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Objective Morality and Conscience

Updated on May 11, 2017

Objective Morality and Conscience

I believe in objective morality, as opposed to subjective. I believe there is a creator, who is the author of morality, who shares this morality with us through human conscience. The only way I can see an objective morality exists is dependent on there being an author of this morality. And due to personal experience with God, I believe he is the author of morality.

God gave humans a conscience. Whether or not animals have any form of a conscience, is a topic I will explore in a later article. For this article, I am going to explore human conscience and morality only.

I will first relate my experience with God, so you understand where my beliefs stem from.

It was about five years ago. I had already had one experience with God, which was audible communication. This new experience was different, although I still heard the voice of God.

I was researching bee and beehive mythology and it's esoteric representation. At that moment, I was unexpectedly stung by a bee on my leg. I knew at that moment that this synchronicity meant something important was going to happen that night.

When I went to lay down that night, I immediately went into an altered state of consciousness. I've never been in this state of consciousness, nor have I been since. This was something new to me, and a one-time experience so far. I felt God's divine presence.

I won't relate the entire experience, just the relative parts.

At one point, for about two hours, God showed me all of my faults. Mostly concerning how I treat others. I cried the whole time and asked for forgiveness.

Since this time, I have been a changed person. I now spend more time thinking how I affect others.

This is how I learned that morality is objective, comes from God, and that humans were given a conscience that relates to God's moral values.

It is not always easy to figure out the best possible good in any particular situation. Therefore, we are to be judges of our own behavior, and the behavior of others.

There are some obvious objective morals, such as "Do not rape". This is as clear as it gets. Sometimes, it is less clear. Do you hurt a baby when you need to give it an immunization? How much pain is acceptable to inflict on a child for medical reasons? These things are harder to decide, and where our judgement comes in.

God gave us a conscience. But it must be tempered with our own judgement.


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