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OT Law or Moral Principle

Updated on December 26, 2009

According to numerous instances in the OT, when one (or an entire tribe) of God's chosen were disobedient or dabbling with the things that belong to the enemy .. Then they suffered the consequences of such behavior.  As long as one was obeying the laws and remembering God, then they flourished and were rewarded with victory and good living.  But if they chose the ungodly route, they were warned, and if they chose to continue in disobedience, then action was taken against such ungodliness.  In other words, disobedience carried a heavy penalty while obedience carried a great reward. 

What about according to the NT?  Is obedience rewarded or even noticed by God?  Does disobedience carry a penalty, as it did in the OT?  Many teach that we are under a new covenant (a covenant of grace) and we do not have to follow any of the OT laws.  This is partly true.  But, we must learn the difference between an OT law and an established law.  (Too many Christians are throwing out the baby with the bath water.)  God is the establisher of all laws governing this earth.  There are laws in the OT that are still just as imperative today, even under the new covenant.  Grace governs or supercedes the OT laws, but grace does not govern nor supercede the laws set in motion before the foundations of this earth (unless God so inclines) and we must discern the difference.

How can we know if a law is of the OT or a law that was established before the OT?  The Bible holds the key to discerning and the discernment lies in understanding the difference between a law and a moral principle.  The laws of the OT were established so that God's people would be separate from the rest of the world.  God is a God of solidarity and this solidarity requires something from the ones that God chooses to deal with.  The OT laws were the solidarity of God in the OT, today the indwelling of Christ in our hearts is the solidarity for today.  The OT used physical and natural laws to recognize God's people.  The NT uses spiritual laws to recognize God's people. 

The spiritual is the parent of all natural things.  All natural things come from the spiritual realm.  This is why Jesus fulfills the laws and does not abolish the laws.  Get into your Bible and get a good understanding of the difference between laws of the OT and the moral laws that we must still adhere to in this day and age. 


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