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Nothing Changes In Life Until You Get M.A.D.D.

Updated on November 17, 2015

Someone that Absolutely has a M.A.D.D Streak

LIFE: Living In Freedom Everyday 6 Keys to Successful Living
LIFE: Living In Freedom Everyday 6 Keys to Successful Living

I am recommending that after you become M.A.D.D. about my article. You make plan to get a hold of this book by Ken Brown. He has an amazing story of how to get M.A.D.D., get TRAINED, and get EVEN.


Motivated, Active, Direct, and Determined (MADD)

Every time I go somewhere to speak right after the introduction and pleasant acknowledgements, I recite this statement to the audience; "Nothing changes in life until you get mad" spelled with two D's (Motivated, Active, Direct, and Determined).

Let me be clear I am NOT talking about rage and disgust. Rage and disgust is non-productive madness. I am talking about a methodical, strategic, and intellectual beat down that destroys all negative influences that tries to invade your life, forever!

Madness is an emotion requiring an appropriate focus. If focused properly it will change not only your life, but it will change the life of all the people you come in contact with.

Here a case and point, Moses was destined to become a deliverer, Out of anger he was compelled to deliver his enslaved kinfolk. However, Moses inappropriately "focused" his anger. He murdered someone before accomplishing his purpose.

On the other hand, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King who was also destined to deliver a group of downtrodden people he loved. Dr. King methodically, strategically, and intellectually used his anger to destroy the institution of discrimination.

Absolutely, nothing will change if you do not get M.A.D.D. (Motivated, Active, Direct and Determined). There have been so many individuals that have used the emotion of anger to create a better life for themselves and the world they live in. They chose to get M.A.D.D. and live beyond the low expectations of others.

  • Rosa Parks got M.A.D.D.
  • Mother's against drunk drivers got M.A.D.D.
  • Barack Obama got M.A.D.D.

Do you get the message? As you can see each one of them had to get motivated, active, direct and determined about the things they wanted to change.

The first thing they all had to do, was to find something in the situation that moved them. They looked deep within and said " I am going to change the outcome of this situation." Regardless of where you are in life you have got to do more than blow up the situation with rage and disgust. You need to get methodical, strategic, and intellectual about what you want to change and where it is you want to go.

Secondly, you have no time to rest. There is no such thing as retiring in the arena of success, it 's only room for re-firing! When life comes in and knock you re-fire! Why? because you are M.A.D.D.

"You should be ashamed to die without making a major contribution to mankind" ~ Horace Mann~

Therefore, you need to get busy. You must work while it is day. Which means you must work while you are living. Whatever, you have been dreaming about, whatever your goals are, whatever potential you think you have within you, you have got to GET ACTIVE!

The next proper use of madness is getting DIRECT. You must get real serious about where you are going in life. Serious about what are you aiming for. Therefore, there are some real question you need to ask yourself, today!

Begin by asking yourself; do I have my hopes and dreams written down? Do I have a plan? Do I have enough training? Am I equipped mentally for the battle? Simply, you need to aim directly at whatever it is you want to change. It could be an intellectual change, social change, economic change.

Here is a clue; if it makes you mad, then you are the "chosen one" to change it.

The Apostle Paul in the bible knew something about definite aim. Paul said "I press toward the higher mark." Here is something I can guarantee you; If you do not have a direct aim at your purpose, life will come in and work you over!

Listen, there are a countless number of people who have discovered that they were placed on this planet to have TOTAL dominion over life's negative imps. that's why, you have got to get totally direct with showing the imps where you are going.

Jesus did it in his day; he said to the disciples "We are going to the other side." When they got to the other side the imps were waiting. But, they had to move. Why? Because, Jesus had a definite aim on his purpose.

Finally, be DETERMINED!

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” ~Barack Obama~

Be determined to get even. What do I mean by getting even? You get M.A.D.D. become determined to live beyond the expectations of others. You get even by living your life over and above those negative forces that are trying to keep in the same spot you were in last night, last month, or last year.

Whatever, it is that gets in the way of your dreams, hopes, vision, and goals be determined to get even and kill it. Make up in your mind, today! I am going to GET EVEN by refusing to be imprisoned by anything that is trying to hold me back from achieving a higher vision of myself. Be determine to defeat it! Whether it's a limited mindset, a physical disability, a lack of money,a negative friends, family member,...whatever the "it" is! Make up your mind to be DETERMINED!

Today, no more feeling guilty for for using your God-given emotion of anger. The madness you are experience can change your life, it just needs to be focused. So get M.A.D.D. about it.


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