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About Odd Metaphors in Christianity

Updated on December 28, 2011

My minister often talked of Jesus as the good shepherd. The good shepherd looking after his flock. This pastoral image of Jesus was a favorite subject of his weekend homilies.

What does a good shepherd do? The good shepherd pats the sheep and knows lambs by name. He takes great care looking after each of his sheep. But where is he leading the sheep - to the abattoir. To be fleeced of their wool for nothing. To be cut into lamp chops,The good shepherd is not acting in the interests of the sheep, but in the interests of the sheep owners.

Are humans to aspire to being sheep? I have nothing against sheep. But I prefer to make my own mistakes and shape my own destiny as best I can. I resent the idea that I need a shepherd to protect me from the wolves.

Is  Jesus implying the old testament God was the bad shepherd. The bad shepherd who slits the sheeps' necks directly in front of them, who rules by fear. The good shepherd ultimately does the same thing, By calming and misleading the sheep he just makes the whole operation more efficient.

The best  shepherds usually work with two dogs. With only one dog the sheep just run off in all directions. By using two dogs, on each side of the group, he can steer the flock in any direction he want The fears of eternal damnation and of offending the community corral most people along the cattle chute from birth to death.

When Jesus isn't describing himself as a shepherd he describes himself as a fisher of men. So men then are fishes and Jesus is the fisherman. What does the fisherman do to the fish? He guts them and cuts off their heads.

The other creepy metaphor in the Bible is the last supper. Jesus asks the disciples to eat bread saying that it is his body and to drink wine that is his blood. It's an allusion to cannibalism.  Many cultures believe that by consuming an animal you can acquire their strengths and virtues. By consuming a lion you could acquire the strength of the lion, By eating the flesh of a pure person you could purify yourself. I can't get my head around educated people still believing these ideas,


Money allows a ruler to pay an army to take over others. Without money a ruler wouldn't be able to keep a group of soldiers interested in a battle. With an army the Lord could enslave other men and take the fruits of their labor for himself.

Norman Invasion 1066 turned the English people into slaves. Although history books call them serfs. Whats the difference between serfs and slaves. Feudalism in Europe evolved from agricultural slavery in the late Roman Empire and spread through Europe around the 10th century. After conquering England King William had the Domesday book compiled to count every piece of land, chicken and crops just like the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

The theory of evolution justifies the predator on top of the food chain feeding on the rest of society as being the natural order. America has paid the Egytian government $80 billion dollars to act on it's behalf over the best interests of it's own citizens. A lot of that aid came in the form of military equipment like tanks to allow the government to terroize the people and eliminate any opposition.

The symbol of the Minoan royalty was a double-headed axe with a handle made from many reeds bundled together. The  is that you can break one reed, but it's very difficult to break a bundle of reeds. A different lesson is taught to the masses - their is a famous quote from Margaret Thatcher; "There is no such thing as community only individuals and families." The strength of the masses comes when they work together like we're seeing in Egypt right now.


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