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October Tarotscopes: How Do I Move Forward and Forgive?

Updated on September 20, 2017
threekeys profile image

Charmaine is a native of the East Coast of Australia who is a freelance writer and poet who loves the unexpectedness of the Divination Arts.

October Tarotscopes 2017-How Do We Move Foward to Forgiving, to Giving Another Person a Second Chance?
October Tarotscopes 2017-How Do We Move Foward to Forgiving, to Giving Another Person a Second Chance? | Source


To forgive means to-blot out, make allowances, not punish, reconciliate.

Do not ask me to mention the F word-forgiveness. I cannot do it, yet. Perhaps, our better natured selves are leaving signs that we need to seriously consider reconciliating before we lose our health, our sense of humour and become a burden to the new people who are going to enter our lives, or, even become a grouch to those who still wish to remain by our sides.

What is It Like When Someone Doesn’t Forgive?

Life is not a linear process. It is experienced in cycles with its ups and downs. So, at times, we unfortunately can let ourselves down; or, someone doesn’t do something they promised to do for you. Or, it could be someone who acts intentionally malicious towards you and dismembers your relationships, just because they can.

Have you ever noticed that when you are around a person who doesn’t forgive, who doesn’t want to make allowances for another, it makes you feel either worried or just plain uncomfortable? People who don’t give others a second chance to improve, or, don’t give themselves a second chance to improve, tend to become unreasonably judgemental and/or critical.

What is the Very First Step in Moving Towards a State of Forgiveness?

I see the first step in creating the space to set the wheels in motion for a reconciliation to eventually occur, is for the other person or yourself, to admit you made a mistake. It takes a lot of bravery to face the reality of what has taken place. Making allowances sets you up to learn from what wrong you or the other person did.

Relationships are a conundrum. You cannot live with people yet you cannot live without them, either.

Tell Me About the October Tarotscopes

Hence, this October Tarotscopes, I chose to use the delicate oracle cards of Colette Baron-Reid, the Wisdom Oracle Deck, to see how and where you can move your relationship forward if you are wishing to set the wheel of forgiveness in motion. To do this I asked the question for each of the zodiac signs: -

How Do I Move Forward in my Present Relationship with my Partner (family member, friend, co-worker, employer, child) or Myself?

Setting the Intention for Clarity

I also began my interpretation of the oracle cards with this adapted Serenity Prayer given by Collette Baron-Reid which goes like this: -

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Show me what I need to do to better serve your Will in the World and guide me forward with clarity, discernment, honesty and love.

With that said, let’s go and discover what the Tarotscopes message are for you as to where or how you can move forward to create space and allowances, for reconciliation to begin to take place.

Aries Motto is I Am

While you could be experiencing the valley lows and the mountain highs of upsets followed by joy, don’t give up.

If you honour your values and stay true to yourself while you navigate the joys and disappointments, amongst the rebuilding and maintaining a chosen harmonious pathway, you will be able to make inroads to increase the like and love you’ll experience.

Adopt a steady approach.

Think long term.

Remember, too, a leopard does not change its spots. Therefore, you will need to see where you can bend and flow rather than wanting the other person to bend and flow, in order to move forward to creating a space for forgiveness to take shape.


TAURUS-Land of Milk and Honey,
TAURUS-Land of Milk and Honey, | Source

Taurus’s Motto is I Have

You will have the opportunity to nurture another or yourself in a life enhancing way this October.

The way forward is to somehow heighten your experiences through your senses (of touch, feelings, sight, taste and hearing) and then you will find it easier to thicken and strengthen your connection and desire to your significant half. You will somehow know which word to speak. You will know which kind of touch to offer that will communicate, I get you. The more you can communicate your willingness to understand, the more love will come back to you. The more like or love you will feel.

Just remember, to give thanks and keep trusting your needs will somehow be met this month.


Gemini’s Motto is I Think

This month you are going to face a crossroad.

To manage this, weigh up the pros and cons of Choice A and Choice B together with envisaging what the possible consequences could be of each of those choices.

Maybe the crossroad is about whether to let someone into your life to love you and love you deeply. Or, whether it is to keep enjoying your own company.

Before you make your final decision reflect upon what you are willing to expend and sacrifice. Then, select your pathway and don’t look back. Keep moving forward.


Cancer’s Motto is I Feel

Reach out.

You are mentally astute right now.

You are emotionally calm and clear sighted.

If you allow yourself to initiate, you may just find that things start to happen quickly.

The more you can act as if you are confident, the more people will be willing to help you to manifest your desires.

You may just find yourself in tune with your partner’s needs. So, don’t hesitate. Follow the inklings of your feelings. They will take you where you need to be.

Take the lead where you can.


Leo’s Motto is I Want

Whispers of clarity and/or direction are coming from your imagination.

If you are willing to pay attention to your imagination it may be spot on in the ways you can reinvent yourself this month.

Could I ask you, what would it look like if you were to put your best foot forward in your desired relationship? Dream it, feel it but most importantly you need to act on it. How you are doing will be reflected b y a person you already know.


VIRGO-Come to the Edge
VIRGO-Come to the Edge | Source

Virgo’s Motto is I Scrutinize

Taking a leap in faith, is your personal challenge this month, Virgo.

