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How Britain Used Occult Intelligence to Match the Nazis During the World Wars

Updated on September 26, 2017
A black hole, possible source of occult power.
A black hole, possible source of occult power.
Himmler  (Reichsfuhrer of the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron; SS)
Himmler (Reichsfuhrer of the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron; SS)
British soldier showing complete contempt for the murderous rat Himmler
British soldier showing complete contempt for the murderous rat Himmler
Joseph Goebbels - Propaganda minister. At the end of the war he poisoned his 6 children and he and his wife committed suicide by poison also.
Joseph Goebbels - Propaganda minister. At the end of the war he poisoned his 6 children and he and his wife committed suicide by poison also.
Aleister Crowley, a very sinister figure
Aleister Crowley, a very sinister figure
The Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn
The Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn
The sinking of the RMS Lucitania
The sinking of the RMS Lucitania
Special death head medal minted by the Germans to celebrate the sinking of the RMS Lucitania
Special death head medal minted by the Germans to celebrate the sinking of the RMS Lucitania
Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Hess
ME110E-1/N flown by Rudolf Hess. Crashed in Scotland.
ME110E-1/N flown by Rudolf Hess. Crashed in Scotland.
Hitler sitting with the filthy traitor Duke of Saxe-Coburg, formerly Prince Charles Edward, a grandson of Queen Victoria and a close friend of the Duke of Windsor, had willingly embraced Nazism and murdered thousand of disabled prisoners.
Hitler sitting with the filthy traitor Duke of Saxe-Coburg, formerly Prince Charles Edward, a grandson of Queen Victoria and a close friend of the Duke of Windsor, had willingly embraced Nazism and murdered thousand of disabled prisoners.
Civilian Ham radio used to listen in to Axis agents secret messages and passed to MI8 for their cryptanalytic effort.
Civilian Ham radio used to listen in to Axis agents secret messages and passed to MI8 for their cryptanalytic effort.
Wewelsburg Castle Buren, Westphalia,
Wewelsburg Castle Buren, Westphalia,
Occult alter room in Wewelsburg Castle
Occult alter room in Wewelsburg Castle
Replica of the Ark of the Covenent
Replica of the Ark of the Covenent
Spear of Destiny that killed Christ
Spear of Destiny that killed Christ
Reputed to be the Holy Grail but no one knows for sure.
Reputed to be the Holy Grail but no one knows for sure.
Impression of Vril activities in Antartica
Impression of Vril activities in Antartica
Impression of land beneath Antartica
Impression of land beneath Antartica
Opening to Nazi base said to be in Antartica
Opening to Nazi base said to be in Antartica
Nazi submarine entrance in Antartica
Nazi submarine entrance in Antartica
Vril flying saucer
Vril flying saucer
Special platform discovered in Poland thought to be for Vril or Nazi flying saucers.
Special platform discovered in Poland thought to be for Vril or Nazi flying saucers.
Referred to as a Nazi Bell test rig it is very similar to the flying saucer landing platform found elsewhere.
Referred to as a Nazi Bell test rig it is very similar to the flying saucer landing platform found elsewhere.
Madame Helana Petrovana Blavatsky
Madame Helana Petrovana Blavatsky
Latchmere House Richmond where various enhanced interrogation techniques were used.
Latchmere House Richmond where various enhanced interrogation techniques were used.
Rooms/cells in Latchmere House
Rooms/cells in Latchmere House
Hitler dressed in Masonic regalia. This may be fake.
Hitler dressed in Masonic regalia. This may be fake.
Churchill dressed in Masonic regalia
Churchill dressed in Masonic regalia
Pseudo Nazi General Franco of Spain
Pseudo Nazi General Franco of Spain
Dachau concentration camp where Masons amongst others were sent by the Nazis.
Dachau concentration camp where Masons amongst others were sent by the Nazis.
Inside a Masonic temple.
Inside a Masonic temple.
French traitor Pierre Lablanch Combiere's who worked under the cover name of Paul Lewis Claire as a RN officer in Spain.
French traitor Pierre Lablanch Combiere's who worked under the cover name of Paul Lewis Claire as a RN officer in Spain.
Thule Vril Black Sun Index ring
Thule Vril Black Sun Index ring
End of time - Danse Macarbe
End of time - Danse Macarbe

During the early days of the Second World War Britain was facing the full might of an arrogant Nazi Germany and in consequence British Intelligence was willing to look at all possible methods to neutralise the foul enemy and protect its people and in so doing hopefully free most of enslaved Europe. It was well known that the evil pair Himmler and Goebbels were obsessed with the occult and black magic and as outrageous as it may sound our secret service invited many occultists into its ranks because of their specialist knowledge and skills, however outwardly distasteful this may seem.

The assistant director of Naval Intelligence during the war was Lt. Commander Ian Fleming RN, better known these days as a successful intelligence story writer and the creator of the famous fictional spy James Bond. Fleming also had a genuine interested in astrology and numerology and he counted among his acquaintances the sinister notorious occultist Aleister Crowley, who had worked for MI6 (Military Intelligence Service) during the Great War and in the 1920s and 1930s when he spied on Germans with known occult interests

At the start of the Second World War, Ian Fleming conceived an audacious plan to lure a high-ranking member of the German Nazi government into defecting to Britain hoping to provide a morale-boosting propaganda coup. This idea had been inspired by a novel written by Fleming's brother, Peter, called “Flying Visit” (Jonathan Cape 1940 ASIN: B00961RG0G).

I can’t write an article such as this without mentioning a powerful and sinister character. Born Edward Alexander Crowley (1875-1947) (He was educated at Malvern and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he changed his name to Aleister). He became a founding father of “modern” occultism. He later was credited, from beyond the grave, with a great influence on many modern musicians including Jimmy Page, who bought Boleskine House, his former residence in Scotland. The Beatles were no exception in finding inspiration from his notoriety. On the “Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” cover he is situated in between Mae West and Sri Yukteswar with ‘his wide, hypnotic eyes peering deep into our very being and even now his influence can be found everywhere in popular culture.

Some knew him as "The Great Beast" (hence the number 666) and also as Frater Perdurabo ("I Will endure to the end" - Latin). He and his deeds has been written about in detail many times with authors unsure if he had a great mind or just was a truly evil entity. It is a great pity that none of them looked beyond his lurid reputation and more into his incredible contribution to British Intelligence.

In 1898 at the age of 23 he joined the clandestine organization, “The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” and from here on began his long involvement with mysticism and the occult. However, his affiliation didn't last long as he continued to irritate and offend the more senior members of the group, famously aggravating the well-known poet William Butler Yeats and Arthur Edward Waite; although some claim he was expelled because of his blatant deviant and homosexual behaviour. Crowley claimed that he had a guardian angel by the name of Aiwass. Shortly after being expelled from the HOGD he travelled across Mexico, India and France then finally Egypt in 1904 where, along with his wife Rose, he saw a vision during which he claimed to have heard, on April 8, 9, and 10th the voice of Aiwass dictating “The Book of the Law” (or Liber Legis) to him. (Mandrake of Oxford April 1992; paperback; ISBN 1-869928-93-8)

Although the actual dates of Crowley's death are not clear (it is thought that he died Dec 1st and was cremated at Brighton on Dec 5th) it is true that he died a heroin addict in 1947 at Netherwood (room 13) The Ridge a boarding house in Hastings, Sussex. Having prescribed Crowley with morphine for his asthma and bronchitis, his last doctor died within 24 hours of his patient. However, it is rumoured that shortly before Crowley's death Dr Charnock-Smith had refused to refill his narcotic prescription and as a consequence, prompting an enraged Crowley to place a curse on him.

American author Richard Spence claims that he has seen documents from British, American, French and Italian archives, which revealed that Crowley played a major role in the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, a plot to overthrow the fascist government of Spain, the thwarting of Irish and Indian nationalist conspiracies and the mystery of the 1941 flight of Rudolf Hess. All of this, I’m sorry to say, is pure speculation and cannot be substantiated, but it makes for a good story.

To expand a little, various act attributed to Crowley include:

Being a British Agent under the code number 'The Great Beast 666' (I’m sorry but this is fairly unlikely as MI6 is not known for its humour or irony.)

He encouraged Germany to sink the RMS Lusitania by suggesting she was carrying arms and other war materials.

I am not suggesting Crowley was a nice person, he was in fact pretty unpleasant all-round and he is most widely remembered as a practitioner of black magic and is considered the father of modern occultism and his unsettling reputation still continues and has expanded significantly in the eyes of many. He wielded a wicked and radical power and many found to be even in his presence uncomfortable, with some even feeling that those who upset him could be reached at any future time including from beyond the grave. In 2002, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) conducted a poll of the 100 most influential Britons of all time with Crowley coming in at number 73. The religion known as Thelema was founded in 1904 by Aleister Crowley (see Liber Legis above), who is regarded as its prophet. Those who follow the path of Thelema are called Thelemites. Details of this strange religion can be easily found on the web or by reading the book.

