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Norman Cathedrals of England

Updated on December 21, 2013

Peterborough Cathedral and Minster Precincts

England's Cathedrals.

The Norman Cathedral's of England have stood the test of time and are a massive reminder of the heritage of the country. Many approaching 900 years old these monuments as well as places of worship are still the centre of the City's they belong to after all this time.

A personal interest.

This article has been planned for a long time. Probably from the day I began my article writing career. I have held it off for as long as I dare so now is the time to get this one down and out of the way. My main reason for putting it off has been my lack of confidence in the writing of this important piece. It deserves to be the best I can make it because of the nature and beauty of the buildings. I have to do them justice as well as telling the story of the Normans, the way that I see it.

Settle down.

What you must do is settle down and get comfortable because this tale is going to take some time.

Norman Cathedrals of England.

It was the biggest civil engineering project in Medieval times. The Norman invasion of England brought Christianity and these amazing Gothic structures of worship.

Over 900 years later these fine buildings are still standing and are a great legacy left to us by our Norman stone masons.

Click the link for some great information about the building project.

It must have been an interesting time to be resident in England at this time as these massive buildings were changing the face of our towns, later to become Cathedral Cities.

I drive past Peterborough Cathedral everyday and wonder how these amazing craftsmen could ever have put together these awesome buildings. Working without the technology and equipment we have today it was a labour of love that only the Normans had.

I wonder who would have drawn the plans, where are they now and did the same person design all 15 of the Norman Cathedrals of England. It's now my understanding that there are 42 Cathedrals in total but from what I can gather the Normans planned the first 15 to be built in one huge programme of building.

William the Conqueror
William the Conqueror | Source

William The Conqueror.

I blame William the Conqueror for what are England's finest buildings. Many of them were built using stone from the quarries of Normandy whilst Peterborough was built using Stamford stone from the quarries of Barack.

I have visited Normandy a number of times and the gothic buildings are very much akin to those in England. Peterborough is in the County of Cambridgeshire and much of the land has at some time belonged to the Duke of Bedford along with many of the finest stone built buildings. Not surprisingly I find that the Duke has also been Duke of Normandy and so commissioned similar styled building projects in England as well as in France.

William the Conqueror has long been a source of fascination for me and my interest in history and in particular medieval England. I was fortunate enough to visit Caen in France a few years ago to see the legacy which he left for all to admire. Initiator of the great Doomsday book he was a King ahead of his time and a lot of the systems he put in place, such as the great Census are still used today.

Peterborough Cathedral.

Peterborough Cathedral is approaching it's 900th anniversary and I am always struck by it's beauty ever time I see it. I often think and imagine how the site must have looked and what life within the Precincts were like at this time.

All cathedrals are very spiritual buildings which bring calm and a feeling of comfort when you look at them from the outside as well as from within. Well I think so.

For detailed information visit the web site by clicking the link below.

Aerial film of Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough City Centre

1000 years of history.

It really is difficult to comprehend that these giants have been around for so long. Modern buildings are just not the same. The craftsmanship that was apparent all this time ago does not compare to our modern building techniques. I wonder how many modern pre fab buildings will still be around in 1000 years. I know for sure our Cathedrals will be.

Witnesses of change.

Standing quietly in majestic glory our Cathedrals have seen many changes. From the disillusionment of the monasteries to world wars, freak weather, rallies, revolts and much more they stand and say nothing.

See for yourself

Don't just take my word for it, take a look at these fine building and English heritage for yourself.

Click on the link to below to look at the websites of the first 15 Cathedrals built in the initial building programme.

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  • poshcoffeeco profile image

    Steve Mitchell 4 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Thank you ! dragonflycolor

  • profile image

    dragonflycolor 4 years ago

    Old architecture is wonderful and they truly stand the test of time. Wonderful hub, thank you!