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Nullifying the effects of past deeds!

Updated on July 18, 2016

Satisfaction- Is it real?

What is real satisfaction?

I was wondering, what is real satisfaction in life? Before that, we have to ascertain the correct meaning of the term ‘satisfaction’. For instance, if somebody treats you with sumptuous breakfast! The natural reaction is satisfaction and the individual will express the same! Once, we get satisfaction, there must not arise any more want. Then only the real meaning of satisfaction is felt. But what is the experience of every individual in the world? Once you enjoy some experience, the mind records the experience as a memory and it will recollect it more often. In certain parts of India like Punjab and West Bengal, sweet dishes are the most preferred one during any celebrations. If it is “rasagulla” for the Bengalis, it is Jelabi for the Punjabis. In the morning, the first item in the breakfast is a sweet item. After consuming the sweet, the mind expresses complete satisfaction!

But, the mind desires for more such sweets, the next morning also! Actually, this seems ridiculous. The previous morning, the mind was happy and satisfied. Why the mind craves for more and more? This is the paradox of human life. Our desires are insatiable! Economics rely on this lone point. Since desires are insatiable, the individual craves for more and more and thus the demand for things are sustained. Nowadays, we browse through the e commerce sites very often. If I want to purchase a smartphone in budget price, there may be hundreds of options from different brands. What is our purpose for possessing a mobile phone? Previously, it was for voice and messages. But now, whatever functions are available in a desktop computer, could be accessed through a smartphone! Most of the youngsters use smartphones for surfing the web, watching the videos, listening to music and managing their social network!

Wake up!

Rely only on the Intellect and not on the mind!

The real question is, “are they satisfied? No! Never. After using a phone for few months, the user gets disillusioned. In the market, there are superior varieties offering many more functions in a cheaper rate! Then he dumps his phone and go for higher versions! This happens throughout the globe. In each house, there are five to six phones! One is unable to keep track of the phones! Hence, ‘satisfaction’ is not a real term but it is a temporary exhilaration in possession or achieving a goal. Sooner, it evaporates and some other desire catches you! Hence, the mind is termed as fickle minded, most unstable, always quivering like the leaves of the Aswan tree! Hence, the mind is rightly called as a ‘mad monkey, which is too intoxicated!

Sadly, the world relies on the mind! Every individual consider their mind as a best friend! They foolishly rely on its stratagems. If we rely on our mind, we are sure to reach the abysmal depths soon. Instead, we should rely on the intellect, which discriminates what is good and what is bad? We should always consult the intellect, before undertaking any task! Intellect is termed as “Buddhi” in Sanskrit language. The syllable “Dhi” constitute intelligence! Hence everyone should consult the intelligence, before proceeding on a path! There is a proverb, “think before you leap! This part of ‘thinking’ is undertaken by the intellect and not through the mind!

Krishna taught Arjuna about desire less actions!

Never rely on the fickle mind!

Why the mind is considered ‘unreliable’? We might have noticed that contradicting thoughts arise always in the mind! For instance, if a thought arises in the mind and we contemplate on the thoughts, more than two kinds of judgement arise from the thoughts. The mind immediately forms an opinion which is again contradicted by the same mind! For example, one gets an offer of appointment. The mind says, it is not suitable for you. You have to work hard, travel to places; you cannot take timely meals. All day long, you will have to move from place to place! Another thought will arise, ‘look at the salary package! You may accept the offer! This is only an example. The mind will drag you in different directions! If the mind is really an adviser, we should not get distracting thoughts on one issue! There is no record that the mind ever ferried us to correct destinations! But, if we apply discrimination, and choose over possible alternatives, there is every possibility that we arrive at a correct decision!

First of all, the mind is the product of selfishness. It relies badly on an inert body. Bereft of the body, the mind can never exist and bereft of the mind, the body is useless! It is a peculiar combination. But, why it is created so? The mind is the instrument to undergo the pain and pleasures earned by us through many births. We earn pleasure due to the performance of good deeds and pain through bad deeds. The ultimate relief could be got only when all the good and bad effects are gone through the mind and nothing remains at the end.

But, many of us are wrongly thinking that good effects will negate the bad effects. Sadly NO! This is not a financial transaction with profit and loss statement. Each little bad act will be gone through like the effects of good acts. It is a continuous process. Even while undergoing our past effects, we accumulate some fresh karma! Hence, this has become a never ending cycle. The solution lies in the teaching of Sri Krishna to Arjuna during the famous war of Kurukshethra! When Arjuna was confronted with doubts about his duties during the war, Krishna told him, “Fight the war Arjuna! It is your duty. Do not think that the opposing army consists of your kith and kin. The war was not sought by you! If you do your duty without concerning yourself with the results, no sin will affect you! Think about Me, and fight the war!

We all are engrossed in the same confusions while in this mundane life. We need to perform our legitimate duties and leave the rest to god! This way, we will never accumulate further sins and in due course, we can get rid of this miserable mundane existence!


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