Expanding a little on the American author Spence attributing to Crowley involvement in the sinking by German U-boat U-20 on Friday 7th May 1915 of the RMS Lusitania, a British greyhound liner that was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland drowning 1,198 of the people aboard. At the time the Germans were ecstatic and even issued a special death head medal to commemorate the atrocity. However, the sinking unexpectedly turned public opinion in many countries against Germany in The Great War particularly that of the United States, many of whose citizens were aboard. The Germans worried that this was likely to bring America into the war quickly engineered and spread a story that the British secret service arranged the sinking and loss of life. The events of this tragedy were investigated thoroughly at the time and on many occasions since with no viable conclusion reached other than it was a lucky chance encounter for U-20. This lurid piece of fiction has been spread and exaggerated over the decades by gullible journalists, without any proof whatsoever.

It was part of Crowley’s brief and to his credit that he also helped thwart the Irish and traitorous Indian nationalist conspiracies, in their attempt to undermine the British Government. It should be remembered that although the vast majority of both of these nations fought courageously against the Nazis, certain elements of both the Republican Irish and Indians connived with and fought on the side of Nazi Germany, believing outrageous promises made by Goebbels and the Japanese government, none of which were honoured. As can be read in my article on the “Spectres of the Burma Jungle, Orde Charles Wingate and the Chindits” the twenty-two thousand traitorous Indians that joined the Japanese and outrageously involved many loyal Indian POWs were brutally used as slaves digging tunnels and then slaughtered and amazingly eaten by the Japanese soldiers, to subsist their dwindling rations.

Crowley was known to have also played some initial part in the planning of the 1941 defection flight of Rudolf Hess, but records and Hess testimony never confirmed that he was a major player in this.

Spence claimed that Crowley actively encouraged German aggressiveness, such as the attack on the RMS Lusitania, with the ultimate aim of bringing America into the war, which is known to be sheer vindictive speculation. Spence added that in doing so, "Crowley followed precisely the wishes of Admiral Hall, (Admiral Sir William Reginald "Blinker" Hall) chief of British Naval Intelligence. Again, another speculative statement without any basis in fact.

"Crowley was an adept psychologist, who had an uncanny ability to influence people and probably utilized hypnotic suggestion in his undercover work," Spence claimed that Crowley drugged his friends using mescaline (a psychedelic hallucinogen, recreational drug which forms an important part of traditional Native-American or Shaman ceremonies as it is considered cleansing.). To say that he covertly drugged his friends and acquaintances is not correct, they would willingly join him for occult dinners, at which they would knowingly eat curry to reduce the bitterness of Mescaline. As part of his brief he would both enjoy taking part and observe the effects whilst taking notes on their behaviour to see if anything that slipped out could be of use.

It was no secret that Crowley as part of his occult experiments would often use, both personally and together with a group of like-minded friends, a variety of recreational drugs.

One of my previous occupations means that I too am bound by the official secrets act but even so had no more access to MI6, CIA, and La Piscine or SISMI files than Spence however, I can assure you that the last thing any agency would do is open their files to mere journalists. All any of us can do is to speculate (probably from different points of view) based on rumours and guess work. If such information fell into your hands you would have to ask yourself why and for what purpose.

Nikolai Patrushev, believed to be head of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), said in October 2007 "Since the time of Elizabeth I, British secret services have worked according to the principle of 'the end justifies the means'. Money, bribery, blackmail ­ these are their recruitment methods." A statement I believe we should take as a back-handed compliment.

Historically the black art of occultism and espionage has often worked hand in hand. Espionage is about obtaining secret information and witches; psychics and astrologers have always claimed to be able to predict the future using their mystic art to gain knowledge about things normally hidden from ordinary mortals.

The reason that the activities of people such as Crowley is not an open book is because gathering intelligence is always carried out under a tight sinister cloak of secrecy and occultists are adept at keeping their activities concealed from sight in a similar manner. As with government secret agents they also use fear, codes, symbols and cryptograms to hide information from outside meddlers. Occultists and intelligence officers share a similarity in many ways, as both inhabit a shadowy underworld of secrets, deception and disinformation. It is therefore not unusual that often these two professions can have a shared membership and aims.

Let’s step back a little to just after the turn of the century. While Britain had a very effective secret service (SIS) it mostly owed its success to tried and tested methods learned over the centuries.

The current service was derived from the Secret Service Bureau, which was founded in 1909. The Bureau was a joint initiative of the Admiralty and the War Office to control secret intelligence operations in the UK and overseas, particularly concentrating on the activities of the Imperial German government. The bureau was split into naval and army sections which, over time, specialised in foreign espionage and internal counter-espionage activities, respectively. This specialisation was because the overriding requirement of the Admiralty was details of the maritime strength of the Imperial German Navy. This specialisation was formalised before 1914. During the Great War in 1916, the two sections underwent administrative changes so that the foreign section became the Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6), the name by which it is frequently known in popular culture today.

Its first director was Captain Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, often dropped the Smith in routine communication. He typically signed correspondence with his initial C in green ink. This usage evolved as a code name, and has been adhered to, even today, by all subsequent directors of SIS when signing documents to retain their anonymity.

The service's performance during the Great War was a mixed bag, because it found, for various reasons, it was difficult to establish a viable spy network in Germany itself. Most of its results came from military and commercial intelligence collected through networks in neutral countries, occupied territories and to a certain extent, Russia because of their hatred of Germany.

In 1940, journalist and undercover Soviet agent Kim Philby applied for a vacancy in Section D of SIS, and was vetted by his friend and traitorous fellow Soviet agent Guy Burgess. When Section D was absorbed by Special Operations Executive (SOE) in summer of 1940, Philby was appointed as an instructor in the arts of "black propaganda" at the SOE's training establishment in Beaulieu, Hampshire.

In early 1944 MI6, re-established Section IX, its pre-war Anti-Soviet section and Philby took a position there. He was able to alert the NKVD about most of the British intelligence on the Soviets—including what the American OSS had shared with the British about Russia. This was a crushing blow to the esteem of the British secret service and to our relations with America all caused by two traitors in the pay of our supposed ally.

Despite these difficulties the service nevertheless conducted substantial and successful operations in both occupied Europe and in the Middle and Far East where it operated under the cover name Interservice Liaison Department (ISLD).

In the immediate post Great war years under Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming and throughout most of the 1920s, the SIS had focused its attention on Communism, in particular, Russian Bolshevism. Examples include a thwarted operation to overthrow the Bolshevik government in 1918 by SIS agents Sidney George Reilly and Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart, as well as more orthodox espionage efforts within early Soviet Russia headed by Captain George Hill.

Going back even further, for a moment, the 'father of the British Secret Service' was the Elizabethan lawyer, politician, diplomat and spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham (1532-1590). Much has been written about his possible methods and activities and can be researched quite easily on the web. However, even after many hundreds of years it should be remembered that he was a master of disinformation and despite baseless criticism could easily have engineered a great deal of what was later attributed to him.

The late Cecil Williamson, who worked for British Intelligence during World War II and later ran a witchcraft museum at Bocastle harbour which opened in 1960, stated that Walsingham quite often used witches and such-like as spies.

Rudolf Hess & the British Occult Connection

Peter Fleming was a journalist and also worked for both MI5 (the Security Service) and the propaganda section of the clandestine Special Operations Executive (SOE). Like his more illustrious brother he was also a novelist. The most notable scenario of one of his novels (The Flying Visit ISBN 10: 0862991382 ISBN 13: 9780862991388) Imagined that Hitler's plane crash-landed in England and he was captured. The chance of this actually happening was pretty unlikely and the Reich Minister and deputy Führer himself, Rudolf Hess, was felt to be a more suitable candidate for the actual plot. This was despite him being a fervent Nazi he was also known as a supporter of peace with Britain and was additionally strongly under the influence of astrologers and occultists which were believed could be used to manipulate him.

Commander Fleming researched and recreated “The Link”, a defunct Anglo-German friendship society, the AGF was originally established in September 1935 with a wealthy membership of German sympathisers drawn from the British Establishment. There were some who were actually suspected of being Nazi sympathisers, one of those being the founder of “The Link” Admiral Sir Barry Domville, an ex-director of the Naval Intelligence Department (NID), after he retired in 1930. Domville was arrested and interned in May 1940 because MI5 believed he was plotting a fascist coup d’état supported by a fringe of aristocratic peace mongers. The admiral was a friend of Major-General J.F.C. 'Boney' Fuller CBE, a famous military analyst who designed the tactics for the first tank battle in World War I. Fuller also invented the military concept of “blitzkrieg” used so successfully in World War II by the German Panzer armour. Fuller appeared to be an open admirer of Hitler (he attended the Führer’s 50th birthday party in 1939), and was also a leading member of Sir Oswald Moseley's British Union of Fascists (BUF), together with being a leading disciple of Aleister Crowley. Ian Fleming befriended him for unknown reasons and in the 1930s Fuller formed the extreme-right wing Nordic League (aka the White Knights of Britain), allegedly established by Nazi agents. However, in the 1950s he was a member of a MI6 supported group of Russian émigrés engaged in anti-communist propaganda. It has been suggested that Fuller was not interned during the war with other leading fascists such as Mosley and Domville because he was in fact a MI6 double-agent.

