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Nostradamus 10-72 = July 1999

Updated on May 24, 2011
War on Terror - A war for the Good Cause
War on Terror - A war for the Good Cause

This is one of the few quatrains of Nostradamus where he put a very specific date on the incident. Because he uses the year 1999, this quatrain was used in the run-up to the 2000 'End of the World' and in its own this is one of the biggest miss interpretations - leading to serious discredit of Nostradamus. Not only that; but this is a very nice Quatrain to show that not all (READ: Very Few) of Nostradamus Quatrains are on scale of World Destruction!

There are a lot of discrepancies and even some cases referring back to a French related incident that took place in the year 1525; though for me I would not see the relevance of Nostradamus publishing this some 40 years later and call it prophesy - unless we accept the other notion that Nostradamus's Quatrains are based on cyclic events. Personally I do not underwrite this later statement.

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

The year 1999, seven months,
come a great defraying King of the region
resuscitate the great King from Angoumois
before, after war, he shall reign with good fortune.

The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

TIME: In the year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine, seventh month
CONFIRMATION: From the sky comes a Great leader of frightening
INCIDENT: To resurrect the great King "Angol-mois".
ADDITIONAL: Before and after, Mars/war reigns for good-cause. "

"Roi de-ffrayeur" Literally translates to 'Ruler of Fear' or 'Frightening ruler'
Angoumois; meaning Angou-people.

In Nostradamus's time the Dule of Angoulême was king of France - better known as King Francois I. The King was 'restored' to health after a visit by the Emperor Charles V while seriously ill in Madrid in 1525. I do not find any other reason to link this Quatrain to the King who dies some 20 years before publications. However, there is another very curious incident. In 1524 the Italian explored found the 'Manhattan Island' as we know it today but then he called it 'New Angoulême' in honour of Ling Francis I of France. Other than this, there is absolutely no related incident linking Angoumois with the year 1999.

'Angolmois' is the way it was spelled by Nostradamus - meaning Angol-people. Angol, well that is a place or word that does not really exist - or is it? Here comes a very long story turning around some 8,000 km to the South. The Portuguese explored planted his cross in what we call today Libreville, Gabon. At that time it was called and referred to as the Land of N'gola since the local tribal ruler's name was N'gola. The Spanish crown made agreements with people along the Western coast of Africa for trade - and slaves. Most of the tribes accepted this to protect themselves. The proud and admired King N'gola refused.

As result his tribe was mostly captured and sold as slaves in Marrakesh - which was the biggest slave trading market of the Spanish empire around the time Nostradamus lived. Today Marrakesh is better known as Morocco.

On a personal note: The people of N'gola fled far inland and South to get away from their arch enemies the Kongo. That time it was the great migrations in Africa. A portion of the male fighters from this tribe under leadership of their King N'gola went to Marrakesh to try to free his people. They were never heard of again. To this day his people are still talking of his bravery and have songs about him around the campfires. During my explorations around 1997-2001 I had the privilege to meet with long descendants of this King and his people in the North East Angola/ Zambian region which today is the towns Caiombo and Shakungo - right there where the mighty Zambezi river originates. A very beautiful, remote, traditional area. One day I will publish that as a short story. Strangely I never linked that experience and knowledge to Nostradamus until earlier this year of 2011. This is the link of ANGOL to Morocco - the later a colony of France.

US President Bill Clinton (C) and French President Jacques Chirac (R) walk behind the casket of Morocco's King Hassan II 25 July, 1999 through the streets of Rabat, Morocco. The Clintons are in Morocco to attend the funeral of Morocco's King Hassan I
US President Bill Clinton (C) and French President Jacques Chirac (R) walk behind the casket of Morocco's King Hassan II 25 July, 1999 through the streets of Rabat, Morocco. The Clintons are in Morocco to attend the funeral of Morocco's King Hassan I | Source

The month of JULY in the year 1999

During the time Nostradamus wrote this Quatrain the ruler in Morocco was Abul Abbas Muhammed. The translation is "Servant Father of Beasts" - aka King Mohammad the Original.

King Mohammad I ruled from 1631 to 1664.
King Mohammed V ruled from 1909 to 1961
King Hassan II - From 1961 to 1999 - His reign is referred to as "Years of Lead" like in bullets.
King Mohamed VI - WAS CROWNED IN 1999 and rules to this present day - His opposition and the press sometimes refers to him as "The Beast".

