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One Love: Be Still and Know that I Am that I Am; Part 2

Updated on January 9, 2014

Images of I AM

Burning Bush as a Metaphor for the Tree of Life
Burning Bush as a Metaphor for the Tree of Life
Christ as the Word:  I AM
Christ as the Word: I AM
I AM as Multidimensionality
I AM as Multidimensionality

אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה [I AM that I AM]

I have been enthralled with aspects of Judaica since I was a young girl-- I am not sure what age exactly. I have, in my heart, considered Jewish people magical most of my life. Why? Because as a young Lutheran girl, I learned that the Jewish people were God's chosen people. This felt huge to me. The "magic" thought was reinforced by my mom telling me stories of how my father's colleagues and their families lavished me with blessings and gifts before I was born. Those collleagues were Jewish.

As I aged, I centered my spiritual focus on the two Biblical testaments (covenants). I learned the depth of Judaica. Then I began focusing on stories of the Holocaust in WWII. Eventually, I would end up going to University of Florida---land of the gorgeous Jewish boys that I incidentallly always seemed to date.

Recently, I worked for a wealthy Jewish woman who used to put her "Game on! Game playing face on" before going to synagogue. Wow! Startling to me this magic-minded adult girl.

And even more recently, I began having encounters with the study of reincarnation, the study of psychic development and endeavors in actual experiences with people I spent other incarnations with [some call this past life development but the term doesn't take in the account that there is no time-space, time-space is a man made construct to deal with eternity]. Lo and behold, I have discovered at least two lives where I was Jewish.

In addition to my special inner ties with Judaica , when I had left my conservative Christian background as a Lutheran and other random mainline denominations, I joined a charismatic, evagelical Presbyterian church. As a charismatic, I got chastised for responding with a blase "I AM" when people asked me how I was doing. I did derive the statement from the Scripture. It just FELT right to me. My Christian friends would freak out saying only God is I AM. But I held to my practice regardless of my friends' perspectives. Imagine the shock when I discovered there was a whole "I AM" practicing community outside the Christian faith.

Suddenly, the Bible's "I AM that I AM" took on a whole new meaning and it was far more spiritual than that of my previous religious/spiritual paradigms.

Vocabularies for "God"

When I encountered the I AM bigger context "reality," I still only knew my Judeo-Christian terminology for the Creator of all things and all people. Eventually, I would transition a bit and learn the term Source. Now I embrace my definition of the all-inclusive, all-intelligent, all-powerful, all-present, all-loving Being called One Love.

I am not a universalist as much as I am syncretic. I blend philosophies, belief systems and practices to suit my personal, spiritual desires and needs. I accept all people and their paths as long as they do not harm others. The tricky part to that is my rebellion from my Christian traditions. From my perspective, Christianity is exclusive by definition of the practice and thus its very practices can and often do harm others.

I did think I had found a local Episcopalian community that was a little less exclusive; nevertheless, I was incorrect.

It is the creeds, the stipulations, the mandatory/essential beliefs, etc. that cause the Christian problem of exclusion.

Judgment within this paradigm often serves to separate out and even lash out at other people, other cultures, other religious practices/beliefs, and other lifestyles. Christian Scripture has been the foundation of many wars and/or historical atrocities. It supports fear-based beliefs. It contradicts itself regularly by failing to recognize the biggest truth of the Christ: Love. And often, individual churches recognize their own failings in terms of being loving but they continue to frustrate and confuse themselves with Old Testament legalism in the face of the New Testament that clearly defines Jesus as the fulfillment of the Law and the physical embodiment of God who was, also, the physical embodiment of Love.

Clearly heaven and hell (sometimes purgatory) are a part of Christianity on some level---whether concretely, dogmatically or etherically. It is the conundrum that Jesus died on a cross, resurrected and ascended into heaven combined with God's Spirit left to the whole earth on Pentecost, the fallible Scriptures that are declared to be God-breathed despite many political cannonizations and man-made translations/interpretations; as well as, the end of the world, Bible book of Holy Apocalypse and Judgment Day-thing that sews up the exclusive packaging for almost all Christians.

I AM no longer there with those Christian beliefs and practices; but, I once was and I know it from the inside out and from many churches and denominations over.

There was a missionary once named Gladys Aylward. She was portrayed in a movie by Ingrid Bergman called The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. Gladys transformed the Chinese community she went to serve. She did it through love not dogma. To me, she is the Christian ideal that I seek to find in others called Christians. She embraced China and its mores completely. She took Chinese citizenship forsaking her British citizenship. She fell in love with a biracial, Communist Chinese/European military officer. She led over 100 children over the Japanese war torn mountains of China to get them to a safe habitat. She embodied Christianity with her life. She required NOTHING of the Chinese people. She merely loved in the name of Jesus Christ. She shared Bible stories. She expected nothing in return. She accepted people---whomever they were---as they were. She met people where they were at...just like Jesus.

I chose to disband from the name Christian because of how it is perceived by the world at large as well as the world at small! The One Love title was a progression that now fits me like a glove. I am hard on Christianity and Christians that harm others through their egoic, exclusive perspectives and actions. I am hard because I was one of those very people that harmed others through my own beliefs and practices as a Christian; and, despite forgiving myself along the way, I always carry the memory of the shame of "the harming" with me as a metaphorical stone I shall never want to forget. I never want to do it again.

