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None can escape from the effects of past acts!

Updated on July 23, 2014

Retribution alone can erase our past!

There is lot of misunderstandings as to the source of sorrow or joy. Many consider that others cause us suffering and they start hating them or getting angry with them. There are two things. One is material cause and the other is spiritual cause. No doubt, that through the actions or speech of some body, we get agitated. Many a time, we feel that we are unduly targeted for no mistake of ours. For instance, a thief pickpocket your wallet during crowd. Sometimes, we fall down losing our balance and hurt ourselves. Many a time, a wife nags the husband for flimsy reasons. Like that we are targeted in many ways in day to day life. Whom you will blame for all this? The first is a law and order problem, the second is a health problem. Third one is an arrogant partner.

While walking, you may find an infirm elder trying to cross the busy road. It is the natural instinct of many to extend a helping hand to the elder. Still, there are many passers by who just move on as though it is not their concern. Those who willingly offer their help to the elder are really blessed one. Though they may be unaware of the results of such good deeds, though it is insignificant, our inner self registers such acts. It is not that only good deeds are registered in the conscious. It is the bad one too is getting engraved there. Here our conscious acts as a compact disc or DVD. At the end of our life, these actions are naturally carried over to the next birth in an invisible manner. In the ancient days when even radios were never heard off, people never believed that they can hear distant voices. Once, radio was invented, it was acclaimed as a best invention and people began to believe that one can hear distant voices in real time. To day mobile communication and wireless networks have come into existence because of the invention of radio communication. Hence the acts performed by any individual is recorded at once in his conscious and carried over to his next birth. Our DNA contains all the information since our existence on earth. But it is very difficult to decipher such codes.

As I have written in some of my previous hubs, the birth of a child is determined by the planets in heaven according to its past karmic load. When the planets synchronize with this, a child is born when the different planets on heaven were occupying different places. Hence no two lives are similar. In rare cases, twins exhibit the same qualities and temperament and their lives are mostly similar because of the coincidence of time of birth! Hence, others are mere material cause for the fruition of our past deeds which were not undergone earlier. In the account books of God or Time, no account is balanced. Every one has to undergo bad periods for the past bad acts and enjoy good times for the past good deeds separately. For these happenings, there is no use blaming God or fate since fate too is our own make. For instance, a hunter aims an arrow at some animal or bird. The arrow or hunter in this case is material cause and the past acts of the particular life are the cause for this. There is no use in blaming the hunter or arrow.

Now the question comes, ‘how we can escape from all this’? Do good deeds, think holy thoughts and act righteously. If you start adopting good ways, slowly we turn towards spiritual path. According to the karmic load of each, every one will one day will get emancipation from this mundane life. Secondly none can escape from the effects of past evil deeds and one has to undergo the effects when one likes or not. Retribution is an iron law in the Kingdom of God. Hence every body undergoes pain and pleasure alternatively based on their actions in the past.


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