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Nostradamus and Uranus

Updated on May 25, 2011
Uranus - described by Nostradamus but only discovered 115 years after his death.  Referenced to in at least two Quatrains.
Uranus - described by Nostradamus but only discovered 115 years after his death. Referenced to in at least two Quatrains. | Source

Nostradamus and Uranus

Recently I was asked how the four outer Saturn planets could have been known by Nostradamus since most were only discovered long after Nostradamus's death in 1566. I actually wrote quite a long piece about this, but now decided to split it into two sections. At the same time I will be able to illustrate another issue with regards to Nostradamus and his Quatrains.

Discovery dates of Outer planets:
Uranus = 1690, 1779, 1781
Neptune = 1846
Pluto = 1930
Eris = 2005

Nostradamus Century 8 Quatrain 69

Original French:
Aupres du jeune le vieux ange baisser,
Et le viendra surmonter à la fin:
Dix ans esgaux aux plus vieux rabaisser,
De trois deux l'un l'huitiesme seraphin.

General accepted Translation:
Beside the young one the old angel falling,
And will come to rise above him at the end:
Ten years equal to most the old ones reducing,
Of three two the one the eighth seraphim.

My translation:
Preposition the Young old Angel to lower
And will come to top (surmount) in the end
10 years same/equal preposition more before reducing
Of three two the one order of Seraphin

Allow me to change the wording to make real sense it would be "Before the new, the older angel will go lower but will come to rise in the end. 10 years same or equal at the most before reducing. Of three, two; one of them in the Order of Seraphim"

To reduce a very long story, let us postulate Nostradamus was talking of Uranus. Now we have to see how it will fit in with Uranus. Uranus was first discovered by John Flamsteed in December 1690. Flamsteed did not realize it was a planet; he logged it as a star and named it "34 Tauri" because it was within the constellation Taurus. (NOTE: Taurus will play a very important role in our 21st century).

In March 1774 William Herchel began a systematic astronomical journal. The first entry to this journal about what was to become Uranus was made in October 1779, shortly after which he noted the movement and reported this object possibly a comet. Only in 13 March 1781 William Herschel realized this is not a star or comet but a new planet. He renamed this "34 Tauri" to "Georgium Sidus" in honour of King George III of England. The name did not stick and in the rest of Europe the name of "Herchel" became the name of this new planet. That lasted until 1820 when the name was changed to "Uranus", which was originally proposed by Johann Bode as we know it today. This is possible why Nostradamus did not fix a name to this quatrain. Additionally I personally think that Nostradamus wanted to tell us much more than just about Uranus - therefore he put that info in line #4.

OK, back to Line #1 & #2
According to the Solomon Pentacle (Hebrew) the Archangel ruling over Saturn is Cassiel; who is amongst other also responsible for Saturday - and the Elderly. So when we read "Old Angel it would fit in with the understanding of Nostradamus at his time. Line #2 should be a confirmation that we understand line #1 correct. So here it is said that the older Angel will rise to the top in the end again. Cyclic event? Time to pull out the charts:

Alignment of Uranus and Saturn when discovered, as seen from Earth. Uranus was just rising up in the East and soon afterwards (1 hour) Saturn would set down in the West.
Alignment of Uranus and Saturn when discovered, as seen from Earth. Uranus was just rising up in the East and soon afterwards (1 hour) Saturn would set down in the West. | Source

In the early hours of Sunset, Uranus just became visible, while Saturn was going down out of sight.

At the end of the day, when it becomes night again, Saturn would have ruled because Uranus would be hidden behind Earth. Uranus rise . . . Saturn falls then Uranus would be gone by the time Saturn becomes lone ruler again at night time. Perfect match to the exact description of line #1 and #2. This is valid for both dates of Uranus discovery 1690 and 1781, as viewed from Earth!

Line #3:
This is the main purpose of this Quatrain. "10 years equal preposition more before reducing". If we do accept the accept Uranus as the TimeKeeper, and the first discovery that Uranus is not just another star - then we look at the date 1779. Ten years later in 1989 the French Revolution started and it lasted for 10 years until 1799.

Line #4:
As usual, this line contains a lot of additional information which is related, to confirm the Time Keeper and incident.

