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Notre Dame/Fr Jenkins/Obama/Abortion ~ Ms America/Perez/Carie/Gay Marriage

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 05/26/09

 Notre Dame/Fr Jenkins/Obama/Abortion

 *I watched the Notre Dame Graduation ceremonies, why? Well, it goes back to Rush Limbaugh at C-PAC, many people commented on Rush's speech and it was obvious by their comments that they hadn't actually watched it. So I was determined, figuring the Notre Dame speech would get a lot of talk afterwords, it sure did beforehand, and I wanted to be able to comment from a point of actual knowledge, not just hearsey or sound bites. After watching it I felt compelled to write to Fr Jenkins and tell him what I thought, did I condemn him? Or did I praise him? Well, honestly, a bit of both.

 I "got" what he was saying in his 20 minute introduction of Barak Obama, in essence, to summarize, he was extending an "Olive Branch". He strongly acknowledged the Catholic Churches stand on abortion, and affirmed it. He in a way was doing what I try to do, have an open forum, you can't reach a point of agreement or true change if you never speak to one another. I did take issue with the "Honorary Degree" that was presented, yet also realize that it may be a customary thing that is done for a guest speaker. I realize that for a graduating class a College seeks to have a speaker of "prominence" - who, moreso than the President of the United States to "fill the bill"? I am not in anyway a supporter of Obama, but in fairness he is a person who has ovecome much and been "successful" by some standards in his life. This seems like a good background for someone to have to speak to a graduating class to "motivate" or "inspire" them as they "head out into the world". I also have a great deal of respect for the peaceful, law-abiding protestors in what they did, as well as the seniors that fore went graduation in favor of a Prayer Vigil. In addition to that, many of the students made their support for their feelings known using the tops of their caps, a Cross & feet for Pro-Life and the round Obama logo for those that favored Obama.

 *To my knowledge, Fr Jenkins did not make the "Olive Branch" aspect known ahead of time, if he did, word did not get out to well about it. As a Christian I feel I should have trusted Fr Jenkins (a brother in Christs service) since, as to my knowledge, he'd never gone against Christ previously, aren't we called to trust and believe in one another unless there is a history of deciet or failure? Also I was not aware of the history of the Sr Father (Priest) @ Notre Dame. I sadly cannot remember his name, my apologies. However he had played an intregal part in the original legislation which brought an end to segregation. Helping to find common ground between people with very different backgrounds and ideologies and draft legislation. He offered flights, rooms, and a fishing trip boat and it all came together. This is another reason that I "get" Fr Jenkins request for Barak Obama to speak there. Obama, our first Black President makes sense to speak at Notre Dame,now knowing their history in advancing the Civil Rights movement.




 *This issue is very near and dear to me and was the obstacle at Notre Dame, I believe people can change, I think Fr Jenkins believes people can change, including Barak Obama. Through prayer and discussion I believe everything is possible, if you are a person of Faith you should too. Do you pray for God to soften the heart of Obama? Oddly, Barak Obama himself is a surprise and lesson in the Pro-Life movement, statistically back when his white mid-western mother became pregnant by his Kenyan father I would GUESS that abortion had to be considered as mixed race children were not well accepted in the USA at that time, nor was a "mixed" couple, many obstacles laid ahead and the family forged through, eventually, his single mother raising him. This young child of God (as we all are) went on to become President of the United States, good thing for Barak that his own mother didn't take the easy way out wouldn't you say? Sadly though, how many other great people have been lost to the death grip of abortion. I know at this point, some readers are already to write me, and tell me I'm a man and it's a womans body etc. Well, I speak from experience, many years ago, I paid for an abortion, a girl that I was dating became pregnant with my child and a horrible decision was made. I have regretted that decision all of my adult life. Praise God for Christs healing and redeeming power and His grace to forgive. Just this year, that young lady and I were able to reconnect and communicate, finding that we'd both come to God in Christ and forgiven ourselves and each other. I also knew several other people that had gone through it, and all eventually regretting it and rueing the day that they had done it.