I find it treacherous to take this position because I can potentially harm Christians by simply and emphatically standing my ground about their beliefs and practices. My hope is to disband from my hardline in order to soften into love. It is trying because Christianity's potential atrocities can be grave. For instance, their God-infused hate positions toward sin and what they consider sin.

When a pregnant young girl is harassed about abortion, that is an atrocity in my eyes. When a gay person is told their sexual tendencies and preferences are sin, that is an atrocity in my eyes.

The Christ NEVER ever did this to anyone. The Christ became "sin" to spare humanity of its perpetual shortcomings and ultimately physical death. Due to its lust for life and death and all that that entailed, the consciousness of humanity during that period in history required great expansion and spiritual development. I call this the dawning of Christ Consciousness, a New Age term I found equal to the task of what God needed to do to help humanity remember that it had individuated from its true Source---not its geneology, or any other physical source. I term the process and product of Individuation the great Illusion called Maya (which I believe originates with the Buddhists).

I still believe Jehovah Jireh, King of kings, Prince of Peace, Wonderful, Counselor, etc. also still suffice for the physical embodiment of perfect, unconditional Love called Jesus Christ. But, I further believe the Source of all Life incorporates everything. This includes us as people as well as the aspects of Divinity and deity that have served to sustain and educate all peoples and all cultures of the world.

I am reminded that the indigenous peoples of the world know a very natural form of the Divine in multiple aspects. I know having developed psychically over the past 12 years that the hierarchies of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soulful realms are vast and widely varied. I, also, know having taught Christian Protestant doctrine to sophomores in a Hong Kong International Christian School, that their are special revelations of God that come from awe-inspiring interactions with nature.

But more than that, I am aware that there are universal principles regarding spirituality and practice in all religions and belief systems---even down to Atheistic practices of the sciences.

The terminologies of Source are infinite indeed.

I AM as many things and many concepts and many Ways

As above, so below.
As above, so below.
I AM...
I AM...

Be still and KNOW...

God/Source/I AM is not the mystery that humanity believes Him/Her/It to Be. I believe the shroud of perpetual darkness that preceeded the life of Christ and all Source's aspects of Light and Life was insurmountable to mankind. It was a time that the great Illusion reigned supreme. But those days are over. Certainly, the Illusion persists but methods to dispel the Illusion also exist.

Transcendental Meditation is one such method. But meditation takes many other formats. The Bible speaks of prayer, supplication and meditation. Various non-Christian belief systems connect with the Divine in real (tangible and intangible ways). The Spirit of God was sent to the whole earth on the day termed Pentecost. Moreover, the Eastern half of the planet was versing itself in yoga and Tantra which showed kundalini at the base of the spine---interlocked with the Rainbow Bridge (the seven main chakras) connecting the bodymind with spirit and life force and soul via energy. The chakras are energy wheels interlocked with the glandular system of the body. Science discovered that matter is, in fact, just condensed energy and it can never be destroyed. That means humanity is energy and it can never be destroyed but it merely transforms.

Reincarnation is the result of such energy. Can heaven and reincarnation co-exist? Read my Hub about that subject as I don't have the range to talk about that in the scope of this Hub. But, yes, I believe so.

Quantum physics erradicates many detailed philosophies. I reach my very personal Divinity as One Love by entering into a stillpoint through meditation and/or holistic healing modalities.

"Hearing the messages of Higher Power means in some way lifting ourselves into the 'real reality,' the vibration at the top of our breathing and between each beating of our hearts — the place where our guidance resides: the Stillpoint."

This is what my former religion calls the space of, "Be Still and KNOW that I AM God." It is here/there in the most quiet stillness that Source speaks fluidly, resonantly and with great assuredness. There is no mystery only plain and simple communication.

The Dalai Lamma has stated with conviction that if every 8 year old in the world would learn meditation, violence and world chaos would cease. This is because the stillpoint silences the egoic mind and lets in One Love: Pure, unconditional Love the Being. The Maya (great Illusion) fades in the practice of One Love. Stillness is imperative for One Love to live within our current constructs. One day this shall no longer be so.

Christians call this the Revelation and they equate it to a Judgment Day where the Christ who said, "Forgive them God for they know not what they do," will return to judge the living and the dead. But in truth, Source's perfect, unconditional love is unceasing and It alone is perfect justice for a world full of fallible human beings.

I honor the Christ, the Christ Consciousness which reaches to us all where we are at and leaves no child (man, woman, boy, girl or infant) behind. It is clear that Christ is the embodiment of Source and Love.

One Love is the true Body of Christ which encompasses everyone regardless of their failings, their beliefs, their lovelessness, their practices or anything else. One Love is who we also are. One with Our Infinite Source forevermore. No Illusion can bypass our place in/with our Source. Stillness consecrates us as this place of everlasting peace.

No one and no thing will ever truly be separate from that which made us and sustains us in wonder and glory and power.

Be still and know:

Be still Scripture
Be still Scripture
In the hands of our Source
In the hands of our Source
What I AM means in our language usage
What I AM means in our language usage
I stillpoint.
I stillpoint.

Chakra and Kundalini Meditation


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