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Nothing is accident, every event is an incident!

Updated on October 22, 2016

Causes of terrorism

Analysis of events

How many incidents take place in the world at a given moment? Is it within our capacity to stop the incidents or alter them favorably? Nothing is within human capacity. Either he can remain as a mute witness or react emotionally. Some incidents are termed as ‘accidents’. If we deliberate deeply, nothing in the world is an accident. It is only incident. Since we never expect such calamities, we term it as an accident. From the beginning of creation, the world underwent many trauma or tabulations due to several forces of nature. History is replete with such happenings from the earliest time which were recorded by some means. Once, dinosaurs roamed over the jungles. They were of many types. Some were herbivorous and some were omnivorous. We infer about them after the bones were discovered in some parts of the world. By carbon dating and other process, they were estimated to be of 65 million years ago. But today, we have no trace of such huge monster animals anywhere! Where they had gone? How the entire species disappeared from the face of the earth?

Some theories are some huge meteorite from sky might have dashed on the surface of earth, killing instantaneously many such species! Huge forest fire might have erupted killing all such animals. Otherwise, a huge earthquake or flood might have decimated the dinosaurs. It is the same case with ancient civilizations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa! How those beautifully planned cities vanished with entire population? What triggered the destruction? Is it fire or flood? Hence we can infer that natural destructions were more common in every era! Sri Krishna of Yadava clan finally ruled Dwaraka in present Gujarat. Ocean archeologists have found out remnants of a huge city below the sea off Gujarat coast. They conclude that it must be Dwaraka which was submerged in water as per the Mahabarath epic. Hence we could assume that Krishna and Rama lived on the earth several thousands of years ago on earth and performed many astounding things during their life time. Hence both Ramayana and Mahabarath are not stories concocted by some brilliant brain. They were historic figures lived in the world, administered their kingdom nicely and left the world only after completing the tasks they had undertaken.

It is God's Plan.

Who will protect the Universe now?

The history of man today is not worth pursuing. Only achievement is in Science and Technology like invention of the computers, internet, mobile phone etc. With these onerous achievements, the present day technologist has made the life of common man more horrible than previous generations. His technology is being used by the terrorists all over the globe to destroy beautiful towns, killing people in hundreds. Most of the countries are stockpiling atomic bombs, each of which is capable of destroying the world many times over! What is the future of this beautiful universe created by god for peace, harmony and happiness of one and all? The perverted minds are destroying the creation for their own greed and to satisfy their monster egos. God alone can protect the universe from utter destruction. In ancient Hindu society, the Kings were virtuous, honest, and upright and treated the citizens as their own children. Hence there was all round prosperity and peace! They used to conduct periodic fire rituals and sacrifices. All the gods were propitiated with appropriate offer in the fire along with ghee, rice, milk, sweets, grains, herbals, clothes, precious gems and many varieties of barks of trees. The fire god conveyed the offerings to different gods. Pleased with those sacrifices, rain was copious and timely. Hence the riot could plant the seeds of grains and reaped bumper harvest. Prosperity and Peace was the common feature in most of the Kingdoms where virtuous kings ruled!

Cause and effects

The present scenario of the world

It would be prudent not to mention about the present day rulers of countries. Morality and Righteousness fled each region because of the utter selfishness and ego filled leaders. Most of the rulers baring a few are demons in human form that devour the wealth of a country, depriving the poor citizens, their legitimate dues. Murders, coups and treason are very common everywhere! Kill as many as one could, loot the properties and make the citizens to flee the country! This is the scenario we watch today everywhere! “Who will bell the cat? None, in the present scenario could bell the cat! United Nations are only in name sake. None bothers about the resolutions of UN. It is the super powers that hold the trump card for peace everywhere. Illegal occupation of countries has become the formula today. In fact, terrorism is the offshoot of legitimate governments. When there is peace and prosperity, terrorism has no place there!

Hence a great churning is relevant to the present time. Like the extinction of many species of animals during natural calamities, the world may witness once again, as happened in the previous eras. Already the net is abuzz with many such theories as “Planet X” or Planet 9. Nibru is one such site where the entire phenomenon is discussed threadbare. We have seen Doctors treating cancer patients apply chemotherapy and other such treatments. Cancer cells are destroyed by radiation therapy. But during such treatment, even healthy cells are also removed since they are adjunct. We have seen how the wars on terrorism are fought by government forces. The terrorists use the innocent people as shields. Hence for killing one terrorist, many innocent people in the line of fire are getting killed. Hence it is a difficult and tricky process to eliminate terrorist holed inside houses where innocent people live. Hence none can eliminate terrorism from a locality. They are like cancerous cells. But to protect the life of the patient, radiation therapy is essential. We cannot avoid the loss of harmless people in the process.

Lot of intelligence input goes into such tricky targets. Hence the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are prolonged and time consuming. Now most of the major powers are involved in the elimination of terrorists from those areas but there is no evidence of winning such wars.

Destruction of the beautiful universe!

Has anybody got the power to protect the world except God?

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