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Nostradamus Q8-77 = Antichrist

Updated on May 27, 2011
Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu
Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu

A classical example where the Key of the Quatrains had to be used to understand Nostradamus; additionally is this Double-Quatrain. In Quatrain 8-77 you can apply the key to each of the lines; but the same does not apply to Q8-78. However if you take the two quatrains and make them into one where two lines becomes a single line; the key is even more effective.

Remember Nostradamus died in 2nd July 1566, thus this is prophesy that were still to be fulfilled; as it started interestingly 50 years after his death.

Nostradamus Q8-77
L'antechrist trois bien tost anniehilez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre.
Les heretiques mortz, captifs, exilez.
Sang corps humain eau rougi gresler terre.

The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

Nostradamus Q8-78
Un Bragamus avec la langue torte
Viendra des dieux le sanctuaire,
Aux heretiques il ouvrira la porte
En suscitant l'eglise militaire.

A soldier of fortune with twisted tongue
will come to the sanctuary of the gods.
He will open the door to heretics
and raise up the Church militant.

The antichrist, three will be annihilated, twenty and seven years his war shall last.
The heretics dead, captive, exiled - blood human bodies, reddened water splatter earth.
A smooth-talker with a twisted tongue will come; the gods, the sanctuaries
To the heretics he opens the way and resuscitate (Resurrect) the ecclesiastic (Church) military.

Cardinal Richelieu during the Seige of La Rochelle
Cardinal Richelieu during the Seige of La Rochelle

LINE #1 - TIME: The antichrist, three will be annihilated, twenty and seven years his war shall last.
In the times of Nostradamus any person not accepting and following the Roman Catholic Church was a infidel. Slightly different - a heretic is one that did once follow the church but has gone astray i.e. protestant. An antichrist are those that are in war against the Church or whose actions were deemed damaging to the Church.

The man whom these two quatrains are about is: Cardinal, the Duke Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu. Born on 9 September 1585 and died 4 December 1642 at the age of 57 years. This was a real cunning manipulator and his actions stretched far beyond the borders of France - and very far beyond his own lifetime.

Richelieu was not interested in religion, from a very early age he already had his eyes set on the military. However his family had the responsibility as 'Bishop of Luçon', a right originally given to his family by King Henri III. The oldest brother refused the appointment, so did the second brother and finally the third son - Armand de Richelieu had to accept.

In his rise to power and remaining there Armand de Richelieu had three serious opponents executed:The Marquis de Chalais Son of King Henri IV was executed in 1626
Henri, duc de Montmorenci, governor of Languedoc; Executed Sept 1632
Cinq Mars tried to take power from Richelieu; executed in 1641 for treason;

To be sure we are looking at the correct person and time period, there is a very particular description of this man. Twenty AND seven years his war will last, a war on personal and potentially national level. It is of interest that Nostradamus does say "Twenty and seven years" rather than "Twenty Seven years". A delicate possible indication there might be an important event between the Twenty and Seven.

In 1616 Bishop-Duc Armand de Richelieu was appointed "Secretary of State" in France, with responsibility of Foreign Affairs. During the years 1617/1618 Richelieu was banished from the court, but he remained in council and trustee of the Kings mother Marie de Médicis; behinds who's back he reported all her actions to the King!

Most of Europe fell in what became known as the 'Thirty Year War' from 1618 to 1648. It was just getting underway when Richelieu was recalled to Paris and reappointed "Secretary of State". There were four major phases in the war, commonly referred to as The Bohemian Revolt (1618-1621), the Danish intervention (1625-1629), the Swedish intervention(1630-1635) and the French intervention (1635-1648).

Until 1635 France was not officially involved in the war, only by supporting the Swedish and groups of mercenaries from various nations. (Maybe the forerunners of the later 'Legionnaires'). In 1635 that Cardinal Richelieu, on behalf of Ling Louis XIII of France, declared war on Spain. This is where we find the 20 and 7 of Nostradamus comes to a very interesting occurrence; twenty years after Richelieu became "Secretary of State" and seven years before his death.

