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October Full Moon's Horoscope

Updated on October 12, 2019

It’s almost full moon! Moonlight will be shed upon many aspects of our life. If you know your sun sign (by your birthday) and your rising sign (based on your birth date and exact time), you can have a clear idea about how to use such a light. Full moons have an exact time. However, its effects can be felt for the following 2 weeks. Every 28 days, we all have a chance (whether we know it or not) to live a conversation between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. Although the outcome doesn’t totally depend on us, there are many things that we can do depending on our sun/rising sun. Don’t forget that a horoscope doesn’t predict your future. It lets you know your chances.

Aries: our first ones from the zodiac! This full moon will illuminate the way you are showing yourself to the world. In fact, it will have you reflect upon your place in your relationships. With whom are you committed? Does such a commitment include yourself? If not, make sure it does. Thanks to the beneficial connection among Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon, legal issues or matters have the chance to improve (in case you are worried about them).

Taurus: This October, so far, you have had to give attention to your health. This full moon comes like a lamp on your subconscious mind. Pay attention, open your eyes, mind and heart to see and listen carefully to what your inner mind needs to say. It can have the words that you need to hear, words from yourself that can give you insights on how to continue healing and how to do it best: from the root.

Gemini: What a social time you have coming up. This full moon illuminates your social zone: projects and groups. It is a great chance to enjoy, connect and, if it is of your interest: to do some networking. Keep in mind that this zone also has a sensitive side (11th house): in what aspects might you need to wake up? What in your life needs a drastic and innovative change? Other than that, romance is available for you. Enjoy your time, your hobbies, yourself, and remember what makes your heart beat and pump. Jupiter is on your side: your partners and relationships are receiving meaningful light.

Cancer: what in your work needs to be reconsidered? Don’t worry, it will be shown in the following two weeks. Remember to keep on taking care of yourself, your home, your nutrition and your family, because it is possible that the workload increases in these days or that you may need to fulfill pending work duties. Jupiter is on your side by giving you strength and improvement in your health and daily routine. Go and be the great leader you are at work!

Leo: connect with your freedom. These coming two weeks are very interesting for you to listen to your mind’s ideals and your optimistic shine. Jupiter is in your zone of romance, yay! Remember what makes you feel alive: what makes your valuable Leo heart pump energy and life into your veins. Listen to your friends and thank them for existing in your life.

Virgo: what a necessary full moon for you, dear Virgo. The basement is talking. What is deep inside you that needs to be heard? Is it related to your closest people? To your intimacy? It’s a period of introspective time. Remember that deep within, there are valuable treasures to be found. Think about what you value, because it can be reflected in your finances. Jupiter is on your zone of home and family. You can find support in them in case times get too deep. Catch some breath: deep doesn’t mean drown.

Libra: Happy birthday! And this is a very important full moon for you. You will be shown how you are doing with yourself and with your most important relationships, bonds and partners. Jupiter is giving you a hand with your mind and mouth. Trust what you think and express (but don’t exaggerate).

Scorpio: my dear scorpions of the zodiac. This full moon will let you know what in your health needs attention. Listen to your body. Don’t shout at it. Open your heart, mind and ears, because if something is worthy of trust: it’s our body. It never keeps anything that doesn’t need to be kept. Therefore, good communication with it is always advisable. By listening to your body, you will be able to know more about your inner self and your subconscious mind. To do so, trust your self-esteem and if you need money to invest in your health, go on: Jupiter is on your side.

Sagittarius: my dear wild and free horses of the zodiac! Enjoy this full moon with all of your heart. Romance is at sight. Go back to what makes your heart beat. This is essential if you want your projects to be filled with such energy. This is a social month for you, so it is a great chance to connect with your heart before connecting with many people and colleagues.

Capricorn: my beloved hard workers of the zodiac, these two weeks need to be dedicated to your home and family. Where do you come from? I know that you have been thinking about it a lot. By having an answer on this, you will be able to better know where you are going. Past and future need balance, and this Libra season is the appropriate energy to do it. Identify your north before starting to walk towards it. And have some treats with yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Aquarius: Time to spend with your friends, my dear Aquarius. This full moon is in your zone of communication and friends, so these two weeks you will have great plan proposals to hang out and enjoy. Go! Express your ideas! Connect. Jupiter is helping you with your freedom and your networking skills. An interesting proposal could emerge in any of such plans. Listen to your ideals, identify your philosophy and connect with the appropriate people to make things happen.

Pisces: this full moon gives you the necessary light to see your self-esteem. Remember that the way you value yourself is also the way you are valued (in terms of money, too). This Libra season has been a time for you to identify who is close and with whom you do not really want to be intimate. Take advantage of this pure moonlight to identify how far you can go with each person of your close feelings.

Happy Full Moon in Aries, everybody!


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