Ian Fleming's idea was to deceive the German High Command in Berlin and especially Rudolf Hess, that when war broke out The Link had not disbanded but had simply gone underground. It had allegedly regrouped and recruited even more prominent pro-Nazi members in the British Establishment including aristocrats and royalty. These were represented by the NID as influential people with the political muscle to overthrow Prime Minister Winston Churchill's national wartime government, call a ceasefire and agree to a peace treaty with Germany. The plan was that under its terms Britain would keep control of its existing whole Empire and Germany would have free reign in occupied Europe. The Nazis also hoped that the revered British troops would be sent to fight alongside the German Wehrmacht and the SS against the Soviet Union in a joint anti-communist crusade.

It was known that Hitler did not want to attempt to invade and occupy Britain as he feared our powerful Navy, the capabilities of our air force and fighting troops. Instead he would have preferred to negotiate a treaty with a sympathetic new government in London. It has been suggested that the only reason the Führer abandoned Operation Sea Lion (the proposed invasion of Southern England) and instead invaded the Soviet Union was to try and force Churchill to accept peace terms. In actual fact Nazi Germany had no chance of a successful invasion of the British Isles as the powerful Royal Navy would have easily destroyed them at sea and cut any supply routes. The RAF although weakened in the Battle of Britain still ruled the skies over Britain and would cause tremendous losses to the Luftwaffe, while at the same time reducing many German cities to rubble with our heavy bombers.

If the Red Army had been defeated Britain would truly have been standing alone in opposing Nazi Germany, as Hitler’s spies did not believe the Americans had the political will to enter the war. Unfortunately, he underestimated the ability and resolve of the Soviets to defend their motherland and how thinly he would need to spread his troops. There was also a clandestine supply route through which the US was selling Great Britain supplies and equipment.

It became apparent that in order to ensnare Rudolf Hess MI6 needed to use bogus astrological predictions combined with political intelligence. Hess was persuaded that a Scottish aristocrat, the Duke of Hamilton, was willing to negotiate peace terms on behalf of the influential people at the top of British society who wanted to end the war. The Duke had previously met Hess at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and the deputy Führer for some reason thought he was still a member of the surviving Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Ian Fleming commissioned an astrologer to produce a faked astrological forecast indicating that the 10th May 1941 would be a propitious date for Rudolf Hess to fly to Scotland for a secret meeting with the Duke of Hamilton and other members of the so-called British 'peace party'. Hess' occult advisors conveniently confirmed there would be an unusual planetary conjunction on the 10th May. On that day six planets would be aligned in the zodiac sign of Taurus and conjoin with the full moon. At the same time Hitler's chart showed malefic (thought to bring bad luck and misfortune to those born within its radius) astrological aspects. Hess saw himself in the role of a messianic hero saving Germany from possible future defeat by making peace with the British. All the (false) reports reaching the deputy Führer about the political situation in England and the astrological aspects convinced him that his mission would be a success.

As planned Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland on the 10th May 1941 at 1745hrs Middle European Time (MET). He took off from Augsburg, Bavaria, in an unarmed aircraft, dressed as a Luftwaffe pilot. His aircraft was a heavy fighter-bomber: Messerschmitt 110 E-1/N. He was in the firm belief that on landing he would be met by the Duke of Hamilton and the Duke of Kent and whisked off to London for a private audience with King George VI. At 23:09, unable to locate the landing strip at Dungavel, he bailed out of his aircraft and parachuted into a field at Floors Farm, Eaglesham. Having injured his ankle as he left the aircraft, he was quickly taken prisoner by the farmer, alerted to his presence by the crashing aircraft. Hess had been convinced by the misinformation fed to him by British Intelligence that the men due to meet him represented a genuine peace movement capable of removing the “warmonger” Churchill and agreeing to German terms. Hess had also previously met the Duke of Windsor when he had visited Berlin before the war. As a result, Hess was persuaded that some members of the German-descended royal family were sympathetic to Nazism. Certainly, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg, formerly Prince Charles Edward, a grandson of Queen Victoria and a close friend of the Duke of Windsor, had willingly embraced Nazism. In fact, Hitler, had appointed him as the despicable head of the German branch of the Red Cross that was responsible for exterminating the mentally sick and physically disabled in Germany and the occupied countries.

Unfortunately for Hess, instead of being met by pro-Nazi aristocrats and royals when he arrived, he was detained by the local farmer and a Home Guard unit. They handed him over to the police and he was quickly transferred to London to be interrogated by MI5. Unfortunately, the British government officials completely mishandled the capture of Hess. It has been suggested that Churchill believed the subterfuge by the NID and SIS suggesting leading members of the British Establishment might actually be pro-German may have been based on fact. For that reason, the government did not initially capitalise on Hess' 'peace mission' and were slow to react. The German High Command had also immediately disowned him and said that his flight had been unauthorised. They also suggested that Hess might be insane so his value for propaganda purposes was undermined and diminished. Subsequent examination of the fuel tanks of Hess’s aircraft confirmed that they contained insufficient fuel for a return flight in case of a change of mind thus confirming his total defection was serious.

However, Rudolf Hess' apparent defection caused widespread panic in Berlin concerning the influence of occultism on the Nazi Party. The Gestapo immediately launched Operation “Aktion Hess”. On the direct orders of Hitler, they rounded up hundreds of occultists, psychics and astrologers, including Hess's leading occult advisor Ernst Schulte-Strathaus. In June 1941, a decree was issued banning all public performances of clairvoyance, astrology, fortune-telling or telepathy. Anybody associated with Hess and his esoteric interests was thrown into concentration camps and occult secret societies were closed down. Because of staff shortages in the Gestapo, officers from the Naval Intelligence Service were drafted in to interrogate some of the arrested psychics. It has been claimed that they recruited some of them for their own secret operations using dowsing techniques on maps with pendulums to identify and hunt down British submarines.

It has also been claimed that Ian Fleming and the NID was involved in a plot to silence the Spiritualist medium Victoria Helen McCrae Duncan, the penultimate person to be charged under the old Witchcraft Act of 1736. She was arrested in 1944 after holding a séance on 14th January 1944 during which the spirit of a dead sailor from the sinking by U-331 on 25th November 1941 of the 1915 built HMS Barham battleship, physically manifested. It was later proven it was Duncan herself dressed in a white shroud who pretended to be the dead sailor. As the news of the loss had not been publicly released, nearly 3 years later and the Admiralty was still keeping it secret for morale purposes, Duncan became a target for the security services. She and certain other psychics were regarded as a serious threat to national security and they became the object of a MI5/NID dirty tricks operation to silence leaks.

This unintentionally suggests that the Intelligence Services actually suspected or believed these mediums had some genuine powers. Duncan's arrest and subsequent trial, which in fact was condemned by Winston Churchill as a waste of public funds, was allegedly meant to deter other mediums.

The War Office was paranoid that military secrets about forthcoming operations or even the eventual landings in Normandy would be revealed at séances and become public knowledge or passed onto the Germans. On 18th August 1942, a day before Operation Jubilee, the Canadian/British Dieppe raid, 'Dieppe' appeared as an answer in a Daily Telegraph crossword (set on 17th August 1942 and clued "French port"), causing a security alarm. Additionally, as it later happened during May 1944 five answers to clues in the Daily Telegraph national newspaper crossword appeared to give the majority of the D-Day landing beach code names but after an initial panic it was accepted in the end as a complete co-incidence.

There are no official records that Harry Houdini ever worked for MI6 or CIA as a spy. However, in 2006 a biography was released claiming that 700,000 pages of information had been collected, over the years, which suggested that history's most famous illusionist/magician did collect information for the British and the American security forces from time to time.

The book claims that Houdini worked closely with William Melville, a British spy who was based at Scotland Yard at the same time Houdini is said to have aided them. Apparently, Houdini would use his act as a cover to travel the world collecting secret information for law enforcement officials, including secret service agencies in both Britain and the US.

World War II, it would seem, was a strange time for military strategy. Many British schemes involved the use of magic or the occult to counter the sinister events taking place in Germany. Hitler, Goebbels and many of the other senior Nazis were obsessed with the potential powers of the occult and they held a strong belief in the validity of astrological charts and used them frequently when planning campaigns.

The British knew this very well, and to counter it employed an astrologer named Louis de Wohl to concoct false horoscopes which they would use to deceive the Nazis by leading them in the wrong direction and from their reactions get a glimpse into their mind-sets and forward plans. Churchill himself sent de Wohl to America with the aim of convincing the US to join the war effort, but the events of Pearl Harbour meant that his services were rendered unnecessary as suddenly America seriously needed Britain’s help using our powerful navy and jungle experienced soldiers in the Far East to deal with the Japanese aggressors.

