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Ocracoke Haunted Lighthouse Plus Haunted Ocracoke Island With All Its Ghosts.

Updated on November 19, 2014

Ocracoke Lighthouse Is North Carolina's Oldest Operating Lighthouse

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Ocracoke Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in North Carolina.()This image is the property of Thomas Byers()This image is the property of Thomas Byers()This image is the property of Thomas Byers()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
Ocracoke Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in North Carolina.()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
Ocracoke Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in North Carolina.()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
()This image is the property of Thomas Byers
()This image is the property of Thomas Byers

Blackbeard The Pirate Was Killed Just Off Ocracoke Island.

Edward Teach was killed in a horrific battle with the British Royal Navy just off the island of Ocracoke. Legend says that the head of Blackbeard was cut off and that Blackbeard's body was thrown over board where it swam around the ship three times before it sank out of sight beneath the ocean waves. There is a story told on Ocracoke Island that the pirates body washed up on the beach of Ocracoke and it was buried in a hidden location. His head eventually vanished in London around 1840.

Blackbeard's Ghost

Ocracoke Island and especially the beach area near the lighthouse was a favorite area of Blackbeard's
Ocracoke Island and especially the beach area near the lighthouse was a favorite area of Blackbeard's

Ocracoke Island Was The Favorite Place Of Blackbeard The Pirate.

Edward Teach or Blackbeard as he was more commonly known loved Ocracoke Island and especially the beach area just down from the Ocracoke Lighthouse. It is said he would stand there for hours looking out to sea.

Over the years people have quite often reported seeing a brightly burning fire on the beach here but when they try to walk to or go to the fire on the beach no fire can be found. Some people make the claim that it is the campfire of Blackbeard the Pirate.

On November 21 , 1718 the Royal Navy sent by Governor Spotswood of Virginia took two sloops and went after the pirate Blackbeard and his fellow pirates just off Ocracoke Island. There was a furious battle and the pirates fought for their lives but the Royal Navy led by Royal Navy Lt. Maynard was successful and finally were able to kill most of the pirates including the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

Legend has it that Blackbeard was shot five times and stabbed twenty times in the fight and when he was killed Lt. Maynard cut off his head and had his body thrown over board. The head of Blackbeard the pirate was hung from the bowsprit of the ship and the really strange thing reported was the fact that Blackbeard's body swam three times around the ship before sinking to the bottom.

There is a story on Ocracoke Island that the headless body of Blackbeard was washed ashore a few days later and that people friendly to the pirate took his body and buried it on the beach where he had loved to walk.

There have even been reports of a headless man seen on this beach and in near by areas. He is seen most often on full moon nights. And people quite often see someone walking along and then realize that the person has no head.

People over the years say that it is the headless ghost of the Pirate Blackbeard looking for his head. And just maybe if you go for a walk along this beach on a full moon night you to will see the headless ghost of Blackbeard walking along looking for his head.

Legend also says that Blackbeard hid his treasure here on Ocracoke Island and claim that the headless ghost is trying to protect the treasure.

Please if you go to Ocracoke Island looking for ghosts please only go into public areas and don't trespass on private property. If you live in North Carolina and you have never visited the North Carolina Outer Banks including Ocracoke Island you really should consider a visit to the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is truly a magical place everyone should visit.

In the summer there are a lot of water related things to enjoy on the Island of Ocracoke but some people including myself love to visit the Island in winter when the island is un crowded and you can really have most of the outer banks beaches to yourself.

Ocracoke's Four Ghosts

On an island tucked away on the North Carolina Outer Banks is a quaint little village that has long been compared to Nantucket Island. Ocracoke has its own antiquity having been visited by early European explorers going all the way back to Giovanni da Verrazano who happened upon this island all the way back in 1524. And locals here will tell you that some people who have lived and visited Ocracoke Island have never left because their ghosts are still here.

