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Being Psychic

Updated on May 17, 2016
Alone with my thoughts
Alone with my thoughts | Source

Common traits and misconceptions of being psychic

The modern medical profession often confuses a psychic aptitude with mental or emotional problems. A genuinely psychic person, whether they're aware of their ability or not, can find it hard to find acceptance or a place where they can be themselves. Often, a psychic person can be seen as somehow unstable or eccentric and in the worse case scenario can end up by being prescribed medication.

It's not widely understood that being psychic does not necessarily entail knowing intricate details about other people's lives, or knowing the outcome of future events (though it can be) - but rather, can just mean a very deep sensitivity of mind, such that the person is easily overwhelmed by too much input and information. It's interesting to note some crossovers with Asperger's syndrome or autism in that regard. The difference between autism, and a genuine psychic, is one of empathy. A true psychic will definitely have a finely attuned empathy toward others (human or animal), whereas an autistic person is often characterized by having little understanding of someone else's emotions or viewpoint.

Deep sensitivity of mind can make simple interactions and situations a real ordeal – something which can only be understood by someone who has the same degree of empathy. It's close to impossible to get a non-psychic person to fully understand and inhabit the mind frame of a psychic person, who appears to crumble under very simple pressures – and yet, who can also shine when genuinely serious or dangerous situations are happening. This appears to be a genuine thing with psychics.

Typically, a psychic person might moan about the way someone said 'hello' to them (because of all the other non-verbal information they were picking up); likewise, they might feel as if there is nothing of them, when in a confrontational situation, making them feel like they can't defend themselves at all (and this is probably true, as their open state of mind, is the very thing which makes them highly receptive and sensitive).

Yet, when genuinely serious situations occur, a genuine psychic can often shine. When everybody is running around in panic, a psychic can become your best friend, as they're intuition (which is usually in overdrive in any case) comes into its own. 'Go straight here', 'turn left here', 'See? I told you it would be OK!'

divine light
divine light | Source

The pains and joys of being psychic

Being a psychic can be immensely difficult. Atmospheres in places and rooms, and when certain world events are occurring, can be hard to deal with. Also, interactions which would be very straightforward for a non-psychic person can become very heavy going. Sometimes the only option left for a psychic person, is to avoid certain interactions.

The problem doesn't come from the words someone says, or the words that the psychic person can't find in that instance of interaction, but it comes from being in a thick soup of emotions and energies from the other person. Also it comes down to that strange defenceless feeling a psychic person can experience, and which, given certain conditions, is used and abused unconsciously by some people.

This is something a psychic person will definitely have experienced: a situation where they (psychic person A) have been walked all over by person B, and where person B thinks that they have had the better of the 'weak' person. But really, the situation has been highly superficial, and person B doesn't really see that person A, the psychic, actually 'gets' the way the whole interaction played out. In fact, sees way more than person B who somehow feels so victorious.

On the plus side, someone of deep sensitivity of mind also has access to deep realms of experience and understanding, which has inspired art and music throughout the ages. It becomes clear that the psychic faculty is rather like a tool, a tool to greater understanding, an intuitive sense which is available to most humans, but which only becomes uncovered through genuine work and spiritual development. That's quite a lot to mention in one sentence. I'd venture to say however, that some of the knowledge embedded in spiritual philosophies such as Kashmir Shaivism, which discuss the nature of consciousness itself, are entirely correct.

Being deeply attuned also has other advantages, such as a greater appreciation and understanding of nature and being able to 'bliss out' relatively easily. This appears to be the benefit of being psychic, to counter balance the intense difficulties of carrying out normal life in a secular world.

Divine Light in Melbourne
Divine Light in Melbourne | Source

The future

This first hub was always going to be quite general in its approach, to introduce the subject, presenting what are really just a few teasers as it were. But as my username Voiceofthefuture suggests, some of the things I'll write about will involve perceptions about the future of our planet and what it means for us as a human race.

Having a wealth of information at my fingertips, it's hard for me to know how to organise all of this information. Having only two hands and ten fingers - and I only type with much less of these! - and where only one block of information can be written down at a time, I don't know really how I'm going to do this.

With such big events approaching on the near horizon, there's so much that needs to be done, to prepare. There isn't a lot of time left anymore. This too I'll cover in a near hub.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my future articles!



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