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Now He Believes in the Hereafter!

Updated on October 8, 2010

Howard's Awakening


Howard and his wife Karen live in Northern California and I have been a friend of Karen’s for about 15 years. 

Karen is a professional hypnotherapist helping those who seek a change in their life, Howard a business man excellent at running his company.

Howard was on one of those usual out-of-town trips working sales with a factory rep.  This trip was to Southern California and Howard is able to stay with his brother

Normally he pays little attention to the psychic awareness that surrounds his world, with his wife’s interest in the paranormal and her friend Nancy (me).

My friend Karen and I have been involved for a couple of years investigating the idea and symptoms of ghost attachments.  Sharing with Howard what she is learning, Howard had not discredited her; but, casually dismisses her excitability and awe of spirits and ghosts.

Some of this excitability is contributed to my ability to see spirits and ghosts and to give a physical description of who is occupying your house with you or perhaps whom you are sharing your body with.  I have shared amazing ghost stories with her and helped her identify an “attachment” on a client seeking her out for help.

She came up with a great expression, “Where is that rabbit home!”  Meaning, Alice has a new adventure awaiting her down the rabbit hole!

Recall a moment of clarity when you have that “ah ha” moment, that perhaps that ghosts do exist.  You will not ever forget that moment, nor will your life be the same after that.

Or when you see something out of the corner of your eye?  You want to re-collect time and back it up, to remember every small detail again.

Now let me tell you about Howard.

Howard saying goodnight to his brother and his family headed up to bed.  After a visit with family and a late dinner, getting up in the middle of the night can be a nuisance but necessary.  He awoke and strangely he felt as if someone where looking at him.  Brushing that thought aside he got up and turned on the light next to the bed.  Traveling down the hall and back again he did not recall that strange feeling as he had gotten up.  Sitting down on the bed and pulling up his legs, he glanced to the end of the bed and saw a taller lean translucent form of a man sitting next to his feet.  Then looking down the height of the man to the bed, this spirit form actually made an impression!  Surprised, he could tell the man was looking at him!

Taking his breath, not knowing what to do, his logic just said, “Turn off the light and go to sleep, all this will go away.” 

Calling his wife Karen the next day Howard could almost not wait to tell her what had happened and if he should tell his brother that they had a “ghost” in the house.  She could not wait to ask me what I thought.  She calls me and gushes, “You won’t believe what happened to Howard!”  At first I thought perhaps he had won the big Lotto, because certainly she was acting as I would if I had won.

I stopped her and ask her to please tell me what happened.  She was able to tell me all about the trip and Howard saying he had seen this spirit.  Then she asked, “Anyway could you clue into who the spirit was?”  In telling me the story, she did not tell me how he had seen details about the spirit.  I gave a description of the taller-lean, grandfather looking spirit; and added that he wanted me to know that he was from the mid-west and that he had died of cancer. 

Karen thanked me and took this description and talked to Howard on the phone.  Howard did not recognize the facial, location and cancer comment.  He turned around and talked with his brother who explained that I had described their father.  Their father had been dead for some time, and Howard could not believe his father would visit him!  The brother confirmed and reminded Howard that he had been raised in Cleveland Ohio and died of cancer.  He had been a taller-lean man with a sharp jaw and skin coloring as I had said.  Karen told me after Howard had talked to his brother a metamorphosis had come over him, shaking his head he declared he was now a believer!

After all these years, Howard has now awakened!  Welcome Howard to the real world of the paranormal and to the continuity of life and survival.

To read Karen’s Blog on Howard’s experience please go to:


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