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One Magical Moment in Time

Updated on July 5, 2013
A penguin at Boulders
A penguin at Boulders | Source

Living in the Now

I was blessed to witness a magical moment with a penguin at Seaforth Beach Simon's Town, Cape Town, the beach next to Boulders Beach where the penguins live.

I was very aware of a duck I had walked pass, the fresh air, it is winter here, as I went to stand near the balustrade overlooking the sea. I witnessed a penguin coming out of the sea, he hesitated at first when he seen me. He must have taken stock of me seen oh she is okay, he shook himself, waddled over some small rocks that were on the same level as the sand, shook himself again in absolute enjoyment, so in the "moment". The penguin then waddled to the steps that lead up to a pathway about 5 of them in total, he hopped onto the first step, the second step, he stopped a minute, yes and shook himself the wings and all in pure enjoyment, like he was so refreshed from his wonderful bath in the ocean. He carried on hopping up the steps, followed the same routine on the top, the landing of the pathway, stood in absolute bliss, emanating from him, the joy. The penguin then waddled off around the corner, possibly to Boulders or his nest around the corner somewhere.

Beautiful to see, a joy to behold. I was blessed to be in moment as well, my awareness was totally there in the NOW. Love and Gratitude to penguin and creation.

Talk about being in the moment.....

We can learn so much from animals, of learning to live in the NOW.

Penguins at Boulders Beach

Another magical moment

I had another magical moment, then it has continued we have 3 squirrels coming to our house, one has a healthy fluffy tail, I call him Fluffy. We also have one that appears to be blind, uses his smelling senses, then one that's fluffy tail has been chopped in half, he also has one eye blinded, but still very cute. He hangs over the wall waiting when his stash of my Senegal Parrots nuts are finished behind the plant pot. Fluffy actually comes to the backdoor, pops his head around the corner.

Squirrel eating

Fluffy Squirrel with 2 monkey nuts


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    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 4 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Thank You @rajah jolly I do try and be in the "now" trying to stop before doing anything, before I get out of the car, I sit a moment and listen to my breathe, or when I get in the car I wait a moment. You see so much more when you are in the moment, all of life going on.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      It must have been awesome to see the penguin behave so naturally and enjoy the 'now' moment. We need to emulate some of that.

    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Thank You Sueswan, all animals are sensitive, wish us humans were more like that.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      Hi roc6

      What a magical experience that must have been. I love penguins but have never seen them in their natural habitat. Like dogs, penguins must be a good judge of character.

      Voted up and away

      Have a good day. :)