King Mohammed VI became King on 23 July 1999 when his father died - but was only crowned 7 days later on 30 July 1999. King Mohammed is the Seventh King Mohammed of Morocco, he was crowned in the Seventh Month and seven days after he became King when his father died. Here you have a numerical 7 to play with.

Take a step back to our confirmation line #2: From the SKY come a Great Frightening Leader.

Here we have a very specific reference; again. There must be a leader (NOT KING), coming from the sky, he must be a fearsome leader, great. Guess who that could be? From where?

From 'New Angoulême' (NEW YORK) the Great leader of the US of America fly on an aircraft called Airforce One for the funeral of King Hassan II. Bill Clinton was there, in Morocco when King Muhamed VI became King. Resurrection? No, BUT - The name came back into the hierarchy as well as the reference to the "King of Beasts"

Lastly, the additional information, which is also more confirmation. Before Bill Clinton there was war; a war considered by most for a GOOD CAUSE. The Iraq war against the Terror of Hussein was started by George Bush Senior. The Iraq war was still ongoing when his son George W. Bush became president. There was and is the War on Terrorism, Afghanistan - ALL stated as war for a GOOD CAUSE.

During the month of July in the year 1999 a great leader of a fearsome country will come through the sky to resurrect the King of the N'gola-People (Muhammad, The Beast of Morocco). During this time there will be a war for a good cause.

There is but absolute no other Quatrain that has so much information compressed into a few words, spans half a century and is so exact to the word. This, my friends can't be seen a coincidence.


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    • profile image

      Juan Carlos 

      3 years ago

      Centuria X, 72

      El año mil novecientos noventa y nueve siete meses,

      Del cielo vendrá un gran Rey de terror:

      Resucitar el gran Rey de Angolmois,

      Antes después Marte reinar por dicha

      Nostradamus nos habla de algo que vendrá del cielo y que provocará gran terror entre los humanos.

      ¿ Que puede venir del cielo que provoque tanto temor entre la humanidad ?

      Un asteroide.

      Cuando los astrónomos descubren un nuevo asteroide el nombre que le ponen es el del año en que ha sido descubierto.

      En 1999 astrónomos descubrieron un asteroide que se acercará peligrosamente a la Tierra en el año 2027.

      Asteroide que lleva por nombre 1999 AN10.

      ¿ Nostradamus nos está dando el nombre del asteroide en su cuarteta y nos dice que se va a estrellar contra la Tierra?

      ¿ Nos está diciendo que despues de la caida del asteroide la guerra reinará felizmente? ( Marte dios de la guerra en la mitologia romana )

      Centuria I , 69

      La gran montaña redonda de siete estadios,

      Después paz, guerra, hambre, inundación.

      Rodará lejos abismando grandes regiones,

      Aún antiguas, y gran fundación.

      Montaña redonda se refiere a la forma que tiene el asteroide y nos da el tamaño , siete estadios , unidad de longitud romana equivalente a 134 metros.

      El tamaño que nos da para el asteroide es aproximadamente de mil metros , la misma que tiene el asteroide 1999 AN10.

      Nos dice en la cuarteta que antes de la caida del asteroide habrá paz pero después vendrá la guerra y que la caida del asteroide provocará inundación, de esta forma nos está diciendo que caerá en el mar, abismando (inundando) grandes regiones.

      En este foro gothicsakura se ha dado cuenta de la similitud del nombre de ese asteroide AN10 1999 con la palabra AÑO 1999.

      En otro foro un tal copahue llega a la siguiente observación con respecto a la palabra ANGOLMOIS:

      Si nos fijamos en la palabra AN gol MOIS, podemos interpretar el nombre del asteroide AN, gol: agosto y MOIS: mes en francés.

      Por lo tanto la cuarteta quedaría de la siguiente manera:

      Centuria X

      Cuarteta 72

      El AN10 1999 siete meses

      Del cielo vendrá un gran Rey de terror:

      Resucitar el gran Rey de AN - GOL - MOIS,

      Antes después Marte reinar por dicha.

      La cuarteta es la numero 72 si se lee al revés aparece el numero 27 año del acercamiento de este asteroide a la Tierra.

