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Observe the mind from outside!

Updated on September 10, 2015

Mind is the real power!

The inscrutable thought patterns!

The mind rules the roost. Whether we know or not, this is the reality. It is the mind which ensures our attachment towards the body and makes us to identify with the perishable body. Every one here is aware that we are all mortals and one day or other, this body has to fail or fall. But it is sad that we all consider ourselves as immortal and try to enjoy the maximum from this ephemeral world and evanescent body!

Many have attempted to understand the peculiar mind and form conclusions. Hence we have got subjects like ‘psychology and logic’ taught in arts classes. Also, ‘psychiatry’ has become a lucrative practice, the world over and many Doctors are specializing in this complex subject. The psychiatric patients are treated with medicines, counseling in addition to diverting the mind to small tasks like toy making, tailoring and other simple vocations.

But so far, none has understood the mind completely. They form several conclusions based on the behavior patterns of people by observing and recording the changes in behaviors. For understanding the mind, one need not examine others behaviors. One can observe his own mind and observe the sudden changes in emotions, feelings, desires, hatred and anger. We can not always remain like Buddha or Jesus. While dealing and interacting with people, we can not remain as a robot.

Also, our reactions to different persons are markedly different! We love some, hate some others and desist from interacting with some. Why so? If we ponder, it is our judgments, opinions and conclusions about each and every one.. If we observe disinterestedly, we can surmise that thoughts are like puffs floating in ether. None can control the flow of thoughts but can step aside and watch them as a mute witness!

What we eat decides our thought pattern which finally ends as habits and character. We might have seen people who are docile and calm always. They seldom gets angry and react calmly to other’s accusations whereas there are people who are quick tempered and who shouts at every Tom, Dick and Henry! Why the people behave in such ways? First and foremost, food decides our thoughts and environment makes us to act in some peculiar ways.

The vibrations of anger catch everyone in the vicinity just like fire consumes everything nearby. During devastating fires, even green leaves are consumed by fire. Hence whenever one finds himself in explosive situations, it is wiser to move away quickly from the atmosphere. This is the reason why street riots and civil wars happen which starts with some minor tussle. People start taking sides and a small tussle ends up in great commotions. Those who are aware of the world war may wonder how a small altercation between two small countries engulfed the entire world.

Now let us know why people attend churches, mosques and temples all over the world. Churches and mosques are prayer houses where people silently pray, attend masses and choirs sung for the glory of God. It is for the same reasons people throng to the temples in India. But there is a marked difference between Hindu temples, churches and mosques. The later two demonstrate silent prayers whereas in Hindu temples, there will be loud sounds of bells, musical instruments, congregational singing etc. In Hindu temples, people are more vocal in rendering the prayers. Hence, there are no restrictions in prayers. Some prefer and like silent prayers, yet others wants more vocal prayers.

There are certain fundamental human values by practicing which every one can refine their character. When human values are practiced by each individual, the world will become a veritable heaven. The values of Truth, Love and Non-violence are more fundamental in each religion. But people ascribe religion for all the conflicts in the world. But in reality, people have never understood the tenets of their own religion. If only they follow the fundamental human values, Golden Age is sure to occur soon!

Beautiful thoughts!


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