The discovery of the moons of Uranus is quite interesting. First Herschell found Oberon(1787) and Titania in 1787. Next Larssell found Ariel (1851) and Umbriel(1851) and finally Kuiper found Miranda in 1948. These FIVE moons were all discovered from Earth observation with telescopes.

In 1986 Voyager 2 found another 10 moons and Hubble Space Scope found a further 12 moons bringing the present total to 27. Six moons are considered the Inner moons, one of them is Ariel. Then between these and the outer Midanda is a strange occurrence of a compact cluster of 8 moons, somewhat baffling astronomers. Although we now have 27 moons for Uranus, astronomers suspect there are more moons closer to Uranus, confined to the inner rings of Uranus. This could possibly result in 32 moons. Will have to see in the future.

For some time the more accepted translation of line #4 had me confused, The word "L'huitiesme" could not be found; so I accepted the 'Eight' as it is given in the general translations. It is only this morning that I discovered the most valueable piece of information in a 1694 French Thesaurus. The word "L'huitiesme". I quote "adj. Nombre d'Ordre". THERE IS NO EIGHT IN THE LINE! The correct translation of line #4 would read: Of three two; the one order of Seraphin

In all, over years I think I wasted the best part of 40 hours on this "EIGHT!"

Seraphim is Hebrew word for 'burning celestial beings with six wings attending to the throne of ELHM' and another synonym for Seraph is serpents. In reference to the last line of this quatrain: there is a THREE, TWO and One of these belongs to the order of Seraphim. The original discovery was FIVE moons, and only one of these must be a Sereph. This took some time to find and then I could use a hammer on my own head! Nostradamus was Jewish - that is where I should have started my search!

Just one explanation here: In old Hebrew there were no vocals. So the writing of URIEL and ARIEL is the same (אוּראל). All the senior angels (direct with God) had the post-fix of ...-el to their name.

ARIEL/URIEL, (Fire of God) it is the brightest and possibly the youngest of the moons around Uranus. The meaning of Uri-el is also "Fire of God" which would be bright!

Ariel in Hebrew is Ariael aka Uriel, Auriel - who is an ARCHANGEL and found mostly in Hebrew scriptures. Ariel is the Angel of Healing, Wrath, Creation and the angel with most authority over Earth. Most interesting is that Ariel/Uriel is both indicated as a Seraph and Cherub - and he was the one that warned Noah of the pending flood which saved the human race. In Babylonian

Being Jewish Nostradamus must have known the two Hebrew books of Enoch and Tolbit. Because of Nostradamus Jewish heritage I will use these as reference. There were seven Archangels; Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and Saraqael. In Enoch 20 there is reference to Micha-el, Rapah-el and Gabri-el being the highest ranking Archangels; followed by eight less ranking Archangels: Ari-el, Sari-el, Ragu-el, Rami-el, Zadaky-el, Johi-el, Hana-el and Chamu-el.

In 745 Pope Zachary scraped all Archangels from the biblical books - including Uriel; except for THREE - Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. In the 'Book of Enoch' Raphael, Gabriel and ARIEL testify on behalf of mankind. So here we have THREE, TWO and the ONE. Another reference in the Book of Enoch has it that Ariel is one of the FIVE angels who leads the souls of men to their judgement.

Lastly, because Nostradamus was very into Astrology and considering the RV possibility; current astrology list the ten main celestial bodies with their guardian angels as:

Sun = Micheal
Moon = Gabriel
Mercury = Raphael
Venus = Hagiel
Mars = Camael
Jupiter = Zadakiel
Saturn = Cassiel
Uranus = Uriel (Ariel) - Who is also the guardian of the Elderly!
Neptune = Asariel
Pluto = Azrael

This Century 8 Quatrain 69 has two purposes to it. First it was a warning about the French Revolution, but it was so vague and difficult I doubt anybody realized that until long afterwards.

However, the more important issue is that which is hidden in the ADDITIONAL section of the fourth line. There I think Nostradamus is pointing us to take a good look at ARIEL, the semi-forgotten Archangel. I am going to do research on that and hopefully will be able to make a new Hub about "Nostradamus - Ariel" soon.

With a very long description I trust there is enough evidence that Nostradamus predicted the 8th planet. Next will be Neptune with his three prong fork. Keep Uranus in mind because when we will look at this June 2011 we are going to meet him again.


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