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Once Again The Muslim Masses Are Sonic-boom Quiet

Updated on November 2, 2011

Once Again The Muslim Masses Are Sonic-boom Quiet

There comes a time, even if one has the faith and patience of the Biblical Job, when one has to give up on certain endeavors. Many of us have been waiting for some time now for our Muslim brothers and sisters to vocally and forcefully call out those, who they say, are perverting many a tenet of their religion. In that vein, last week, a crazed preacher down in Florida burned the Koran… an act that many Christians, the generals in Afghanistan, and our President condemned. But this burning resulted in wanton killings of innocents in Afghanistan and justification by many of the Muslims masses, not by vocal, or moreover expressed assent, but by tacit approval. I understand that if most Muslims were to go out in Afghanistan and condemned what took place – that they, more than likely, would have been killed too. But what of those Muslims who reside here in the still relative safety of America and has the protection of our First Amendment? You know those who came out in droves to recently criticize Representative Peter King because he held hearings on the Islamo Fascists...

The legitimate outcries one hears when Muslims are unfairly offended here and abroad are always pronounced, as they should be - but not when Muslims engaged in acts that are contrary to supposedly the tenets of a religion of peace, the world is mostly taciturn. Of course, we had the media down playing the killings and seeking justification for such bloodletting. On MSNBC, one Muslim expert, being interviewed by Chuck Todd, actually rationalized the killings by positing that because the Koran was the actual words of God, unlike those found in the Bible, burning the Koran warranted the killings of the innocents. Instead of Mr. Todd telling the scholar that no religious book should condone the killing of innocents, he gave his assent by nodding his biased, craven head to the nonsense that the Koran contained the words of God more than that of the Bible. Whether you are religious or not, it was quite a spectacle to behold. Now imagine, someone saying that the Bible has therein the actual words of God, like I personally believe - but going farther by justifying killing of innocents because of an Atheist’ ‘dissing’ of the scriptures….

Let me address this last paragraph to the Traditional Christians – you know where this way of thinking discussed above is heading… whereby they castigate T-Christians when other faiths, like that of the Muslim,’ which have a semblance of our teachings, but said teachings are perverted in practice, and are excused by the same critical media. It is true that I have tried my best to avoid seeing the movie, “Brokeback Mountain,” no matter how much my little sister tells me how good it is; nor do I no longer watch the show, Glee, after noticing that on a weekly basis that they try to promote a lifestyle that which is unnatural and an affront to my beliefs. By the way, I dare anyone, Liberal or in the media, to visit anyone of those Muslim countries and show Glee or Brokeback Mountain. Now, I may abstain or run away from certain acts, but many of our Muslim brothers and sisters condone the killings of those who engage in those same acts, yet the media is quiet. There is no rationale allowed by the media or the world, or those of us who have a Traditional take on the Bible... or those of us who would walk away were our Bibles to be burned.


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