Frenchman Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin was one of the most fabled illusionists of all-time. If you think his name sounds familiar that could very well be due to the fact that a certain aspiring escape artist from Budapest named Erik Weisz so idolized the man that he adopted the stage name of Harry Houdini. Napoleon III in 1856 impressed by the magical illusions he had seen, summoned Robert-Houdin and asked him to go to French Algeria in an attempt to serve his country by stopping a potential revolution using some of his fantastic magic tricks. It seems that there were some troublemaking Marabouts (a hermit or holy man, often claiming to wield supernatural powers) in Algeria who claimed to be "wizards," and who used spectacular displays of magical theatrics to influence the general population. It was right around this time that Napoleon III sensing that the people of Algeria were both about to revolt but at the same time were easily distracted by theatrics, decided to fight fire with fire. According to his own memoirs, Robert-Houdin was dispatched to Algeria to put on a series of performances, and it was made sure that the very Marabouts contemplating revolution would be in attendance to see this great "French wizard" and perhaps reconsider their position.

Although on the face of it not strictly occult, information from the Radio Society of Great Britain, discloses how the amateur organisation played a key role in a covert operation to fight the common enemies and safeguard the country's freedom. The work was part of the cryptanalytic effort undertaken by Bletchley Park.

Just prior to the start of World War II, a Royal Signals captain knocked on a British teenager's door. The 16-year-old was called Bob King. When he went to greet the visitor, he had no idea that soon he would become one of Britain's so-called "voluntary interceptors" - some 1,500 radio amateurs recruited to intercept secret coded broadcasts by the Nazis, axis spies and their allies during the war.

The captain asked him if he would be willing to help out with some top-secret work for the government, although at that stage he wouldn't elaborate any more than that. Bob’s primary asset was that he could fluently read Morse code - that apparently was one of the essential qualifications.

The captain had heard about Mr King through the RSGB - an organisation for amateur radio enthusiasts. Many of its members were youngsters fascinated with the possibilities offered by operating radio transceivers, although in this instance it was only receiving not transmitting required.

During World War II, hundreds were recruited by MI8 - a division of the British Military Intelligence department, and a cover name for the now-defunct Radio Security Service (RSS).

The purpose of their work was to intercept secret wireless transmissions by German and Italian agents in Britain and in the course of which they were bound to sign and agree to the official secrets act. They were then given the instructions to scan certain shortwave bands and write down the Morse code messages they discovered on a pad and pass them to headquarters for translation, de-coding and evaluation.

Like many others Mr King worked from his home in Bicester, Oxfordshire, but voluntary interceptors were scattered all around Britain, with many using their own beloved radio equipment to eavesdrop on enemy messages.

The RSS's original headquarters had been in Wormwood Scrubs, London but in 1940, due to heavy local air raids, it was moved 12 miles north to the village of Arkley which was a safer area to counteract the bombing which threatened its efforts to analyse and sort the intercepted data. By mid-1941, the new base, Arkley View, was receiving about 10,000 message sheets a day from its recruits the contents of which were continually scrutinised during the war period. These signals were selected by highly experienced operatives who picked out the ones which they knew were or could be relevant.

It soon became obvious to the interceptors that the messages weren’t from the Allied army air force, but were of German or Italian origin - various things gave that away, but they were disguised in such a form that the message looked a bit like a normal radio amateur transmission. Everything was marked 'top secret,' but only many years later they discovered that it was the Axis secret service that they were listening to.

Encoded messages were transmitted to Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, the UK's former top-secret code-cracking centre. Once decoded, the data of interest was sent to the Allied Commanders and the UK Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

The intelligence gained from these intercepts was reported to have been of such quality and significant importance to help control enemy agents and other matters such as sabotage and deception activities.

The Nazi Quest apparently really did search for the Holy Grail, among other religious artefacts. The quest for the Holy Grail was so important to the Nazis that Heinrich Himmler himself led the search. Himmler, who was the head of the SS, believed along with many other high-ranking Nazis that Jesus Christ was not in fact Jewish, but Aryan. He also believed that finding and possessing the cup of Christ would make him a supernatural being and enable him to direct and win the war for Germany. At one stage Himmler and the Nazis believed that they had tracked the Holy Grail to an abbey in Spain because some ancient folk song vaguely mentions something that could be construed as a life-giving cup. Needless to say, this was subsequently proven to be wishful thinking and no trace of any such artefact was found.

Soviet Psychokinesis: Any exponent of World War Two and the Cold War will eventually come to realise the extent that some people in the government and military would really go to win. That's why we've seen so many bizarre schemes by Nazi and Allied forces alike, and that's why the Cold War churned out some equally strange attempts to harness the power of the unknown. Both the Americans and the Soviets attempted to use mind powers, but each for different purposes. We will get to the American attempts shortly. For now, let's examine the Soviet attempt to harness psychokinesis.

From an early stage the Soviets were so serious about harnessing mind powers that the subject of psychokinesis actually became part of the curriculum for further study at the Institute for Brain Research at Leningrad State University. By all accounts, the Soviets had been interested in telepathy and psychokinesis since the 1920s, largely because communicating by the power of the mind was cheaper and more secret than buying any advanced expensive technological equipment. Later one of the main reasons why they hoped to train their soldiers in psychokinesis was so that collectively the force might deflect or take control of incoming ICBMs using only the power of their minds thus reducing the cost and increasing the effectiveness of their defence systems. This USSR/USA concept was renamed in 1991(USA) and 2000(USSR) as the “Stargate Project” which refers to the whole Cold War power-of-the-mind concept. The Stargate Project in USA was a small-scale experiment which took place towards the end of the Cold War, and the Pentagon spent more than $20 million on it. Remote viewing is pretty much exactly as it sounds, being an attempt to identify faraway threatening devices using only the power of your mind. Colonel John Alexander, who served in the Special Forces in Vietnam, apparently tried for decades to get the State Department to accept remote viewing as a viable possibility and apparently finally wore them down, however, we have no concrete information on it or if indeed it was used successfully. This sort of recent information would undoubtedly be severely classified and details very unlikely to be disclosed even obliquely for many years to come, if ever.

Returning to Nazi occult – there was a large circular room in the basement of Wewelsburg Castle with apparently a structure at the centre of which lies a sunken circular alter with polished steps leading towards a burnt and cracked centre stone. From here you can see thirteen flame lanterns flickering on the curved polished walls. However, if you look directly upwards the room's significance becomes chillingly clear as at the centre of the dome lies a giant swastika.

This room was considered the central temple of the satanic cult that created and directed Germany's Nazi party. This so called “Vril Society” included many of Hitler's henchmen as members, including Himmler, Bormann, and Hess. The central figure of the whole cult was Adolf Hitler, who was believed to be a psychic medium in contact with powerful forces that would result in an all-conquering Aryan nation. Some others saw him as a kind of Dark Messiah.

Historians have tended to downplay the occult foundations of Nazism for fear of trivialising its heinous war crimes, but a recent television documentary shown on the Discovery Channel laid bare the untold story of the secretive religion at the heart of fascist Germany. Bizarrely, it is thought to have been based on an 1871 science fiction novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, reprinted as “Vril, the Power of the Coming Race” that predicted both flying saucers and an alien race at the centre of the earth masquerading as a mysterious force known as Vril. (Published, 1871 by Blackwood and Sons. Media type, Print (Hardback & Paperback). ISBN-10: 1448636922)

"Occult myths played a central role in Nazism," says Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, head of the Centre for the Study of Esotericism at Exeter University. "When we look at these ideas today, we think of them as crazy, but they were central to the early Nazi Party and through them played a critical role in 20th century history."

"The Vril society was dedicated to evil," says historian Michael Fitzgerald. "Through their control of the Nazi party they committed the greatest acts of evil in the 20th Century.”

"Vril occultists worked in complete secrecy doing anything that would promote Aryan power. This ranged from straightforward political assassinations, through to evoking the spirits of the dead, human sacrifice and summoning mysterious energies - or Vril - through sexual orgies."

To understand why the Nazi party was so obsessed with the occult and Satanism, you have to travel back to Victorian times. In the late 19th Century, Germany in common with Britain was obsessed with the occult. It was a time when no self-respecting upper class hostess would dream of holding a dinner party without a séance to round off the evening.

There was also huge interest in eastern mysticism and 'prophets' of occult religions, such as Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, (born in 1831 to an aristocratic Russian-German family in Yekaterinoslav, Ukraine) were household names. Blavatsky believed that Europeans were descended from a race of angel-like creatures known as Aryans. They claimed that the Aryans had the capability of using mysterious psychic forces to build the pyramids, Atlantis and a previously unknown network of cities beneath Antarctica. These frozen cities are spoken about with an increasing number of “so called experts” insisting such places actually continue to exist today run by a later secret generations of Nazis. What's more, their descendants were to be found in the Himalayas where their sign was the swastika. This is the ancient Hindu good luck symbol; however, the Hindu religion has nothing to do with the Nazi ideology.

These myths and more laid the basis for the science-fiction novel “The Coming Race”. In this, Edward Bulwer-Lytton told of a strange people called the Vril-Ya that lived at the centre of the Earth (this suggests the earth is hollow with a sustainable atmosphere). This supposition ignores the incontrovertible fact that the core of the earth is almost certainly composed of a solid metallic ball with a radius of about 1,200km (745 miles). It is far too deep to investigate directly, so instead scientists study how seismic waves pass through this region to tell them something of its make-up. It appears to be mainly composed of iron, which makes up an estimated 85% of its weight, and nickel, which accounts for about 10% of the core. To investigate the unaccounted for 5% of the core, the team created alloys of iron and nickel and mixed them with silicon.

