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On What Is God

Updated on July 22, 2012

What Is God

I appreciate everyone helping me with this question. Not all the time do we feel we can adequately answer questions of this magnitude, because it takes all of our ideas and thoughts to complete the answer? I realize you are passionate about your answers, as you should be, it is how you relate to God; each one of us have ideas about God, it is our subjective reality about God that really influences our lives in the end.

Here is the initial question:

I was asked this question, WHAT IS GOD. Not who is God? With over 1,000 friends I am sure I can get at least ten responses, no duplicates please!

The first set of answers is as follows:

1. Love

2. Most High;

3. Love

4. Holy, Righteous, Awesome, Powerful!!! I'll save some for everyone else;

5. He said! I AM THAT I AM!

6. SPIRIT and spirit is everywhere

The second set of answers is as follows:

1. The Source; The life giving, creator, who created all things and identifies Himself as, "I AM".

2. Love

3. Life and hope beyond the grave.

4. God is who He says He is not who you think He is.

5. I AM that I AM! No man Has seen the Father except that come through Jesus Christ! to me that is the word up! nothing else needs to be said except! I AM THAT I AM!

The third set of answers is as follows:

1. God is everything

2. God is Love

The fourth set of answers is as follows:

1. God is the almighty Jehovah who created all things

2. He is the Creator of the known and unknown universe, the Author and Finisher of my faith...the very Alpha & Omega and everything in between! He's given us the keys to the kingdom!

3. Love

4. God is ice-cream, melted choc fudge n a whole lotta sprinkles! Now datz wat God is!

5. If I am in the here and now then with God I am anywhere and anywhen and He is my anything & everything all the time as long as He exists I will exist with Him THANKS TO THE PLACE HE GAVE ME TO MEET HIM - HIS/MY CROSS - To God Be ALL The GLORY - Great things we will do - Ty Jesus my Brother TY

6. Creator! Everything there ever was, and ever will be.

7. God is the name that is represented as US. God, She/he, is the representative of all the parts of US. Hence, not one of us is lost in coming here. And when one makes it all the way, because of who we are together, so do we all make it. Just takes ONE. God is YOUR higher self, who descended into this earth that there be one man and one woman; a freedom of TWO ways, above and below, until the third day when two become the same again, 2x2, and another whole new day begins. Isaac brought that day in when circumcised on the 8th day; new beginning. Who of you will reach past this name and become all again? Now then we can say that God is HOME, living on this Earth again as in the days of Ninevah. Selah

8. You. Me. Us. Them

9. Look in the mirror

10. I like to compare God to the sun.. No matter what we go through the sun will still shine. It will still set and it will still rise the next day. So I guess consistent is the word...

Fifth set of answers is as follows:

1. "SCRIPTURE" says......GOD IS LOVE

2. Undescribable

Sixth set of answers is as follows:

1. He is exceeding, He is abundance, He is All in all! How may we say; He is Love....and let it go at that.

2. God is LOVE.

Seventh set of answers is as follows:

1. God is the great I AM. I AM whatever you need me to be....

2. "All in all" known as I AM; Hard task, naming or defining what we barely know and cannot see.; He is the source!

3. God is a noun not a verb.

4. God IS! Cannot be contained wholly by noun or verb He is actually both and all in all.

We try our hardest to find the right description to use when talking about God; often our words tend to fail us. When we try to describe God, we seem to have an endless list of words that describe how we have come to know God and or experience God in our lives. Still we find these words fail us. We look for something to give us those wonderful “goose bumps” that will last us the rest of our lives. Many religions have provided their perspectives on God and many of us have adopted those ideas and claimed them as our own.

We sit in silent wonder looking for that one morsel of information that will satisfy our description of God. When we exhaust all our mental capacity we are left without words, we are left with just an indescribable something on the inside of our being, which seems to fill our whole selves. If I might borrow words from Rabbi-Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, we are left with a penetrating process of revelation that cuts through surface appearances and human distortions as clearly as a diamond. We are left with God, Spirit, Life, Love, All, I am, Source, Everything, and yes, as one of my Facebook friends would put it so simply, our favorite dessert (God is ice cream, melted choc fudge n a whole lotta sprinkles! Now datz wat God is)!

This is not necessarily the patent answer many of would want to hear but in reality God is best described according to your reality. Even if you adopt the most sacred idea of all, it will still resonate within your being as your reality of God. We are all connected in this process called life, we are all animated by the same source, and we have not found an adequate description that would satisfy what we call that source. Many are calling God, Ultimate reality, Universal Mind, The Creator, The All Encompassing, The Energy, The Sacred, The Source of Being, Wisdom, etc…

We are a people of many words; we depend on words often to help us make sense of our world and one another. In this discussion, we have all used many words to describe God and we all might not agree on the words, but we all agree that God Is. There is something within each of us, that speaks of God and we respond to that, and give honor and reverence to it.

I have concluded from all the wonderful answers that God Is! I am satisfied that I may not be able to understand with my mind all there is to understand about God, I may never be able to describe God with words or to adequately relate my idea of God to you or you to me. Nevertheless, there is an unspoken agreement within each of that says God Is, and it is on this level that we connect! This is what drives us to try to explain the God question; it is what motivates us to defend passionately our perception of God. In the end, God is what you have come to believe “God Is”.

In the words of Karen Armstrong, “when we are talking about God, nobody has the last word because what we call God lies beyond the reach of speech”


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