The '30 Year War' in Europe; around France during life of Richelieu
The '30 Year War' in Europe; around France during life of Richelieu

 LINE #2 CONFIRMATION : The heretics dead, captive, exiled - blood human bodies, reddened water splatter earth:

Here is quite an interesting one; if we read this line it tells us the unbelievers will lose the war, but then is the unbelievers not followers of the AntiChrist?  Could I be wrong about Richelieu as an antichrist; after all he was a Roman Catholic Cardinal!  Dig a little deeper and the darker side of Richelieu came out - He was the major financier of the mercenaries (including a large force of some 10,000 Dutch Landsknechts) that caused a lot of damages and deaths wherever they went.

The 30 year war is also known as the first war between Protestant and Catholic.  During this time the Catholic, with France support; won and pushed the heretic Protestants back.  The German, Dutch and Czech states lost an estimated 30% of their population.

At this time most of the battles were still hand fought with sword and spear.  Guns (cannons) were just coming into operations.  The final part of the line does have another incidental connotation: Red water splatter.  The dress of Cardinal is red; they sprinkle water to cleanse.

LINE #3 THE ACT: A smooth-talker with a twisted tongue will come; the gods, the sanctuaries
I can't find the word BRAGAMUS in any form within any language; thus it is probably one of the words Nostradamus made up himself.  Breaking it down to BRAGA we find the Italian of Big-talk, boasting and MUS which could reflect on the postfix of some educated men of his time (i.e. Nostradame renamed himself to Nostradamus).  I will remain with the general accepted "Smooth Talker" or Self boaster.

This big talking man will come to the sanctuaries of the gods; it could be seen as coming to the churches or also to the Royal Palaces.  In those older days the Royalty (King) was rather seen as a God appointed man.  (Duvalism stated 'Supreme power of the Pope and the Supreme power of the Kind and the Divine right of both').  Richelieu was not Royalty, though he was noble because of his father and grandfather's war efforts.  But he entered to the Royal House of France and become Secretary of State with a weak personality in the king.  He exerted more power than the king; whom he sweet-talked all the time.  But there is another line too; he was a Cardinal in the House of God - Roman Catholic Church; thus Richelieu stood both in the houses of gods and the House of God.

LINE #4 INFO: To the heretics he opens the way and resuscitate (Resurrect) the ecclesiastic (Church) military;
Again we find a perfect fit with Richelieu!  In 1626 Richelieu abolishes the Constable of France, as we will say today Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces; together with this, all fortified castles in France were demolished except for those on the border regions required to defend France against invasion.  In addition to this Richelieu also started the greater siege against the Protestants and finally conquers them at La Rochelle in 1629.  In the long run this weakening of the Nobility and the bankrupting expenses of France entering the 30 Year War - had a final effect in the French Revolution 150 years later.

Although the French Revolution was officially from 1787 to 1799; the undertone and pressure running up to that final break down in France started in the time of Richelieu.  These included resentment of royal absolutism; resentment by peasants, labourers and the bourgeoisie toward the traditional seigniorial privileges possessed by the nobility; resentment of the Church's influence over public policy and institutions; aspirations for freedom of religion; resentment of aristocratic bishops by the poorer rural clergy; aspirations for social, political and economic equality.

The word "l'eglise" translates directly to "The Ecclesiastic" or "The Clergy".  Now there were three major Clergy Military like actions in French history:

The Crusades were a series of military campaigns by the Roman Catholic Church; mostly led by French to free Jerusalem form the Muslims.  The first crusade was in 1095 and the final ninth Crusade ended in 1291 in Acre.

The next big military campaign, sanctioned by The Church and again executed by the clergy was the 30 Year war in and around France; mostly between Roman Catholic and Protestant.  This second revival of the ecclesiastic military was greatly under the tongue of The Cardinal, Duke Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu and much of it was also funded by him.  Most interesting that during this war, Richelieu frequently made alliances with the protestants; to such extend that he was even called 'Cardinal of the Huguenots'!

Cardinal, the Duke Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu.  1585-1642
Cardinal, the Duke Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu. 1585-1642


The Duke Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu will have three opponents eliminated during his war of Twenty and Seven years. He will conquer the heretics, sprinkling water on Earth while in his red dress. A smooth talker and cleaver manipulator will gain him access to the sanctuaries of palaces and the church. He will open the door to the heretics and he will also resurrect Church sanctioned military campaigns.


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    • The Lost Dutchman profile image

      Patrick Bernauw 

      6 years ago from Flanders (Belgium)

      At last... something "serious" being said about Nostradamus! Love it (have had a sneak preview of your other hubs, on alchemy,... and yeah, it will be fantastic to be your fan!) Tweeted and Pinned this one.


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