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One Love: How Even Religions are Just Part of the Individuation Illusion; Part 1

Updated on January 11, 2014

Love IS Infinite...

Expanding into Love forever
Expanding into Love forever
Energy and the Human Being
Energy and the Human Being
Multidimensional nature of life...the grids...the structures
Multidimensional nature of life...the grids...the structures

Things are hardly as they seem.

Quantum physics expands the concept of life exponentially. It is hard to believe, but even the world religions are a part of the great Illusion. Source/God is 100% Love. Love is inclusive rather than exclusive. Every religion on the planet has some degree of exclusivity...some are worse than others.

When I was a Christian I did missionary work overseas. I felt the constant pressure of the breath of hell---not for me but for others. Before I left for Hong Kong, I read a book by another missionary called Eternity in Their Hearts. One of its premises was that all cultures throughout the world share universal concepts and principles. For example, dragons show up all over the globe. Did they not exist?

My premise for this Hub is that everything on the earth plane is subject to the Illusion of perception. Google defines perception as, "the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses." The bigger picture, though, is that life is huge and human beings (and probably all of life) have more than five sensors. Taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound tell us a lot about our personal and collective universes. But there are many levels of existence beyond what those five senses can take in. The multidimensionality of life is uncanny!

One Truth, Many Paths

How Deep Does the Illusion Go?

The Illusion is as deep as you as an individual need it to be...for your individuation process. Enlightenment can be gentle if we reach the higher planes of existence...the closer we get to the Light. The Light that IS Pure, Unconditional Love. But more often than not, on the earth plane, enlightenment is difficult, even painful and full of suffering. It is all part of remembering who we have always been: love and nothing else.

Do you feel love ALWAYS? If you do not, you are part of the process of individuationl. It is that simple. However, I wish I could say it was that easy.

Now in theory, we could RIGHT NOW flip the switch and experience permanent love bliss. If you can manage it, do it! I am not going to refute the possibility.

But for the rest of us, lets get down to the brass tacks. Let's purge ourself of the Great Illusion. As a former Christian, let me address the final book of the sacred Bible: Revelation. Hmmmmmmmmmm...interesting concept: The Revelation from the Great Illusion! Nevertheless, the religion Christianity still subscribes to antiquated information that I believe skews its perspective. Would you try to send John the Baptist of Antiquity to the moon? Would he realize what the moon even was? I mean beyond the vision of beauty in the night sky???

I hope you said a mental, "No." If you didn't, you might be ready (and I am not saying you are or you aren't) to try to flip that metaphorical Love Bliss switch. Don't underestimate your power to self-actualize.

Pictoral Illusions

Illusion 1
Illusion 1
Illusion 2
Illusion 2
Illusion 3
Illusion 3

The Brass Tacks

  • Individuation from what? Our Source, the point of our origin.
  • Actualization is what? The achievement of total enlightenment.
  • The earth plane is what? A plane of existence where souls incarnate to experience, learn, and sense life.
  • Are there other planes? Absolutely.
  • Does everyone on the earth plane experience all or some of the other planes? Not necessarily because life is infinite.
  • Is Source God? From my perception (my vantage point, my sensory awareness), YES. This may not be the case for you. We are that individuated.
  • So earth's religions and paradigms are part of the Illusion? Absolutely.
  • Could they all end tomorrow? It depends. On what? Most likely the collective individuation process but I could conceive of it happening through singular individuation.
  • Collective individuation? Isn't that an oxymoron? Yes, but oxymorons exist. That is why the word exists.
  • Will we all know infinite love at some point? Yes, Love is our Source.
  • Is infinity linear in nature? Somewhat but not totally. In fact, I would say mostly no.
  • What is multidimensionality? The dance of eternity. The Love of the Divine.

Why is the Illusion So Persistent?

To trivialize things, because we collectively want it that way. To be anaytical and philosophical, because we need it that way---to individuate from Source effectively.

Some souls are eager to individuate, some are more timid. I guess from my incarnation this lifetime, that I am a spiritual and energetic carnivore. Things have often been tough---extremely so. I have a chronic disorder that has plagued me in one way or another for most of my physical life. When the body is sick, when it leaks and energy is unbalanced, suffering can often be the result. I have to say I have suffered a lot as Joan Elizabeth. But, I usually, and I emphasize usually, like the earth plane. I like the five senses. Beyond that, I have always sought the other senses diligently.

For 12 years I have studied energy and psychic development (oh btw...we are all psychic beings). For 7-9 years I have been learning energy healing work. So the earth plane is a place of wonder. I am an artist, a writer and an educator by training. I am a manager by former trade and due to my physical, mental and emotional circumstances. I have a lot of gifts and I work to learn how to superbly use all of them.

I like the planet which is one part of the earth plane, if you categorize and divide things up to understand them. I am beginning to learn how not to do that. The mind is powerful and it can own you if you are unaware; or, further, if you let it. I am learning how to quiet the mind and enter the space that I know and call, "Be Still and Know that I AM God." From where I sit, that is the power! It is the space where I remerge with Source and all that IS. The Illusion fades in this space and I love that!!! I love it because I know One Love there and I feel One Love with multiple senses of mine.

What all is ALL that IS?

  • Love
  • All the religions
  • Every spiritual expression, outlet or practice
  • Everyone
  • spiritual hierarchies
  • spiritual guides
  • sacred texts
  • physical stratosphere
  • mental stratosphere
  • emotional stratosphere
  • spiritual stratosphere
  • the soul
  • the Oversoul
  • beauty
  • anthithesis of all these things
  • and on, and on [infinity]

There is nothing that is not included. Everything. Absolutely everything and nothing.

The Individuation Process Comes in Many, Many Costumes

Religious Halloween Costume
Religious Halloween Costume
Dress through the Ages
Dress through the Ages
A Costume on a Costume
A Costume on a Costume

Why Is Individuation Necessary?

From my perspective, it is because Source longs to spend time with Its equal. For an eternal entity many equals are necessary to satiate the Love that Source feels inside Itself. Every part of living is one aspect of God loving another part of God. This is love on all levels. Nothing resides outside Source's experience.

It sounds unimaginable to the multitudes because most people utilize their finite mind and body to relate to God and ALL that IS. But there is infinitely more.

Innocence is wonderful as a fully imaginative, energetic human child. Innocence as an adult can be treacherous (though it does not always have to).

Source is the Lover of our Soul, literally and figuratively.

Lover of Life

Ancient Lovers Believed
Ancient Lovers Believed
Lover of a soul
Lover of a soul
Love as light
Love as light

© 2014 Joan Elizabeth


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    • JoanEB1970 profile image

      Joan Elizabeth 4 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA

      Thanks for the beautiful thought!

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 4 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      I very much enjoyed reading your hub;Not because I agree but because I could feel your passion for becoming perfect love.When people enter into the struggle we call life and dedicate themselves to achieving the singularity of love,the rest of us should embrace that beautiful dance and do our best to support I support yours.peace