Do not worry if you feel anxious about doing this. No one tells you, but courage comes with self-doubt and worry.

You heart wants what it wants. Listen to your heart. See if you can suspend the logical reasoning part of your brain for a moment to gain the emotional clarity you need to work out what you need to do.

This leap of faith may be letting someone see not only the wonderful engaging parts of yourself, but also those vulnerable aspects and/or challenging habits. We are human therefore imperfect. But hopefully we can build ourselves up to be shining more of our complimentary parts.

It’s time to speak up.

It is time to state your needs.

The more you give yourself permission to do so, the more you may be surprised at how people will be willing to come to your side to support you to where you need to be.


Libra’s Motto is I Balance

Rest where you can.


Make time for your heart and soul to rest and renew itself.

Take time to be rather than do.

It may work better for you to leave your relationships as it is for this month. That is, don’t make any plans.

Just you and your partner spend time and be.

If you are not partnered, see if you can practice either body (Qi Gong) or mind activities (active or passive reflection/meditation techniques) that gets you to relax and be. Inspirations will follow. Take note but don’t act on them yet.

Rest and flow.


Scorpio’s Motto is I Wish

While honesty make knock the wind out of your sales, it will serve you this month to be as transparent and as clear as you can be when you communicate with a loved one, including how you relate to yourself.

The truth is practical.

The truth is built up on daily practices.

It will come easier to you this month, to state what your personal truths are. Others are keen to know what you stand for, what you aspire to and what you don’t stand for. Give yourself permission to be authentic and enchantingly imperfect-as humans are.

The one you desire to reconnect with? Practice this month in having more heartfelt, meaningful conversations. And then? Just listen…. hear what is being said.


Sagittarius’s Motto is I See

You will be given opportunities to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

You will have opportunities to feel safer and more secure.

See where those pop in thoughts lead you to, from your intuitive self. Cautiously acting on those intuitions if they seem relevant or appropriate at the time. If you do? It wills serve to strengthen your inner courage, your inner dignity and therefore the level of authenticity you show to yourself and others.

You will find that you are able to give and receive love more easily this October.

There is an experience of coming home. Coming home to yourself.


CAPRICORN-Co-Create ( Reversed)
CAPRICORN-Co-Create ( Reversed) | Source

Capricorn’s Motto is I Use

You could feel overwhelmed by life and its responsibilities. So much so you may feel that well of inspiration to write that novel, or, finish painting that art space in the study.

See how you can reinspire yourself again. Is it reading an inspirational book? Is it going for a swim in a country river? Is it going for walk with one of your neighbours and catching up on the latest news? Do what you can to ignite the flow of your imagination faculty.


Aquarius’s Motto is I Know

It’s time to find your place amongst your tribe.

Make yourself useful to your tribe, family or community.

It is time to show and feel that you matter. This is personally important for you this month. If you take steps to do this, you will experience a stronger sense of belonging and purpose. Your contribution may be as easy as saying, Yes. Or, it could as simple as turning up to an occasion. Then again, it may take the platform of organizing a Sunday morning sausage sizzle at the local building coop.

Your relationships need to experience the ups and downs together with the rounds of giving and receiving, so you can be aware that all that glitters is not gold. And that is okay. It is life. If you can let yourself accept this, greater depth and meaning will be given rise to during times of vicissitudes.


Pisces’s Motto is I Believe

Change and transformations is the key to your month, this October.

You may think, oh-no! Yes, sometimes dealing facing the unknown brings up survival feelings. Making us wonder whether we are going to make it or not.

This oracle card says it’s time to stop hanging on to what was. An ending needs to happen so that something new and/or better can take root and start to sprout for you.

You may find it helpful to write out a list of what isn’t working for you and say to yourself quietly, I am now willing to allow the new to take place for me in a safe and nurturing way.

Let the tears fall. Mourn….

Yet, in your heart you are resigned and willing to be ready for the rebirth of you and your circumstances.

Thank you for stopping by to read this October’s Tarotscopes. If you found them entertaining and/or relevant please feel free to leave a comment.

PS. I know I have uploaded October’s Tarotscopes exceptionally early but I had a feeling to do so. I don’t know why and I am still learning to honour and trust my feelings/intuition. If for some reason you felt this oracle card reading for this October, was pertinent for any reason, I would love to know. So please feel free to comment. Thank you.


Information provided by Threekeys (Charmaine Del-Bianco) is of a general nature and does not take into account your complete personal circumstances. Information provided is not to be relied upon as, nor to be a substitute for, specific professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting on or reframing from action as a result of any information from tarot reading/communications can be accepted.

The Tarot readings are for curiosity and entertainment. No guarantees of any kind are meant to be implied reading a Tarot Reading/communications. The Client has the Free Will to choose. Whether or not they will follow any idea or guidance gained in a Tarot reading. A Tarot reading is not to replace Legal, Health and Financial professional advice. If you feel you need such advice, please consult an appropriate licensed professional. It is taken that you are over 18 years of age.


I can give him/her a second chance to improve

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© 2017 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 8 months ago from Australia

      Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Jo. I hope your loved ones show you how loved and special you are to them. Happy Birthday!

    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 8 months ago from Tennessee

      October is my favorite month. I love the change of seasons that begins here that month---and it's my birthday month.


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