They then subjected them to the immense pressures and temperatures that exist in the inner core. They discovered that this mixture matched what was seen in the Earth's interior with seismic data.

These people were claimed to have fantastic power using a mysterious force known as Vril, which they were thought to use to power flying saucers. The Coming Race and its attendant barmy mysticism would have sunk into obscurity if it hadn't been for the Great War. At the end of the war, Germany was plunged into violent anarchy and a host of extremist politicians and cult leaders stepped into the breach and battled for power. Chief of these was the occult “Thule Society” - and its inner sect, the “Vril Society”. It has often been said that the raw fury of Germany was ignited by the totally unreasonable reparations demanded by France following the end of the Great War.

The Vril Society was infamous for its use of orgies to summon up occult energies - and to father a “master race” of children to repopulate a devastated Germany. It is said that women in such orgies would become possessed by spirits and begin speaking in tongues and their spoken prophesies were treated with deadly seriousness.

"But the darkest side of the Vril was their propensity for sacrificing young children," says Michael Fitzgerald, author of Stormtroopers of Satan. "They would stab them in the chest and cut their throats. At the height of their power in 1920s Munich, hundreds of children disappeared. Many are presumed to have been killed by the cult to summon up Vril energy. This may seem like an outlandish claim but when you consider what these people went on to do in the Third Reich, it seems almost tame."

Central to the Vril Society was the search for a German Messiah who would lead the Aryan's to world domination and exterminates all other races - especially the Jews and his rise was predicted by a spirit calling itself the "Beast of the Book of Revelation." (The beast is reputed to be the anti-Christ) In a séance attended by the cult followers Alfred Rosenberg and Dietrich Eckart, the Beast is said to have proclaimed that a man named "Hitler" would seize the "Spear of Destiny" and lead the Aryans to power. Within a few weeks, a fiery young Austrian of shabby appearance began attending Thule Society meetings. His name was Adolf Hitler. (At one stage for a short while, his name was Adolf Schicklgruber and he came from mixed parentage with rumour even suggesting the family line contained a Jewish content although this was never proven).

The Society was quick to spot Hitler's potential and to exploit his astonishing personal magnetism. He could transform crowds into hysterical worshippers and mesmerise even the strongest of men. Power seemed to course through him, with waves of emotion whipping up those around him into frenzy and at times, people seemed to feel he appeared possessed by a violent entity.

Hitler was fascinated by the occult. He was a devotee of astrology, numerology, psychic mediumship, hypnosis and water divining. In short, the young Adolf would try anything that might foretell the future or give him control over others.

He renounced his Austrian birth and took German citizenship in Brunswick on 25th February 1932 in order to run for office against President Paul von Hindenburg. The result of the election on 13th March 1932 gave Hindenburg 49.6 percent of the vote and Hitler 30.1 percent (two other candidates stood). As Hindenburg failed to win a majority a second election was called. The result of the second election gave Hindenburg 53 percent and Hitler 36.8 percent (one other candidate stood). After much bitter electioneering Hitler was finally elected Chancellor on 30th January 1933.

It was in the Thule Society that Hitler met those who would help him to create The Third Reich, take over Germany and subsequently wage the catastrophe that was the Second World War. Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg, and Hermann Goering were all said to be members. It was these, along with Hitler, who used the Thule Society - and its inner sect the Vril Society - to launch and promote the Nazi Party.

But even amongst this sinister group, there was an inner core that was even more evil, if that is conceivable.

"Bormann was an avowed Satanist, says Michael Fitzgerald. “Bormann, together with Rosenberg and Himmler, wanted to destroy Christianity and replace it with a truly occult religion of their own making. Together with the Thule Society, they created a political party that would try and do just that."

When Hitler led the Nazi party to power in 1933, members of the sect occupied all key positions. Hess became Deputy Führer, Rosenberg became Minister of the Third Reich, Bormann was Chief of the Nazi Party Chancellery, Himmler was head of the SS and Gestapo, and Goering, Commander of the Luftwaffe. Only the deceased Dietrich Eckart, to whom Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf, failed to join them.

As soon as they gained power the Nazis began preparations for world domination. Their first act was to re-arm and modernise each of their armed forces, which was an arrogant clear breach of the Treaty of Versailles, which laid out the rules to formally end the Great War. Whilst the protests from Britain and France were strident, Hitler guessed correctly that the Allies would shy away from yet another world war, only a couple of decades after the unbelievable carnage of the Great War.

In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria and again finding he was appeased by the other weaker powers used the time to ensure most of Western Europe soon lay at his feet with Britain being the only country that stood firm with the prospect of war with them again frightening him greatly.

Central to the Nazi ideology was the establishment of a thousand year Reich. This was to be done by perverting history and creating a new religion based on Aryan mythology - the same mythology propagated by the Victorian occult 'prophets' and the science fiction novel “The Coming Race.”

In order to achieve this, Himmler set up an occult research bureau under the control of the SS, known as the “Ahnenerbe”. (translated to English meaning Ancestral heritage) This was instructed to prove German racial superiority by linking them to the mythical race of ancient Aryans. By so doing it also hoped to re-discover lost religious magical artefacts such as the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny. This, you will remember, was the Roman spear used to kill Jesus as he hung on the cross.

"It's also possible they were looking for the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia," says Michael Fitzgerald. "They were obviously hoping to use its reputed magical powers for their own ends."

The Ahnenerbe mounted a series of huge expeditions to search for ancient long forgotten Aryan cities in the Himalayas, the Middle East and Bolivia. The organisation looted relevant artefacts from ancient sites around the world. It's no surprise then, that the Ahnenerbe was the inspiration for the Nazi archaeologists in the fictional film “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

The Ahnenerbe devoted considerable efforts to exploring paranormal phenomena, such as ESP, psychokinesis, water divining, astrology and black magic. In fact, the organisation spent around the equivalent of £10 billion in today's money on research. Co-incidentally that's about the same as the Allies spent on the atomic bomb programme, with chillingly rather more military success.

Very little of the Ahnenerbe's work was of practical military use, although the Kreigsmarine (Nazi German Navy) is said to have used diviners to seek out Allied warships and convoys in the North Atlantic. "They were initially quite successful," says Michael Fitzgerald. "But they became so overworked, especially towards the end of the war that their success rate began to falter." In fact, convoys tended to take the quickest and most direct route to reduce their exposure to wolf packs and Condors. This meant that anyone with experience of the North Atlantic and its weather patterns could predict or make an intelligent guess as to the convoys route, timing and position particularly in view of the large number of German agents that operated in the American ports.

Forecasting the future was a central preoccupation of the Nazis. The Ahnenerbe employed astrologers, rune diviners and a host of psychics to try and fathom the future. One astrologer, Karl Krafft, quickly rose to prominence after correctly predicting the 1939 Munich assassination attempt against Hitler. We must not lose sight of the fact that many of these predictions were based on so called “Barnum Statements” where in the case of Krafft an assassination attempt was a forgone conclusion, he was just lucky to get the date right.

Hitler believed that the astrological forecast and his survival were proof that the occult Gods supported his "Final Solution". It left him in a state of mystical exaltation.

Eyes blazing with excitement he shouted: "Now I am content! It is Providence's intention to allow me to reach my goal."

Through the Ahnenerbe the Nazi's began to creating an occult civilisation to replace the normally accepted Christian faith and values.

"They began by indoctrinating the Hitler Youth with Satanic ideologies," says Michael Fitzgerald. "Children and the future leaders of the SS were taught that compassion was weakness. They were encouraged to celebrate pagan festivals and to carry out occult ceremonies. Himmler named himself the Black Jesuit - and he meant it. He laid plans to establish pagan temples across Germany after the war. These would replace churches. And on each alter there would be a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf."

A new religious city centred on Wewelsburg Castle, Büren, Westphalia, was planned by Himmler in 1934. It was to be an occult Vatican dedicated to all things evil. Colleges would educate Germany's future leaders in the occult, such as psychic mediumship, hypnosis and divination. Museums and galleries would eventually house such artefacts as the Holy Grail, the Spear of Destiny (Lance of Longinus), and the Ark of the Covenant. There would be research labs dedicated to finding and refining new alien energies - such as Vril - to power spaceships to the stars.

To the modern eye, the Nazi preoccupation with the occult seems completely deranged. Were they simply criminally insane or was something more sinister at work? It is tempting to write them off as insane, but some believe Hitler was truly possessed by a previously unknown evil force.

Hermann Rauschning, a friend of Hitler and compiler of his speeches, said: "One cannot help thinking of Hitler as of a medium, the medium is possessed. Without any doubt, Hitler was possessed of forces which were beyond him and of which the individual called Hitler was only the temporary instrument."

During the Second World War the human intelligence work of SIS/MI6 was overshadowed by several other initiatives:

These included:

The cryptanalytic effort undertaken by the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), the bureau responsible for interception and decryption of foreign communications at Bletchley Park.

The extensive "double-cross" system run by MI6 to feed misleading intelligence to the Germans

Imagery intelligence activities conducted by the RAF Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (now JARIC, The National Imagery Exploitation Centre).