      Juan Carlos de Madrid

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You people are sick bohemian devil worshipers keep dreaming of B/S and non cense .

      You peoples made religions a long time ago to serve your needs and you live your lives by combining all religions to make peoples believe that god the holly books are right the final battle but indeed everything happening is because of you i mean the west is evil with all respect.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      6 years ago from Thailand

      On the other hand; maybe one should put less interpretation and accept the words in a rather direct way. How is the best way to hide somehting? In the open I think.

      Kind of like saying "Your son passed yesterday" - which could mean your son visited me yesterday. But it could also mean "Your son died yesterday".

    • Paradise7 profile image


      6 years ago from Upstate New York

      I'm with Jo: I'm not sure how to grasp this topic. It seems that this particular prediction does have some revelance, based on your article about it. Sometimes it seems like a Nostradamus prophecy can be made into any sort of prediction, the wording is so loosely interpreted. I think you've put more thought into accuracy than most people do.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      6 years ago from Thailand

      Thank you Joseph and Jo - interesting 2x Jo!

      Morocco is officially Muslim and so is the majority of population of about 43 million. Christians is about 1% of the population. It is forbidden and punishable by law to try convert Muslim to Christianity.

      The economy of Morocco is in steady decline, unemployment gone up from 13% in 2011 to 14.4% in 2012. International trade deficit of more than 50%. Can it go on like this?

      The pedestal of Monarchy in Morocco is crumbling, but very little of this reach international press. It is a very delicate balancing act on behalf of PM Benkirana - a slight step too far and he can loose his head.

      Here is a quite well balanced blog:

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image


      6 years ago

      What is the relgions practiced in Morocco and what one relgion is dominating? Where do you believe we are currently? Voted this up! Great information and appears credible sources. :) excellent & cheers!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I prefer to think that "Angolmois" is "ANGOUMOIS"

      ANGOUMOIS, it is ceded to England in 1360 by the Treaty of Brétigny, which punishes the defeat of John the Good in Poitiers, then reconquered by Charles V in 1373.

      I prefer to Charles V "the Wise" instead of Francis I. He rebuilt his country was in a terrible condition. He deserves it.

      King Mohammed VI became King on 23 July 1999 by the will of God that is in heaven.

      The modern English word heaven is derived from the earlier (Middle English) spelling heven (attested 1159); this in turn was developed from the previous Old English form heofon. By c. 1000, heofon was being used in reference to the Christianized "place where God dwells", but originally, it had signified "sky, firmament.

      We should fear the king's power and highest religious authority in Morocco: Mohammed VI.

      Bye from Spain.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      7 years ago from Thailand

      Thank you Siriporn; I am working on the RV article, will post later today. YES, you are right in the deviation, I do explain that in my article. See you later!

    • profile image

      Siriporn Benjawan 

      7 years ago

      This is proven that remote view is not accuracy. While the mind concentrate on target it can deviation to other vision which false to the fortuner and prediction. The very remote viwer on earth as i knew are the deep meditation level such as the Buddha known as the great phophet. Also Buddha has predicted the future of earth but he did not specify the day and month and year. As i have read the Buddhist bible said that in future the world will fill up with bad persond and occupy the country manage the country. The plannet will growth up civilization and then slump down and destruction and earth will recreation again which take more many million years. He also knows that there is a planet, solar system and galaxy, and galaxy orbit around the universe,,and universe orbit around other universe. This process repeated infinitety.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      7 years ago from Thailand

      I appreciate your comment; feel kind of lonely when I do not see reactions!

      I would be happy to explain more if you need, just ask. I assure you there are no coincidences; especially when it is specifically July 1999, or 20th day of Taurus, etc. The problem in the past was that people wanted to force the predictions into their own little vision of the world. Nostradamus is not only about the BIG EVENTS. In many of these I think he is establishing proof; before giving the great warnings. That is also what I am trying to do. I want people to see the facts; Nostradamus was correct in so many items. Then I will embark on the dangerous grounds of trying to explain some of the future predictions.

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image


      7 years ago

      I am not sure how to grasp this topic. It is interesting in that it seems not to be a coincidence, but yet it sort of does. I guess, it all depends how deeply one wants to study this subject. It is fasinating. Maybe I will try and read more on Nostradamus


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