 *At this moment in time in the USA more people are Pro-Life than are pro-abortion, why is that? My guess is that because as time goes on quite often pro-abortionists become Pro-Lifers, it very rarely goes the other way. As people have children, or experience friends and relatives having children it changes their hearts. Also when you don't encompass a spirit of love within you, but a spirit of darkness or a void, when you have a spirit of life within you instead of a spirit of self, it alters your feeling and passion. This may not apply to all, but many. So here we are at a point in time where the majority of Americans are Pro-Life and yet were looking at expanding the time frame for abortions to even latter terms? Whats next? I'm guessing that you'll get 5 minutes from time of birth to decide if you like and want the child, under 5 minutes, just give the go ahead and the Doctor end it's life, harvest it's stem cells and toss it away. Sound harsh? Sound far-fetched? At one time, so did what were now allowing with late term abortions. Just think about it.



Ms America-

 *Let me open this portion by stating up front that I am NOT a fan of Beauty pagents or Perez Hilton, my issue with Perez has nothing to do with the fact that he is gay, although I'm not a proponent of homosexuality, I don't take issue with Perez on that, it's just with what he is known for. Basically as "I" see it, he became famous, for mocking and making fun of people that are famous. So in essence, he's a target of his own doing now. On to the Miss America pagent, #1- What in the world qualifies Perez Hilton to be a judge in the Ms America Pagent? #2- Why was the question on gay-marriage even a question in this forum? #3- Why was her HONEST answer in a Country of Free Speech judged on anything other than her poise and articulation in answering it?

 *My take, I personally voted against the legalization of gay marriage here in Florida, as did most residents. To Me AND For Me, just MY opinion, marriage is meant to be between one man and one woman. That said, here is how Carie Prejan, Ms California SHOULD have answered the gay marriage question, although, I know standing on stage in front of all those people and not knowing the question ahead of time doesn't make it easy to "pull this off". Of course this answer would've been based on her knowing the backlash that was going to come at her after the fact too. "As to the topic and subject of gay marriage, also known as Proposition 8 in the State of California which I represent in this pagent. I believe, along with well over half of the residents and citizens of the State of California, that marriage should be defined as being between one man and one woman. Proposition 8 in my home state of California, typically known as the most liberal state in the US, was the voter response to the Courts unjust legalization of gay marriage, the People (voters) have spoken and the overwhelming majority have stated, with their vote, that they believe marriage is to be between one man and one woman. On a national level this holds true as well, the majority of US citizens, the "People" of this country define marriage the same way I do. As a matter of fact, our new President, Barak Obama also defines marriage as one man and one woman, as do former Presidents, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, and Carter in addition Secty of State Hillary Clinton. So instead of giving "me" Carie Prejan, (a beauty pagent contestant who can't do anything to change it) a bunch of crap about it, why don't you petition the "icons" of the liberal movement, they being Obama, Clinton (x2) and Carter for a "change"." Thats what Carie Prejan SHOULD have said.

 *I am taken aback by the constant assault on myself and fellow Conservatives who are regularly called closed minded and intolerant, for feeling the same way on this issue as the liberal "icons". Instead of lambasting us, why don't you go attack Obama, the Clintons and Jimmy Carter for their lack of support for gay marriage? They are in full control of our Gov't right now and can push through whatever legislation they desire. And PLEASE leave Carie Prejan (Ms California) alone. Freedom of Speech, remember? I was also made aware of Churches, Synagouges and Mosques being protested and picketed by pro-gay-marriage proponents, BUT they were selective to WHERE in California they picketed. They skipped the inner city Churches, which just as heavily favored Prop 8, in favor of Churches in more affluent neighborhoods. Why was that? It's either fear which would be racist, OR a realization that the inner city Churches are also Obama supporting Churches.

 In closing, I'd also like to add that when Bush was in office I often heard "beadie eyed" comments about him, I thought it was tasteless and tacky and well honestly, very juvenille. Sadly, I'm starting to see, read and hear the same type of negative comments about Barak & Michelle Obama, folks, seriously, what relevance does this type of talk and slander have, with all the more serious issues at hand. We are ALL created in Gods image, He makes no junk. One day we will all answer for our lifes actions and deeds, we are all FREE to recieve Gods Grace if we should so humble ourslelves. If we are all good enough in Gods eyes shouldn't we be good enough in each others? Also, one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of beauty pagents is that it judges something we have minimal control over, our looks (granted plastic surgery changes that) but in a "real life" setting do we really want to judge one another on deformities, defects & abnormalities that we can't control? Nowadays they say that they aren't "beauty pagents" anymore, but lets get real, there is a certain look you will see on that stage, and many looks that you won't.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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