GC&CS was the source of Ultra intelligence, which was very useful. The chief of SIS, Stewart Menzies insisted on wartime control of codebreaking, and this gave him immense power and influence, which he used judiciously. By distributing the Ultra material collected by the Government Code & Cypher School, for the first time, MI6 became an important branch of the government. Extensive breaches of Nazi Enigma signals gave Menzies and his team enormous insight into Adolf Hitler's strategy and forward planning and the ability to do this was kept a closely held secret and continued to do so long after the end of the war.

Before the outbreak of WW2, MI6 “assisted” the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, particularly with regard to the exchange of information about Russia and Communism. As late as October 1937, well into the Nazi era, the head of the British agency's Berlin station, Frank Foley, was still able to describe, albeit somewhat tongue in cheek, his relationship with the Gestapo's so-called communism expert as "cordial".

The most significant failure of the service during the war was known as the “Venlo incident”, named after the Dutch town where much of the operation took place. Agents of the German army secret service, the Abwehr, and the counter-espionage section of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), posed as high-ranking officers involved in a fictitious plot to depose Hitler. In a series of meetings between SIS agents and the 'conspirators', SS plans to abduct the British SIS team were initially shelved due to the presence of Dutch police. However, on the night of 8–9th November 1939, a meeting took place without any police presence when an attempt was also made to link Britain to Georg Elser's failed assassination attempt on the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler at the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich, Germany, on 8th November 1939. At the same time, they hoped to help justify Germany's invasion of the Netherlands, which was still a neutral country, on 10th May 1940. The two captured SIS agents, Captain S. Payne Best and Major Stevens were moved between several concentration camps and were finally liberated at the lakeside Prags Wildbad Hotel near Niederdorf, South Tyrol, by the advancing US Army on 4th May 1945.

Michael Bentine (who was a famous comedian in 'The Goons'), during WWII served with RAF Intelligence as a Flight Lieutenant and was seconded to MI9 with his immediate superior being the Colditz escapee Airey Neave.

Born in Watford, to a Peruvian father and an English mother, Bentine was active at an early age in his parents’ interest in séances, clairaudience, “table turning” and the paranormal. Such an introduction inspired his own life-long interest into spiritualism and the Occult.

In his autobiography, “The Long Banana Skin”, Bentine claimed whilst in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War he suffered visions by which he was able to tell whether his comrades would live or die. If he saw a skull super-imposed over their faces, he then knew they would not return from their next mission. Unfortunately, this was not a comfortable talent to share with friends, but certainly one to impress others with in later years, as he did when he recounted such tales on radio and television chat shows.

If it was all true, then it was most certainly a curse, as Bentine foresaw the death of his son Gus (Stewart), who was killed in a plane crash on 28th August 1971 and additionally foresaw the death of his friend, the Tory politician, Airey Neave, who was blown-up by a sophisticated car bomb in the Houses of Parliament car park on 31stMarch 1979 by the INLA. Michael was also a member of a Wiccan coven, and indulged in various rituals. Bentine was also involved in a strange paranormal investigation, on one occasion he helped a family whose child suffered from recurrent illness. As the child continued to grow weaker, Bentine was convinced evil forces were at work. His hunch proved correct when it was uncovered the family’s neighbours, an elderly couple, were using magical rites to drain the child of its life-force.

Towards the end of his military service, Bentine witnessed the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, horrific sights of the British flame-throwers burning the thousands of infected dead and buildings and bulldozing huge piles of rotting corpses into mass graves, had such a traumatic effect on him he was never able to describe what he had seen, other than to call it “the ultimate blasphemy”.

Bentine was an excellent hand-gun shot and helped to start the idea of a counter-terrorist wing within 22 SAS Regiment. In doing so, he became the first non-SAS person ever to fire a gun inside the close-quarters battle training house at Hereford.

His interests included parapsychology. This was as a result of his and his family's extensive research into the paranormal, which resulted in his writing “The Door Marked Summer” and “The Doors of the Mind”. He was, for the final years of his life, until his death in November 1996, president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. He shared this interest in the occult with his friend Peter Sellers.

Certain politicians have shed crocodile tears over the concept of “enhanced interrogation techniques” used in the war against terror and historians have continued to embarrassedly study the floor over the issue. In truth, there has not been a single war in history in which torture has not been employed in some degree or another, and sometimes to excellent effect. When troops quickly need information about enemy movements, capabilities and intentions, moral and ethical conventions (especially the one signed in Geneva in 1929) have repeatedly been ignored in the bid to save the lives of military and civilians alike.

In the world conflict generally regarded today as the most ethical in history, World War II, enhanced interrogation techniques were regularly used by the Allies, Nazis and Japanese and the senior politicians were fully aware of it, just as we now discover that Nancy Pelosi (a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee),did in the early stages of the recent and continuing war against terror. The very success of the D-Day landings themselves can largely be put down to the enhanced interrogation techniques that were used on several of the 19 captured Nazi agents who had been infiltrated into Great Britain and “turned” by the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) between 1939 and 1945. Operation Fortitude—the deception plan that fooled the Germans into stationing 450,000 Wehrmacht troops 130 miles north of the Normandy beaches was entirely due to German intelligence (the Abwehr) believing that the real attack was going to take place at the Pas de Calais instead. The reason that Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the Abwehr, was utterly convinced of this was because every single one of his 19 agents, who he did not know had been turned, told him so.

If anyone believes that the tactics used by the SIS to persuade each of these 19 hard-bitten Nazi spies to fall in with Operation Fortitude was to merely offer them a comfortable little chat and cup of tea, they’re being profoundly naïve. An SIS secret house (Latchmere House) (also known as Camp 020) located in Ham Common near Richmond, on the outskirts of London, was the location where the will of those agents was broken. Advanced interrogation techniques were used that reportedly started with sleep deprivation but went on to gross mental and physical abuse, waterboarding, mock executions etc. Because of this thousands of Allied servicemen’s lives were saved owing to the German 15th Army stayed well away from beaches such as Gold, Juno, Omaha, Utah, and Sword, together with another 100,000 others being stationed in Norway in readiness for an attack from a dummy army in Scotland, that never came and was never planned. The deception was further enhanced by the placing of thousands of fake tanks and trucks by the First U.S. Army Group (FUSAG) concentrated in Southern England apparently ready for the short crossing to the Pas de Calais. This acted to deceive any stray German spies who may have escaped the bag or aerial-recognisance.

The wartime SIS being what it was, full first hand details of the enhanced interrogation techniques have never been published, either by the British or the German side since the war. In a country where the very existence of the wartime decryption operation known as Ultra was successfully kept secret until 1971, it was never likely that former SIS officers would have revealed precisely how the Abwehr agents were turned, but the talk and gossip in the intelligence community is another matter. Ham Common undoubtedly saw gross violations of the Geneva Conventions, as every means was used—fair and foul—to ensure the safety of Great Britain and our allies. Today “Fortitude” is generally considered to be the most successful strategic deception operation in the history of warfare.

Elsewhere, one only has to read George MacDonald Fraser’s excellent autobiography, “Quartered Safe Out Here”, (ISBN: 9780007105939) with its description of the apparent ill treatment of Japanese POWs by Indian soldiers of the 17th Division, to recognize that not all torture was committed by the Axis in WWII. However, the actions of the Indian soldiers need to be understood in the light of the previous horrific Japanese atrocities committed against them. Out of the 22,000 INA soldiers transported to Rabaul, as slaves, every one of them died, only a small handful of escapees, survived. The final 20/30 who survived the tunnel digging were executed and buried in a mass grave, just before the Japanese surrendered. It was little wonder that all 22,000 soldiers died over a period of 2½ years, which was the time taken to dig 385 miles of tunnels by hand in hard pumice rock to shelter the cowardly Japanese soldiers. However, there is a tremendous weight of evidence that of the 22,000 Indians digging the tunnels, many died of illness, beatings or were executed for not working hard enough, but also thousands were killed and actually eaten by the Japanese Troops and officers to supplement their food rations.

Did Winston Churchill know what was going on in the cellar-dungeons of the house in Ham? Of course, he did, but like Nancy Pelosi and other politicians he understandably preferred not to dwell on this less auspicious side of the defence of freedom. As shown in the recently published book, “Masters and Commanders” by Andrew Roberts, (ISBN10 0141029269) Churchill always advocated the toughest option in any issue that came before his War Cabinet, be it over the bombing of German cities, allowing Mahatma Gandhi to die in his hunger strike, retaliating against the Nazis over the destruction of the Czech village and murder of the people of Lidice, the suspect demise of the troublesome Polish leader Władysław Sikorski and so on. The idea that he would have balked on ethical grounds over the methods used for breaking and turning the Abwehr agents, knowing how vitally necessary that was for the liberation of Europe, is not to know the man.

So, when some wring their hands about the waterboarding that took place at the hands of the CIA and their proxies in secret locations around the world, let us not pretend that such techniques are in any way historically exceptional, for in fact they constitute the norm. The only surprising thing is the extent of the information that has been released about such unpleasant but ultimately necessary practices. Sometimes the defence of liberty requires making some pretty unpalatable decisions, but it was ever thus.

