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Haunting Paranormal Experiences In Our Home

Updated on November 21, 2015


Our home was haunted. Strange things were happening on a regular basis. My husband Steve and I had no logical explanation for what happened..but it was definitely paranormal in any sense of the word.

One crisp morning, I awoke to sunshine filtering through my window. It was wonderful to see the sun shining brightly in dawn's early light! I so loved the warmth of the sun, upon my face. It was a welcome relief after the long cold gray winter, we had endured. I really enjoyed spring, with multicolored tulips and bright yellow daffodils dotting our yard. Soon my purple Iris's, roses, and hyacinths would fill the air with their sweet scented flowers.

I felt optimistic, as I jumped out of bed.

My 6 year old child, son Dylan, was asleep. School had ended. He was home on summer vacation. Our vacation starts in May. As soon as it warmed up nicely, we'd go swimming with our neighbors, Andrew and Jan at the local beach at West Boggs Lake..

Dylan woke up, eager to play with his new toys. His sister Marti, had generously given Dylan her precious matchbox car collection. He couldn't wait to play, with his new trucks and cars. Dylan had boundless energy.

I fixed Dylan his usual breakfast of cereal and juice. I washed the breakfast dishes, while Dylan went to hunt up his toys in his bedroom. I decided to do some mending..Hmm, I thought to myself, "I think I'll sew some hems on several pairs of my jeans.

"Do I want to sew by hand or do I want to sew on the sewing machine"?

I settled on sewing on the old treadle sewing machine, located in Dylan's bedroom while Dylan was playing quietly with his toys on top of his bed.

What happened next, was shocking to say the least.

As I walked into Dylan's bedroom, the old treadle sewing machine, located across from Dylan's bed, came to life. I could not believe what I was seeing!

The treadle foot began rocking back and forth. The sewing machine needle was going up and down, in and out,of the metal plate located on the arm of the machine.

Dylan and I stared unbelievably at the sight of the machine, sewing away, without a human person guiding the needle..

I felt that there was an invisible person, sitting there, sewing! We watched in amazement as the sewing machine whirred for several more minutes. Suddenly it stopped. Silence at last!

I stated "I think I'll sew by hand". I couldn't believe what I'd just seen. The house or a ghostly presence had actually read my thoughts!

We left Dylan's room, quickly, hurrying to the living room. I sewed the hems on the jeans.

I kept wondering, "What is going on in this house"! Dylan was quite startled at the time. His eyes got big as saucers.

He was quiet. He continued to play with his cars..This was just too scary..the rest of the day was thankfully, uneventful.

Around midnight, I was awakened, by Dylan, crying out, "mom, I'm scared, can I sleep with you"? I told him, yes! I felt comforted knowing he was safe and sound next to me..I then realized how terrifying this experience was for Dylan.

Dylan slept with me, until his dad arrived home on Friday..He was just too scared, to sleep alone in his room..

Dylan's dad, Steve was working, as a construction worker, in Indianapolis. He worked on the high lines as a electrical heavy equipment operator. He always came home on the weekends.. I was so looking forward to having him home again, what with this scary stuff going on.

One weekend, Aunt Lula came to visit us from Linton. Dylan was excited because she was going to stay the whole weekend. Lula was going to share the bedroom with Dylan.

Lula was in her 70s. She'd never had children of her own. She adored Dylan, and he so loved his Aunt Lula like she was his grandma.

They had a lot of fun, playing rummy! It was their favorite game.. After we'd spent an evening together, we all went to bed.

Around midnight, Steve and I were awakened by a sobbing heartbroken woman. Steve and I heard a woman weeping loudly. He told me to get up, and see who is crying!

The moaning and crying stopped as soon as my feet touched the floor. I checked on Lula, she was in a deep sleep, snoring away. Dylan was sleeping soundly. Both of them were ok.

Who could have been weeping? This was just too bizarre!

I informed Steve, that everyone was asleep. Mystified I went back to sleep. The next morning, I asked Lula and Dylan if they'd heard anything the night before. They both denied hearing anything! Lula said, " it sure wasn't me" "I wasn't doing any weeping"

On Monday, morning, I decided to go see my neighbor Jan. Jan enlightened me on the events that had taken place, before we moved in. She told me that 3 years, before we moved in, a young wife, Sara and her husband Mark Bateman moved in to our house with their 2 children. Jan became friends with them.

Several weeks later, Sara become very ill. She came down with a strange malady. Jan said, "she held her in her arms as she was weak and dehydrated'. She was vomiting continuously. She finally went to the hospital.

The doctors told her she had the flu. They sent her back home. She got worse. She was terrified to go back to the hospital. Her husband Mark took her back to the Emergency Room in Bloomington.

She was terrified of needles. As soon as a nurse put a needle into her arm at the emergency room, she died.

Jan was with her. The autopsy report stated, she died of a strange rare disease. Her heartbroken husband moved away shortly with his children. He couldn't bare living in that house without her.

He married a year later.

Jan, said, "Its possible that she's the ghost haunting your house" ."She's probably looking for her missing husband and children"

I felt compassion for this young woman. She passed away, when she was only in her 20s.

We never heard the woman weeping again..

There were other ghosts in our house, as we soon found out.

One morning, Dylan and I were having breakfast when we got to talking about some of the scary things that had been happening in our house.

Dylan was now 9 years old. Dylan, said" I don't believe in that kind of stuff" As soon as Dylan spoke those words, a cereal box located in an open cabinet began shaking.

Dylan's brown eyes widened, as he yelled Look "Mom the cereal box is shaking back and forth"

Scared he ran around to the other side of the kitchen bar.. I heard the box rustling in the cabinet. As I sat there, a cup rattled..but I chose not to get frightened by this incident.. I felt a little amused, after what he had just said , before the box, began its "walk".

My amusement was short-lived! It was my turn to be frightened.

In the middle of the night, I decided to go to the bathroom, without turning the light on. With my back turned, suddenly a glass bottle standing on the back of the commode, began to rock back and forth. My heart racing, I fled the bathroom to the safety of my bed..These ghosts had a strange sense of humor!

One morning, I literally felt held down. I felt a heavy pressure on top of me..I could not wake up..I had a vision, that everything was going wrong in our house.

.Our grandfather clock was pictured upside down in the dream..As much I tried to struggle to awaken from this nightmare, I could not awaken... At noon, the pressure lifted, and I finally awakened.. Eventually I would find out, that this vision was so true!




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  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    7 years ago

    Thank you for your comments! I believe these things happen, because death is not really real!. Souls live on after death. Some are attached to the old homes they live in..and sometimes they come to warn us of possible danger. It happens all the time across the world. Even Abe Lincoln haunts the White House.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Truely interesting! I hesitate to comment but I believe these things partly happens because something is unfinished in you.



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