And it really makes me wonder what causes some spirits to return to their earthly homes and haunt their favorite places and what is it that makes some people sensitive to their presence has long been the subject of paranormal studies. Whether you are a believer or a doubting Thomas there are countless stories filled with chilling reality from those who have seen and heard these coastal apparitions.

There is Theodosia Burr Alston who was the beloved daughter of Aaron Burr who lost her life when the ship she was in sank off the North Carolina Outer Banks. People over the years have claimed to see her often in the vicinity of the Ocracoke Lighthouse. Be sure to see the photos of the lighthouse above. She is often seen in a long white flowing dress and is often seen wet with water dripping off of her and even with seaweed in her hair. Some people also claim to smell a strong musky smell when they see her.

An old lighthouse keeper with black and gray striped pants and a white shirt is often seen around and in the Ocracoke lighthouse. He is said to have long hair tied back with string and a full heavy beard. He has been known to walk straight through people. And it is said he appears to be a solid living person until the point where he walks through you.

Black Beard , " Edward Teach " is Ocracoke's most famous ghost. He is seen all over the village of Ocracoke including the little beach just down the street from the lighthouse. People have seen him walking there on the beach and thought he was someone in costume. Some have even tried to talk to him but he quite often walks straight by them with out saying a word. People have also over the years tried to find a fire on this beach they can see burning from a distance but when they get to it they can never really find the fire. Legend has it that this little beach was one of Blackbeard's favorite places on Ocracoke Island.

A very pretty girl in a light blue long dress has also been seen in the vicinity of the lighthouse. No one has ever been able to figure out who she is but she is quite often seen walking after an evening summer thunderstorm has ended and she has even waved and talked to some people but she quite often simply vanishes and people are left there scratching their head wondering where the pretty girl went to. It is said she has dark hair and olive skin and a beautiful smile.Some people say she makes comments about the party that night. When they start to question her about what party that night she vanishes. Some people have claimed to see her with a lantern.

To get to Ocracoke Island and Lighthouse from the southern tip of Hatteras Island take the state operated toll free ferry boat that takes you and your vehicle for free over to Ocracoke Island and then drive south 14 miles to the village of Ocracoke and if your lucky maybe you will have your own paranormal experience. There is a lot of water related sports you can enjoy in the summer months but I love to visit the Island of Ocracoke in the winter months. Be sure you stop on the drive into the Ocracoke Village and check out the pastures with the wild horses in them. Most people especially children really enjoy the free ferry ride from Hatteras Island over to Ocracoke Island.

Blackbeard's Final Battle (aka The Search For Blackbeard's Treasure)

Black Beard's Beach On Ocracoke's Beach just down the street from the lighthouse above on Ocracoke Island

Sunset on Blackbeard's Beach just down from the Ocracoke Lighthouse
Sunset on Blackbeard's Beach just down from the Ocracoke Lighthouse | Source
On the state operated ferry on the way from Hatteras Island over to Ocracoke Island
On the state operated ferry on the way from Hatteras Island over to Ocracoke Island | Source
It really is an interesting ride on the ferry going over to Ocracoke Island. In fact some people think the free ferry rides are wonderful.
It really is an interesting ride on the ferry going over to Ocracoke Island. In fact some people think the free ferry rides are wonderful. | Source

The Ghost Of Blackbeards Ship

People often report of seeing a burning ship in the water between Hatteras Island and the Ferry Boat landing at the upper end of Ocracoke Island. Quite often the ship is reported to be in roaring flames and people seeing it often think they are seeing a real ship burning. Some people over the years claim that the ship is Blackbeard's, " Queen Ann's Revenge " burning in the water there.

Blackbeard is also often seen on the little beach at the lower end of Okracoke Island. Lt. Maynard cut the head off Blackbeard and it is said that it is the headless body of Blackbeard that wanders up and down the beaches of Okracoke Island looking for his head. No one knows for sure what happened to the head of Blackbeard after it was taken back to London. There is a local legend that the body of Blackbeard washed up on the beach at Okracoke and it was buried by supporters of his in an unknown location.