The Psychic Side of Winston Churchill

There is little doubt that the landscape of the free world would be significantly different if not for the influence of Winston Churchill. Despite American assistance half-way through the war, without Churchill, the finale of World War II may have ended with Nazi Germany remaining in horrific control of much of Europe. Churchill was instrumental in helping America shorten the war in the far east by committing thousands of jungle trained British troops, hundreds of experienced fighter pilots and part of our powerful Navy acting in the most dangerous areas. Of course, a great deal of the reason for our intervention in the far east was due to protecting our interests in Burma, Malaysia and India. Much has been written about Churchill, his steadfast leadership, unyielding courage and eloquence as a speaker. What you may not know about Churchill was his openness to psychic phenomenon and unique types of spirituality.

It is quietly acknowledged that Churchill utilised psychics and seers in his personal life and, during World War II, he approved of the use of more ‘esoteric’ ideas to win an essential war against Nazi Germany. Some historians feel that the real story behind Britain’s use of unconventional methods (such as clairvoyants, astrologers and occultists) by secret services and spy agencies such as MI5, and the rumoured MI6, still remains classified or has been erased from the records altogether. Many feel that Churchill’s sympathy towards psychics and clairvoyants was due to Churchill himself having psychic experiences.

During the Second Boer War (1890 to 1902), a war between the British and Afrikaans-speaking settlers in southern Africa, Churchill was captured. He managed to escape and later wrote in his autobiography his escape was, "guided by some form of mental planchette (the pointer used on a Ouija board) to the only house in a 30-mile radius that was sympathetic to the British cause.". Had Churchill approached any other home it is very likely he would have been recaptured and executed for escaping. Churchill himself, in his autobiography, would credit his escape and survival to psychic experiences.

Other incidents involving Churchill’s psychic intuition also came during World War II. During a dinner with government officials, at 10 Downing Street, Churchill suddenly excused himself from his dinner guests, went to the kitchen and ordered the meal be quickly set up on a hot plate in the dining room. Then Churchill ordered all the kitchen staff to evacuate, without delay, to the bomb shelter. Churchill calmly returned to his guests and resumed the meal. Suddenly an air raid occurred and within a few minutes the kitchen took a direct hit from a bomb. Churchill and his dinner guests were unharmed and the kitchen staff, without his intervention would not have been so fortunate.

On another occasion Churchill entered his official car from the opposite side than what was considered customary. He remained seated on the wrong side of the car than was typical for him, sitting directly behind the driver. On route, a bomb struck the n/s of the vehicle, severely damaging just one side of the car – the side where he usually sat. Both driver and Churchill were unharmed. Later, Churchill confessed to his wife Clementine that he heard a voice tell him to "stop!" as he went to enter the car, so, he went to the other side, entered and remained on the opposite side of the car behind the driver.

During World War II Winston Churchill became linked with a number of people who were, or would become, well known in the field of the psychic phenomena and divination. After Churchill’s death in January 1965, many more stories would surface about his links to the occult. For example: Churchill was implicated in the assassination of Władysław Eugeniusz Sikorski Prime Minister of Poland, in the skies over Gibraltar, but nothing was ever proven. Maxwell Knight, head of MI5, was later revealed to have connections with Aleister Crowley (the founding father of modern occultism and amongst many other things, creator of Thoth Tarot cards). It is reported that Maxwell Knight, Dennis Wheatley (who would later become famous for his fictional books on magic and the occult) and none other than Ian Fleming (who would later write the James Bond series) attended a séance sponsored by Crowley. It has long been known that Knight, Wheatley and Fleming together with some assistance from Aleister Crowley hatched a top secret and successful plan to capture Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s second in command, by luring him to England using Rudolph Hess’ interest in the occult. (see story above) Additionally, both Churchill and Crowley were both known to be high ranking Freemasons in England.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on 30th November 1874 and educated at Harrow. At the age of 26 he was initiated into StudHolme Masonic Lodge 1591 on 24th May 1901

Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding is rightly credited with saving the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain (one of the greatest aerial battles in history where the courageous underdog RAF found a way to beat back the superior much-vaunted German Luftwaffe). Privately, Dowding was also a devoted follower of Spiritualism. Some have indicated Lord Dowding’s removal from being commander of the RAF Fighter Command was related to his affiliation with psychic mediums, possibly consulting them during the Battle of Britain. Some historians say Dowding and Churchill discussed psychics such as Joe Benjamin and Leslie Flint. Lord Dowding would go on to write about Spiritualism after the war. He and Churchill were said to be close until his removal from Air Command when he was unwillingly replaced from his position in November 1940 by “Big Wing” advocate William Sholto Douglas. Douglas Benjamin would go on to advertise himself as "Churchill’s favourite psychic" in the 1950s. But, that may not have necessarily been true.

Although Helen Duncan (the person who claimed she was contacted by a dead seaman from HMS Barham - Sunk by U-331, 25th November 1941) was charged with "claiming to possess magical powers", most historians acknowledge that Helen Duncan’s arrest and conviction had more to do with protecting military secrecy as it was considered to be bad for morale. Churchill called the whole incident, "tomfoolery". Critics claimed Helen learned of the sinking of the HMS Barham from a family member who had been notified privately about losing a loved one on the battleship. Supporters, and Helen Duncan herself, denied the accusation. Later, Churchill would become instrumental, with the assistance of psychic medium Estelle Roberts in having the Witchcraft Act 1735 repealed in 1951. This was replaced by the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 and finally replaced by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 Schedule 4.

Historically, we know Churchill had a lifelong interest in the mystical. He joined the Ancient and Archaeological Order of Druids, Albion Lodge on 15th August 1908, possibly, as a result of his being a Freemason. It is known that most Druids are Master Masons. Churchill’s critics and political enemies often pointed to his association with ‘occult’ practices in an attempt to discredit his character. Yet, it was exactly this kind of esoteric background that served Churchill well in countering the Nazis threat. At the time, few know that the Nazis had their own psychics and occult advisors. It was a program called the Institute for Occult Warfare and it was credited with some important Nazis successes before, and during, World War II. Churchill and his advisors knew of the use of occult by Germany and sought to counter it anyway they could. Dennis Wheatley (author of thriller and occult novels) would call it total warfare – which meant fighting militarily, intellectually and spiritually.

It’s unlikely in today’s political climate that Churchill could be elected to government office given his open acceptance of alternative spiritual practices. Along with Churchill, we’d likely to be denied the exceptional services of people like Lord Downing, Maxwell Knight, Dennis Wheatley and others who happen to find value in psychics and alternative spiritual beliefs, they’d just would not be able to pass the ‘political correctness test’. In the last 50 years or so, there seems to have evolved intolerance for any elected official to consult with or consult clairvoyants or even utilize astrology. Maybe Churchill (and the host of others interested in alternative spiritual practices that were pressed into service during World War II) were just all the right people in the right place at the right time. In common with the others mentioned we do know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was also a Mason. There is no doubt that a Western society free from the scourge of Nazism and the like would not exist without their service and wisdom.

To be effective, good men had to be also ruthless and Foreign Office files kept secret for more than 70 years have revealed details of how MI6 kidnapped and killed a French double agent during World War Two - and ordered Ian Fleming to help them cover up the death.

In July 1941, British Intelligence learned that 'deeply trusted' Captain Pierre Lablache-Combier’s - a Royal Navy commander recruited by M16 and posted to Spain - had divulged secret information to the Nazi French Vichy government for transmission to Berlin.

Naval Intelligence issued an official report stating the officer was 'missing believed drowned'. In fact, the 'complete double-crosser' was killed as Secret Service operatives were smuggling him out of Spain. The truth about what happened to the spy, who is still listed on the French wartime role of honour, has finally come to light in previously classified Foreign and Commonwealth Office files released in recent months. Pierre disappeared during the war, but we never knew under what circumstances,' Edouard Benois, Lablache-Combier’s son-in-law, told the Times Newspaper.

The newly released files reveal Sir Samuel Hoare's anger over the situation

The First World War veteran came to Britain after the fall of France and joined the Navy, where he was earmarked for secret service.

He was deployed to Spain by MI6, which was unaware the 44-year-old - who worked under the cover name Paul Lewis Claire - remained loyal to the Vichy Government.

The files reveal that, in July 1941, British Intelligence learned the French officer was planning to flee to his home country, having contacted the naval attaché at the Vichy Embassy in Madrid and 'divulged many secrets of British secret service activities in Spain and elsewhere'.

An alarmed Sir Samuel Hoare, then Britain's Ambassador to Spain, swiftly dispatched a 'Most Secret' telegram to the Secretary of State for War, Anthony Eden to warn him of the 'serious situation'.

He wrote: “I am accordingly faced with the dilemma: 1. Capturing or killing him [or] 2. Letting him get to France with information that will destroy our present intelligence organisation in Spain and do even greater harm elsewhere... this will be the last chance of dealing with him.'

