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On the Odu Ofun Meji

Updated on July 6, 2011

Email from T; 07-05-2011 10:50 PM:

I got a reading done and the odu ofun meji showed. I'm meant to be pregnant but all tests negative, I'm waiting for a blood test.

I recently had a very troublesome breakup with a romantic partner due to stupid reasons and was very depressed. I resorted to IFA as a way to look for the best solution. I'm a muslim myself and we believe in sacrifices so it seemed like the right way to go.

Any other interpretations of such an odu ?

Any help will be great. I mean I have already spent a lot on the reading and the sacrifice so I'm just looking for some guidance and interpretation from some one who knows and willing to help. Of course there was a lot more to the reading but I'm guessing this is the fundamental part. I do not mean to waste your time however any insight would be great.

P.S the Bablawo also sacrificed to esu, Osun and yomaja on my behalf - how can these Orishas help ? What are there jobs ?

Many thanks and look forward to hearing a response.

Response for T; 07-06-2011 07:45 AM..

Esu or Eshu, is the divinity of satisfying all arbitrary forces. Osun or Oshun, is the divinity of safeguarding the female ovaries or uterus. Followed by Yemaya which is the representation of motherhood, and guardian of the female breast. In that you are to be or become pregnant, these would be good divinities or forces to satisfy and work with, in order for all to go well during your process.

The Oracle of Ofun Meji is one of the most profound oracles of Ifa. It symbolizes the transition of the human from life into death. This is the Odu the represents perfection and balance. It is where the binary system of Ifa came into the world by way of Orunmila for our salvation. It symbolizes Igba Odu, the female entity which births the oracles of Ifa on earth when we call upon the manifestation of the spirituality of these oracles. It is the power of spirituality itself.

Ofun meji is an odu which means, if we are possible then everything is possible. Yet, we need to also understand our limitations as humans. We desire everything, we are egotistical, and never content. The more we have the more we want. Hence, Ofun Meji rose to be the most powerful of oracles within the hierarchy of Odus only to be left alone, because the other forces could not stand his arrogance anymore. So, Ofun meji had to become humble. It is the oracle of rising to become powerful, yet to always know where you come from. This is the oracle of protection or where man learned the art of war, combat, and martial arts. It is an oracle of bringing balance and justice.

The ebo or sacrifices that you did, should bring justice where there has been in injustice against you. Enemies which you might have should be overcome. Business situations should become well. But most of all, family situations should stabilize. Whom is on your side will be, and whom is not won't be. Ofun Meji states that you came into this world to become great. There is greatness in you. It is an Oracle of healing or becoming a Doctor. But, just like a doctor we have to deal with saving lives as well as accepting the deaths of others. It is where we as humans know for a fact that all things have and ending. Yet, all endings are a new beginning.

I hope this gave you some insights as to the Oracle of Ifa Ofun Meji... These are my interpretation of the Oracle based on my years of work and understanding... Peace be with you always.. and God bless you and family as well..


Re: From T:

I can't thank you enough on the helpful insight you have provided me. Such detail is exactly what I was looking for. Just one last question, does IFA advice what Orishas to sacrifice to or do the Bablawo chose ?

I am extremely thankful for your time and prompt response.

Thanks a lot. T.

Re: From Me:
Ifa advices by way of the reading which Orisha needs to be satisfied..

Your humble servant... Sixto

I asked permission to make this response a hubpage article; as a glimpse into what Ifa is all about..i.e... the spiritual support of those in need....


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