Many people from the coast of Georgia up to Virginia tell of seeing the ghost of Blackbeard wandering the beaches along the southeast coast of the United States. There are many legends that claim that Blackbeard hid one or more treasures somewhere on the southeast coast of the United States. But if he did no one has ever reported finding it.

Many people for hundreds of years have searched the beaches of Okracoke Island for Blackbeard's hidden treasure. There have been so many bad storms over the years that the treasure if it ever existed has been covered over for ever and may never be found. In March of 1961 many gold coins were found up and down the beach known as Blackbeard's Beach on Ocracoke Island. They were Spanish gold coins from the time of Blackbeard but no one could ever prove where the gold coins came from. There was a huge storm just days before the gold coins were found washed up on the beach.

But the ghost of Blackbeard is said to still be there wandering the beaches of Okracoke looking for something.

The Legal Notice For Everyone

(©) All photos and text on this hub page were produced by Thomas Byers and Nosycat Productions and are the property of Thomas Byers. Crazyhorsesghost  and Thomas Byers are one and the same person. Today's date is February 28th 2010.

© 2010 Thomas Byers

Have you ever been to Ocracoke Island located in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. Do you know a ghost story from Ocracoke Island? Tell us about it b

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      that is crazy

    • SolveMyMaze profile image


      7 years ago

      Great hub. I didn't know that Blackbeards ship has been seen in a ghostly form off of the cost. There's something unsettling about being able to see a burning ship in the water, as well as seen the apparition of a former prate walking along the beach.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      my mom just came back from there and was taking pictures of everything.. I was looking throught them and noticed an orb near the lighthouse.. thenn I got to a very disturbing picture of a orb taking up half of a picture of the lighthouse.. I got chills when I saw it so we decided to research the lighthouse and found it was haunted

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      that is cazry

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      My family and I stayed in room 23 at Blackbeard's Lodge. I had no idea about any ghostly experiences, but I think I had one of my own. Around 2am I was awakened by the feeling of a cat jumping up on the bed. It purred and rubbed along my back. Then I got the eerie feeling that someone was standing over me. I tried to open my eyes, but couldn't, and I was definitely awake (aware of my surroundings). Either it was a ghost and ghost cat, or the owner is very weird and sneaks into people's rooms at night...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Just stayed at blackbeards lodge 3rd floor room 2. Very creepy, unsetteling, uncomfortable......chills, goosebumps, very strange vibe to say the least.

    • profile image

      pretty girl 

      9 years ago

      i love the story and i have a project to do on this so its really cool because now my project will be interesting!

    • profile image

      Outer Banks  

      10 years ago

      Ocracoke is such a wonderful place and I have seen all kinds of weird things there. I saw a fire in the ocean just off Ocracoke that I never could explain.

    • profile image

      Cynthia A. Powers 

      10 years ago

      I fell in love with the OBX,when I had to study about it in the 7th grade.I'm a native North Carolinean,and have been visiting the North Caroilna coast for over 35 years.Each time I go I fall more in love with it.I,ve been told about some of the strange occurrences that have happened at Blackbeard,s Lodge.Anyway I love the OBX!.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      10 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Great comments everyone. I really do appreciate the comments. Thanks very much for the comments.

    • Paradise7 profile image


      10 years ago from Upstate New York

      Oh, how much I love a good ghost story! Thank you!

    • spacebull profile image


      10 years ago from Space

      Another awesome Hub, thanks! The photos are pretty cool.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Loving your hub! How creepy. And I just love tales about pirates...good hub~

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      10 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Awesome Hub! Enjoyed the history of it all...Thanks!

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      10 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      I loved this story. I love lighthouses. Friends of mine just moved to NC and I will be sure to go to Ocracoke


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