today, they are enjoying due to the sacrifice of their forefathers in society!

Society created wealth and later corruption!

Is it necessary to be dishonest to live in society?

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