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Nothing, we have brought nor we will carry!

Updated on November 6, 2012

The Fakir of Shirdi!

The ephemeral journey of life

We have come ‘empty handed’ in this world and we are going to depart in the same fashion when we die. Not a grain of sand we can carry when we leave. Then why there is so much conflict and hatred. Our life in this world is a ‘three day show’, so to say. None is going to remain on earth forever. Knowing this fundamental truth and keeping it ever on mind, we should lead our life here. If everybody remembers this great Truth, the world will be far better than the present state. The creation and Cosmos is the outcome of the supreme Will of God. He owes everything and in fact, He is everything.

In the above circumstances, is it not a folly to demarcate some portion of the land and saying, ‘this portion is mine, that portion is yours’? Which portion we will carry to the world above when we depart. Hence, remain peaceful with whatever is provided by God to you and be happy about it. Do not hanker for more or covet others properties. In the Bagawat Geeta, Lord Krishna illumines the ignorant Arjuna on the eternal Truths. “Nothing, we have brought, nothing, we will carry back; everything has been taken from here only. Everything is given back here only. Then why do you cry? This is a gist of some teachings contained in the Bagawat Gita. It is relevant even today.

All the troubles and grief are the outcome of man’s greed and jealousy. If only we can remain content with what we have, then we can remain happy forever. This simple truth is cast aside and people are engaged in rat race for wealth and properties. Let us assume that you have a long life and you possess lot of wealth and properties. When you become old and infirm, your relations will be anxiously awaiting for your departure from this world so that they can grab the property. Taxman and thief are the next category of people, waiting to take their share. You will have more worries to safeguard your property earned through hard labor. You will be pained to see many claimants for the hard earned money. Oh Man! You have toiled for years together. You have not earned the real rest. Now all are pestering you for their share though they have no role in earning the wealth. This is the world. Hence develop discrimination and do not attach yourself unduly to the fleeting wealth. None really loves you wholeheartedly except God. People are greedy. They have no real affection. They are waiting for the moment when they can acquire your money!

Understanding the dilemma faced by each soul in this world, the philosophers all over the globe, warned mankind of undue attachment to the ephemeral things of the world and relationships. There is a beautiful passage in the Upanishad scriptures of India. “Neither the Mother, nor the Father, or the relatives will last forever. Wealth will vanish, the home will be destroyed, hence beware Oh Man! The idea behind these warning is simple. Do not attach yourself to kith and kin, wealth and properties! One day you will have to perforce leave them and depart. Why not develop detachment from now onwards towards the fleeting things and pleasures of possessions?


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