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On Death and Dying: The True Fall of Man

Updated on October 9, 2016

Farming Ants

Reaping what We Sew

Since the dawn of time, man has had a symbiotic relationship with nature. Dependent upon our ability for our earth to produce the very same chemical compounds that man needed for his own survival, we modeled entire societies around it’s ability to keep us safe and warm, and in trying to find a divine connection in its perfect symbiosis. The earth is a complete biosphere of perfectly balanced parts. The moment one is tampered with, the scales tip and immediately begin work to balance themselves. In every aspect of nature an ebb and a flow is created, a rhythmic swinging counterweight acts among a central balancing point which is never lost. It is the equation of the universe.

Plants and animals are the very of the biosphere perfectly balanced within their own systems. We all breathe in and out, we live and we die, only to transform back into the earth again waiting to birth the very seeds of that which sustains us again and again in this cycle. So when did we stop breathing? When did we lose touch with our own ebb and flows, and when did we decide we had some hierarchy among this symbiosis? When was it in the history of man that we fell from this once perfect Eden only to lose touch with the garden that so perfectly laid itself out before us?

Hendrick Goltzius, "The Fall of Man"; 1616
Hendrick Goltzius, "The Fall of Man"; 1616 | Source

The moment we fell, in that moment we had lost touch with any part of The Great Architect’s design, and somewhere in our biology we began to suffer, and within our suffering we began to mistrust, to hate. Perhaps then we started to think that we were greater architects, for in our suffering we did not want to labor our lands, and so we invented the machine, and enslaved our livestock, but we tipped the scale, and it is still tipping back. Somewhere in our lack of labors perhaps we stopped using our bodies to their full capacities, and we became tired, and we became weak, creating more and more of a dependency on the machines. Our lives moved faster, and we breathed faster and faster, and our hearts beat faster and faster, as we ironically oxidize ourselves into an early death.

A diseased apple hangs from a tree.
A diseased apple hangs from a tree. | Source

Disease then found a home among our livestock. They too, without the ability to roam, became weakened, and lost their will. Our orchards and our vegetables were lined in perfect rows, and they too had lost their diversity and companionship. We developed poisons to keep them safe from their now vulnerable states, and thus we began to poison ourselves in ours. With disease and sickness prevalent among our plant life, livestock and among ourselves, we have found ourselves, in an ebb and flow of infection verses cure.

We are slowly dying. We now live in a world that is so competitive and fast paced that we have forgotten where our center is. We have long forgotten that at the core we are all part of a symbiotic grand architectural design. The entire world is in a race for resources to power the machines we have become so dependent on, and has engaged itself in warfare among its own people trying to protect an illusion of territory and resources. There are those among us so afraid of what they will face in their final days that they cling to ideologies responsible for the genocide of entire races among us.

Humanity itself is not only the victim, but we have become the perpetrators of some of the most desperate and heinous acts found among the animal kingdoms. We are sacrificing our own children, those which are our future, the ones that we are biological programmed to protect in a rioted frenzy of rights and wrongs. Our youth is all that is left of us. They are all that will be here when we lose our own abilities to breath, breathing for us, creating their own rhythms, with their own breath. They are the ones that will be here long after our bells toll, and our drums of war carry our soldiers in. Every day what we teach them, those who are the lifeblood of our very instinct to survive, and what we teach them depends on what we show them as their guides and their leaders.

Technology at our fingertips creates more stimulus and exposure with less time to process the information.
Technology at our fingertips creates more stimulus and exposure with less time to process the information. | Source

As a human species we are constantly taking in, and for many of us, we tend to feel as though we have to take in more than we are capable of, especially with the fast paced advancements of modern technologies, and the push and pull media forces constantly stimulating our senses. We know more than we ever did about our world, faster than we ever dreamed of knowing it. Our postman no longer rides for days across continents saddled to a horse, but rather rides the electric currents into live streamed static on the front lines for the most exclusive and raw footage of events we not only have no time to process, but have no time to preview before our seven year old stumbles into our morning news session. We can’t just put the newspaper down and answer their questions anymore either, because the news doesn’t end at the bottom of the page to be neatly folded up on the table until tomorrow.

We carry the news with us now, in our pockets, available at any time, in just about any particular place and since we had no time to process it before, we walk into our daily routines trying to process the live streams of our morning coffee while we try and avert the annoying push pull company beasts as they fight over the waning billboard spaces and checkout lines. As we stand there bombarded by all this extra magnetic resonance and our brains try to function among a crown ADHD becomes prevalent among our youth, and then following in a close second a rise in generalized anxiety disorders in our children.

The seven year old that just inadvertently saw the livestream of the war in Syria now wonders if she will ever have to worry about a looking like that child she just saw who had mortar shells across his chest, or the five year old boy she witness on a hospital bed who had funny looking scars all over his legs from the leftover scars after he stepped on a mine left by the rebel forces. Now she stands next to you bombarded with the advertisements on her personal iPad or her phone, because everyone seems to have them now, or rather, need them now.

How Much Time Our Readers Spend On Their Phones and/or Tablets per Day?

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Time, that which we are always running out of, because we are exerting ourselves more and more in a need to compensate for our consistent breath inward, is moving so fast that we do not have the capacity to retain the information we are given. We must forcefully stop ourselves. We must remember to breathe out. We are the heartbeat of our mother, our faithful earth which was the womb of our very existence. We are the blood cells that run together to form the heart or the earth itself. We are the oxygen within her lungs that create the rhythm of the breath of her life forces, but we are beginning to lose pace with ourselves and we are beginning to breathe to fast. Ultimately we are causing her heart to beat at a faster rate. We are tampering with the scales at such a rate, that we have lost the center.

Anxiety disorders are a direct result of a need to keep up with what humanity has manifested. It will be those who stop and realize that they are an important and fundamental part of one another, those that are aware of their effect on one another through everything they do, that we will learn to inevitably slow down.

Those who do not learn to slow down and be present in the moment. Those who do not learn to connect back in more sustainable and personal less destructive ways and be responsible for everything they do, for every action they take. They will be caught up in their own advanced oxidations, and they will age more rapidly and continue to undergo stress. Some may even become the victims of depression, and may even die prematurely. Disease will inflict them. Their cells will learn to have no bounds, they will never stop dividing, never know their limits, and they will attempt to immortalize themselves in the form of cancer. The heart will exhaust itself and it too will manifest with the malfunctions of the heart.

The world will move on without them. They will become the gull whose wing is broken, taking a rapid plunge into the rocks and though they are the architects of their own destruction, as nothing ever dies, they will become the foundations of our important new understanding of our connections with not only each other as human beings, but with our mother earth, and the grand architect itself.


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