The head of MI6 instructed that the traitor be brought to Gibraltar, and the Frenchman was subsequently lured to the British Embassy as 'Action Gibraltar' got underway. Lablache-Combier’s was knocked out and sedated with morphine before being bundled into a diplomatic car by a team of secret service operatives and driven away under cover of darkness. Everything went smoothly until the spy regained consciousness and began shouting for help from the back seat of the car, and a struggle is believed to have ensued as the kidnappers tried to avoid attracting attention. At some point the spy was hit on the head with a revolver and killed. His body was taken on to Gibraltar and 'quietly disposed of' - most likely buried at sea.

An authorised history of MI6 refers to the doomed spy by his cover name and includes a coded telegram sent by the secret service reporting his death.

It said: 'Consignment arrived completely destroyed owing to over attention in transit... salvage being quietly disposed of tonight... damage regretted but I submit it is for the best.'

So, began the cover-up, with Ian Fleming informing the Red Cross that the naval officer had been aboard the SS Empire Hurst when it was sunk by the Luftwaffe off Gibraltar in August 1941.

But Lablache-Combier's relatives demanded to know what had happened to him, and the Vichy Government complained to Spanish authorities. An article correctly reporting that a French naval officer had been abducted by the British was published by Nazi media - and promptly dismissed by the British press as a 'flight of fancy from the Nazi propaganda department.

Despite his treachery, the spy's widow was paid a war pension to ensure the secret remained buried.

'It is true that my mother-in-law received a pension from the British Navy until her death, but she never knew exactly why,' Mr Benois said. Lablache-Combier’s widow died in 1968 and his daughter died last December, both unaware of his true fate.

Correspondence between Hoare and Eden contained within the formerly secret files reveal the ambassador - who slammed 'clumsy, dangerous and irresponsible Secret Service methods - was enraged by the incident.

Eden's reply outlined his 'deep regret' that Hoare had had to deal with the situation, adding of Lablache-Combier’s: 'His goose is cooked'.


It is suspected that Hitler before banning freemasonry in Nazi Germany was himself once a freemason, borrowed ideology from Masonry, before becoming disenchanted with and then persecuted the masons and their whole movement in an attempt to nullify their good works and considerable power.

Mostly what was borrowed from Masonry (also proving that Hitler had some inside knowledge) was the Occultism of Freemasonry.

Nazi Generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesselring (known by allied troops as “smiling Albert” or his own troops as “uncle Albert”) was a professing freemason.

Nazism often quote the Freemason Voltaire especially Voltaire's anti-Semitic rants against Jews.

However, it is known that Hitler had over 150,000 Jews fighting their hated enemies the Bolsheviks at the Eastern Front.

The lodge Hitler had either applied to or belonged to was in München (Munich)

There are photographs of Hitler displayed wearing masonic regalia and using hand gestures, but it is possible these are fakes.

Joseph Fort Newton: Baptist minister and mason quoted an essay by Thomas Carr with a list of lodges, study of their history, customs, and emblems especially the swastika.

The bridge that spans freemasonry to Nazism is theosophy (“divine wisdom.”) which led to the Thule Gesselshaft.

The points of commonality are among the many denials of the freemasons.

On Hitler’s rise to power, the ten Grand Lodges of Germany were dissolved. Many among the prominent dignitaries and members of the Order were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The Gestapo seized the membership lists of the Grand Lodges and looted their libraries and collections of Masonic objects. Many of these plundered items were then exhibited in an "Anti-Masonic Exposition" inaugurated in 1937 by Herr Dr. Joseph Goebbels in Munich. The Exposition included, what was thought to be, a completely furnished Masonic temple, but without knowledge of the true secrets was a pretty meaningless shell.

The persecution was carried over into Austria when the country was annexed by the Nazis on the 12th March 1938. The Masters of the various Vienna lodges were immediately confined in the most notorious concentration camps, including the horrible living hell at Dachau in Bavaria. The same procedure was repeated when Hitler took over Czechoslovakia (15th March 1939), then Poland (September 1939). Immediately after conquering Holland and Belgium, the Nazis ordered the dissolution of the lodges in those nations.

It was also top of the agenda for the traitorous Major Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling when Norway was invaded by the Nazis on 9th April 1940.

It may be taken as part of the same ugly picture that the brutal military dictator and Nazi appeasing Francisco Franco Bahamonde (otherwise known as General Franco or the nickname El Paquito, or “little Frank.”) of Spain in 1940 sentenced all Freemasons in his realm automatically to ten years in prison. His regime had the same murderous traits as Nazism as he killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Spaniards in concentration camps and organised executions and many more died in the Spanish Civil War.

When France fell in August 1940, previously the hero of the battle of Verdun, Marshal Philippe Pétain head of the Vichy government caused the two Masonic bodies of France, the Grand Orient and the Grande Loge to be dissolved, their property being seized and sold at auction. While fighting for the liberty of their country around a thousand French Masons were killed while serving in the French Resistance against the Nazi invaders and the traitorous Vichy French rulers.

Hitler’s later hatred of Freemasonry is clearly documented. In 1931 Nazi party officials were given a "Guide and Instructional Letter" that stated, "The natural hostility of the peasant against the Jews, and his hostility against the Freemason as a servant of the Jew, must be worked up to a frenzy." On the 7th April 1933, Hermann Goering—who once considered becoming a freemason—held an interview with Grand Master von Heeringen of the "Land" Grand Lodge of Germany, telling him there was no place for Freemasonry in Nazi Germany. The Nazi Primer, the Official Handbook for the Schooling of Hitler Youth, attacked freemasons, Marxists, and the Christian churches for their "mistaken teaching of the equality of all men" by which they were said to be seeking power over the whole world.

Hitler, in his own words:

"To strengthen his political position he [the Jew] tries to tear down the racial and civil barriers which for a time continue to restrain him at every step. To this end he fights with all the tenacity innate in him for religious tolerance—and in Freemasonry, which has succumbed to him completely, he has an excellent instrument with which to fight for his aims and put them across. The governing circles and the higher strata of the political and economic bourgeoisie are brought into his nets by the strings of Freemasonry, and never need to suspect what is happening”.

"Only the deeper and broader strata of the people as such, or rather that class which is beginning to wake up and fight for its rights and freedom, cannot yet be sufficiently taken in by these methods. But this is more necessary than anything else; for the Jew feels that the possibility of his rising to a dominant role exists only if there is someone ahead of him to clear the way; and this someone he thinks he can recognize in the bourgeoisie, in their broadest strata in fact. The glove makers and linen weavers, however, cannot be caught in the fine net of Freemasonry; no, for them coarser but no less drastic means must be employed. Thus, Freemasonry is joined by a second weapon in the service of the Jews: the press. With all his perseverance and dexterity, he seizes possession of it. With it he slowly begins to grip and ensnare, to guide and to push all public life, since he is in a position to create and direct that power which, under the name of 'public opinion,' is better known today than a few decades ago."

"While the international world Jew slowly but surely strangles us, our so-called patriots shouted against a man and a system which dared in one corner of the earth at least, to free themselves from the Jewish-Masonic embrace and oppose a nationalistic resistance to this international world poisoning."

"The general pacifistic paralysis of the national instinct of self-preservation begun by Freemasonry in the circles of the so-called intelligentsia is transmitted to the broad masses and above all to the bourgeoisie by the activity of the big papers which today are always Jewish."

"The prohibition of Masonic secret societies, the persecution of the supra-national press as well as the continuous demolition of international Marxism, and, conversely, the steady reinforcement of the Fascist state conception, will in the course of the years cause the Italian Government to serve the interests of the Italian people more and more, without regard for the hissing of the Jewish world hydra."

The current situation:

Since the end of the Second World War, into the Cold War period and beyond, the use of the Occult and the Black Arts will undoubtedly increase as various lesser countries look at different ways to increase their personal power, protect their citizens or to overthrow their perceived enemies.

The use of nuclear weapons will gain nothing other than the total destruction of the entire human race and bio warfare a similar end. The aggressor and the victim would both lose and the cockroaches will roam freely again.

Those looking to use the Occult or similar, hope to rule the world by using unassailable power which will protect them while at the same time overcoming those who oppose them.

One thing is sure that as mere citizens of the world this will be shrouded in secrecy and we will never know until the final day dawns and the “Danse Macabre” begins.

Does this article explain some of Occult wartime questions ?

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© 2017 Peter Geekie


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    • Peter Geekie profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Geekie 

      3 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear Trevor

      Thanks for your comments. It has always been a policy to keep the subject of the occult and world government low profile. The primary reason being the black arts are still practised and experimented with on a large scale. As mentioned in the article they could give a small aggressive country power over even mega-powers without total world destruction.

      kind regards Peter

    • Peter Geekie profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Geekie 

      3 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear Tricia

      There should definitely be enough for an eBook but even today information is scarce as the occult is not a joke and lingers strongly in the areas that govern us. I have a file which is gradually expanding and I will publish a follow up when sufficient info is available.

      kind regards Peter

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Now this article came as a surprise. Occult always raises visions of gypsy women telling fortunes not the sinister actions of Nazi madmen. I can completely understand Churchill fighting fire with fire. There is so much in the article, enough to make your spine creep.

    • profile image

      Tricia Deed 

      3 years ago

      This is a lot of information, you may consider wanting to save this for an eBook.


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