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Nuggets On The Blood Covenant

Updated on April 22, 2011

We're Covered Under The Blood Of Jesus

This is just a few nuggets to encourage your faith in the Blood Of Jesus. Easy for most people to believe in salvation through the blood but what about being healed, or living an abundant light and to know all sins have been forgiven now and forever. The blood provides all of that for us and more!

Strongholds means a place that cannot be penetrated. There are strongholds of the devil and Strongholds of God. Who do you put your faith in? Whoever you put your faith in it's hard for the other to penetrated that faith. God can penetrated any stronghold but you have to be willing and invite Him in; He will not force against your will. But the devil will. But I'm focusing on a willing heart for God to build us up in His most Holy faith. Nuggets are:

1. I’m under the cover of the blood of Jesus. Stronghold. Like Moses at the Passover had to mark the doorpost with the blood of the lamb. The death angel could not penetrate the doors of the houses and anyone in the house with the blood over it was safe. Like with us today, we’re under the blood by FAITH. We BELIEVE. The blood is our stronghold and Our minds cannot be allowed to let evil strongholds take root. But BE with Godly strongholds where the devil cannot penetrate.

Godly stronghold is the Believe Jesus is Lord. Jesus died for my sins, once and for all, Jesus loves me, I am beloved of God, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Everything the Word of God says is Godly strongholds.

2. Scholars believe Moses wrote Psalm 90 which begins the 4 book of Psalms and 91: 1- He that dwells in the secret place; the blood is the secret place. We don’t have to be afraid of the pestilents or arrows that fly by day. Why? When Jesus shed His blood, died and rose again, it took care of all evil, death, and disconnection from God. He gives that to us when we accept Him as Lord and Savior. We became heir and joint heir with Jesus. It's mine, it's yours. All the power Jesus Has is given unto me and you!

3. Plead the blood of Jesus against all and any attack from the devil. Plead the blood over your home, your family and friends, your job, your life, and your ministry. When you pray to God enter in His presence through the blood of Jesus. That's the only way God see us; through the blood of Jesus. Jesus is our mediator for our sins. When we sin and ask forgiveness; God looks at us through the blood of Jesus who died for sin once and for all. So God don't remember our sin. That's how much God loves us. And Jesus loves us to be willing to die for our sins once and for all, so the devil can never lay claim to us again. We're back with God forever. As long as we keep His strongholds (word) and confess our sin. He's just and faithful to forgive us!

4. Confess: I am not afraid because I’m under the cover of the blood of Jesus which is my stronghold. I'm healed, I'm delivered, I'm wealthy, I have the mind of Christ, I'm filling my purpose, I am a victor. I can do all things. Speak the words everyday, several times a day, Believe believe and believe, keep believing until you receive from God. Not by Working for it but by faith, believing for it.

5. Declare every day; I’m under the cover of the blood of Jesus. I receive by faith all that God has for me and want me to do on earth. No sickness, the terror, no one can break in my home, jack my car, hurt me. I’m under the cover of the blood of Jesus. I am not afraid, I’m under the blood of Jesus, my stronghold.



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