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No Seventy two Virgins

Updated on May 6, 2011

"Usama Bin Laden"

Bin Laden, you were filled with hate.

A force to be reckoned with,

evil by every measure.

you chose to make us your target, and

your end was decided.

No one can take an American life and not pay,

yes pay the price of retribution.

Ours were slaughtered on 911 and it was then

you were marked for death.

You were illusive, a ghost like figure,

but now you're gone.

No virgins for you, or your followers.

You thought you were safe hiding

in plain sight. Not so O' arrogant one.

Now to those who protected you,

soon it will be your turn too.

Now you are gone forever

found out by one of your own!

Here today but gone tomorrow.

No reward in heaven,

only a place in Hell awaited you.

Judgment is sure, you will be surprised.

Your time has come and gone,

you didn't see.

You thought Mohammed was the one.

How does it feel now that you know who God is?


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