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None can escape their past, however virtuous they may be at present!

Updated on May 18, 2016

Goals of Life...

The purpose of human life!

Have we ever thought about the routine and mechanical way, life flows on? Have we ever thought about the real purpose of life on earth? Having taken birth, passing the days as dictated by time and circumstances, is it the way to lead our life. If we ruminate a little deeper, we are just eating, drinking, sleeping and enjoying the pleasures as per the whims of the senses. Then, it is in no way different from the life of birds and beasts! They too eat, drink, sleep and mate to produce their offspring. Then, why are we here under what pretext?

If we have not spent time ruminating on the above points, our ancients have spent hundreds of years to solve the riddles of human birth and life on earth. Such an intelligent being is not created in vain. There must be some fundamental purpose for this invaluable human birth! Yes, our life as human beings is the most superior in creation. The greatest faculty of thinking and discrimination has been granted to us. Birds and animals can never think and decide, since they have no mind. Mind is the sole possession of human species. Having granted such powerful tool to man, god has granted the choice making faculty through discriminating power. At the same time, he has spelt out two irrevocable laws. Whatever act man chose to perform on his own volition will bring the consequent results on his head. He can never escape the effect of such acts performed with a desire to reap the results. Some people may think that the performance of good acts will nullify the effects of bad acts done. It is only a myth. In the books of the creator, each act done with a desire, the effects will have to born later. If good acts, you will reap good. If bad acts, the results will reflect the bad.

Sin and redemption!

Effects, good or bad invariably assail human life!

When we encounter difficulties, sorrows and pains in life, we simply put the blame on god! We think that god is cruel and he inflicts pain upon me. When good times come, we simply boast that it is the result of one’s own hard work. Well, if we consider the above, we can realize that God is an impartial witness, who neither gives joy nor inflict pain on any being even if it is an insect. There are minute laws governing our birth, sustenance, education, employment, wealth and family life. Nothing is an accident in life. Every thing is an incident or event, which is bound to occur whether we desire for it or not. Hence more often we are bewildered by the U turn life takes at certain times. Some people blame their fate while the wise one understands the laws of the universe and change his mindset and the way of working.

Have you ever thought why some babies are born to wealthy parents while some babies are born to the poorest of poor in most obscure surroundings? Hence, the country, village, home and parents are predestined according to our past acts in previous births. A miser and greedy man can never aspire for a good birth in the next incarnation. At the same time, one who is selfless and caring can definitely enjoy a birth in a pious and holy family. I used to wonder why people with virtues are most often confronted with more and more troubles. At the same time, a corrupt man who hoards wealth during the birth enjoy all prosperity till his death? The logical conclusion is that their present state is due to the past merits. e bad.

Krishna saves the honour of Draupadhi!

The great lesson from the epic Mahabarath!

Hence, even if we act righteously in a particular birth, there is no guarantee that we will enjoy a happy life. Since the effects of past sins have to be undergone! I understood this great truth after reading the great epic “Mahabarath”. The wicked and sinful lot of 100 brothers was enjoying pleasant days whereas their five cousins who were upright and virtuous had undergone innumerable grief and pain. They lost their kingdom. They were driven to the forests. They were surviving only on fruits and tubers though they were rightful heirs to a great Kingdom! The hundred brothers persecuted the virtuous five all through their life. They snatched their kingdom in a fraudulent manner.

A dice game played by the eldest of the five brothers with a wicked relative playing on behalf of the 100 brothers changed their entire life. After losing the wealth and kingdom, all the brothers were pledged at the instance of the wicked cousins. Finally when every little thing is lost, the winners said, “There is still a chance! Pledge your wife and retrieve all the things you have lost! This is known as cruel fate. The eldest one lost his wife also in the game and all of them have become slaves.

The next act of treason by the winners is the most abominable thing in life. They dragged the wife of Pandava to their court room to disrobe her! Now she had none to rely upon except the Lord Krishna! She piteously called the name of Krishna while the most heinous crime was being perpetrated on her person. What happened next is miraculous. As the wicked man tried to disrobe her,, more and more number of saris wound around her mysteriously by the grace of God. The wicked man was tired and fell down unable to disrobe her!

This is how God saves his devotee in times of danger! But due to their past sins in their previous birth, even the virtuous had to undergo this torture, but they fully relied on the Lord and thus saved from the shameful situation! The lesson is clear that we can not escape our past!


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