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Old School Cheap Ghost Hunting

Updated on February 9, 2010

Old School...and CHEAP

It’s time to hop in the way back machine.  Forget about all your high tech ghost hunting equipment for a second.  Hey we didn’t always have a nifty temperature data logger or an extremely expensive thermal imaging camera.  Don’t have a lot of money to spend on equipment?  Yeah neither do I.  Well here are some tips and suggestions to still go ghost hunting without spending your entire paycheck. 

First and foremost, keep it simple.  This rule can apply to just ghost hunting in general.  I say it all the time.  Actually the phrase I use is K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple stupid.  Well sometimes simple ideas are the best and can actually help you.  So you feel like going out ghost hunting but you don’t have tons of equipment.  So what.  There are some simple items you can use that you can probably find around the house.  I will suggest some to you and tell you how they can be effective on a ghost hunt.

The first items I want to talk about are ribbons and string.  Ribbons can be hung from a ceiling in order to give you a visual indication of air movement.  They can be hung in doorways or windows to check for drafts.  The swirling cold spot may not always be an entity.  Also they can be used to check air flow for heating and air conditioning in homes.  You wouldn’t believe how much can be disproved by investigating heating and air-conditioning. 

You can also apply the same theory strings.   The only difference with using strings is you may want to attach bells.  (Another simple household item)  If you want these with bells attached you will have an audible motion detector.  This will allow you to leave the room as well. 

Another simple item you can use is ping pong balls.  Sometimes I have set them up in front of a camera.  They are light and easy to move.  If you have them set up in a draft free room you essentially have yourself a trigger item. 

There is one item that comes to mind that has been used for a very long time in ghost detection and that is baby powder.  Some of the earliest investigators used this in their research.  It can be used by sprinkling it on the floor where people walk in hopes to catch phantom foot prints.  The only problems I see with using powder is the clean up.  If you are doing private home investigations they might not appreciate you dowsing their floors with powder.  Always make sure you have permission and an easy way to clean it up. 

If you don’t quite want to mess up your clients floors or have their permission to use powder an alternative that can be used is aluminum foil.  You can spread out sheets on the floor.  In theory if someone would walk across it should crinkle or at least leave a mark.  It might not show the definition of a footprint that baby powder could show but it does provide another simple cheap way to think simple and outside of the box.  Not to mention…cheap

One final tip for cheap, easy, old school ghost hunting is a simple glass of water.  You can either travel with a clear plastic cup and bottle of water or if you it might be more convenient to acquire this while on location.  That would be up to your locations and your clients.  So why spend all this money on a vibration detector.  Just simply put the glass of water on the floor in the room that you are monitoring.  You can see the surface of the water ripple if something were to disturb it.  You would be able to notice tremors in the movement of the water if you think something may be walking in your area.  If your team is stationary this might be an event that you can record.  So not only can you use a glass as water as a vibration detector it can also double a trigger object.  You can always leave a glass of water in an empty room (under surveillance of course) and see if you can capture a thirsty ghost, or maybe even a playful one.  I’ve had it happen.  I’ve seen drops of water around a glass that was left on a completely dry surface.  Anything is possible in this field. 

Well I hope that some of these simple suggestions can lift your spirits.  No pun intended.  It doesn’t always take money to go out and research the paranormal.  Make sure you stay tuned for more ideas on how ghost hunt for less.  Just remember, KEEP IT SIMPLE!


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    • profile image

      The Hunger Games 

      6 years ago

      THANK U i got my ghost!

    • PARAgirl profile image


      7 years ago from usa

      Thanks so much for your suggestions!


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