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One On One With Oprah Part 2

Updated on February 16, 2010

The Main Elements Of This Revelation

The main elements of this revelation will be addressing two statements from the previous article titled: " A One On One With Oprah" I'm addressing these two elements because I believe in them both being what God intends for mankind: (1) to be SAVED to go heaven, (2) to be SAVED from the curse and Satan's attacks.

(1)The Apostles lets us know that there is no other name given under heaven whereby we must be saved but by the name of Jesus. That's in Acts 4th chapter. The teachings of Jesus let us know that all power was given unto him by God. And anything we ask God the Father for in Jesus name will be given to us. Another passage Jesus says, "no man comes to the Father but by me." "And if you come any other way; the same is a thief and a robber." Jesus also taught a parable (story) about a man going into the wedding without his proper garments on and when it was discovered he was cast out into outer darkness. Ms. Winfrey, I believe the passage of scripture in the book of Acts 4:12 reading, Neither is there salvation in any other. means no one or nothing can save us; for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved! means that we have to accept Jesus and use His Name as Lord and savior for His dying on the cross for all sins. Without doing so there's no way we could go to heaven to be with the Lord; abiding there forever after the judgement of God has taken place.

Again, this is about salvation in going to heaven. Likewise is it true with the scripture St. John 10:1 letting us know that if you don't come by the door and come in some other way the same is a theif and a robber. It's talking about salvation to go to heaven. And the door is Jesus. Read in same chapter verses 6 and 7. They didn't understand what He meant and so He told them that He was the door for the sheep. The story was about the sheppard and sheep; goats not included. This story is about going to heaven. And then in Matthew it gave a parable (story) about going to heaven through being called to a wedding and being properly dressed with the right garments on. Some events calls for formal wear and if you show up without it they won't let you in or if somehow you got pass the door keeper and was found out; you got put out. Read Mathew 22:11-14.

And then Jesus, after He rose from the dead said in the Book of Mathew 28:18 And Jesus said unto them; all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. So that includes the universe and heavens and the earth; from earth to heaven, from heaven to earth Jesus has power over it. Therefore, whatever we get comes from God through Jesus. And there are portals or openings or ways that it travels through to us.This is leading me to where I said:

(2) Ms. Winfrey, I now have to say that you are right about the things I heard you say. Because there are 2 ways to be saved. Save to go to heaven and saved on the earth from the attacks of the Devils and from the curses of sin. This is Part 2. The first part talked about being Saved to go to heaven, now we're talking about being saved from curses and attacks of Satan. This is revelation knowledge.

When you come to God and say I accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life; you could accept Jesus as Lord and not be accepting Him as savior and vise versa. Some people may not say Jesus and just acknowledge God, or God of the universe.Though we hear the words together Lord and Savior and say yes, we don't alway live, or walk the walk together. We can know Jesus as Lord by using His name and believing in it with all our heart and will see results. A way to God. I could never explain fully why God does what He does. A passage of scripture comes to mind that says, "as high is the heavens from the earth is your ways from my ways; your thoughts from my thoughts." That's the verse I meditate on when I don't understand some acts that seems to goes against my understanding of God. Another passage says, "His ways are pass finding out." He just blows my mind from time to time!

Some people go to God for healing, some for money, fame, some have the theology, some have giftings. It all comes from God but the Devil do imitates and give things also. From God, it comes to us by way of confessions and believing. God never took back from the ablities, giftings and all the laws of God about who man is; it remains the same from creation. Can man use them without acknowledging God as Lord and Savior, Yes! and it's done every day. The intellegence, knowledge, wisdom giftings, everything comes from God. He set before us blessings and curses; life and death and told us to choose life. He didn't say He would kill us or stop us from anything, if we didn't choose Him or life.

Free will is at work and it will lead us to life or death. So when I believe and speak (confess) it happens. It's what I was created to do. God never changed the principles or laws about who man is or what man can do. (ways to God) Saved or sinner. He didn't stop the world from evolving, growing or prospering. He set up laws and statutes, and commandments and free will. If we would search Him out, we'll see different aspects of His character and His will for mankind being demonstrate to us and through us Save or sinner. But this aspect I'm talking about now is of being saved from the curse and Satan's attacts; not to go to heaven. So you get fame, and not go to heaven; have millions of dollars. You can get healed and not go to heaven etc... Words have power whether you know it or not. It's God's law at work about what man is to do. Rule and reign on the earth. In this aspect there are many ways to God. But what about the way to eternal life? That's most important to me.

I see that the Devil is doing all He can to deceive mankind. Let them have part of the truth but not all. If they have all of it, I'll go to hell with just the other fallen angels. the Devil doesn't want mankind to realize the power we really possess on this earth. He doesn't want them to know that fame and fortune, perfect health, love, peace, joy, and happiness belongs to them; God gave it all back when Jesus died and rose again. Just as Jesus knew it before He went to the cross while the Devil was tempting Him. The Devil was trying to get Jesus to break His alligence with God and team up with Him. Jesus knew if He stayed with God and waited on God, it would all belong to Him. And more power than the Devil was offering. He died and rose again. All power was given to Him in heaven and in earth. Good God almighty! The devil couldn't match that! And it's the same for us. We just don't get it! But it's all written in the Bible. Every Word is true.

We have to read and study, pray and fast and fellowship and get revelation from God to put it all together. It's like some have part of it (new age) and christianity and other religions have part of it. But a small number have the whole. I won't go into all the differences within the doctines which cause people to stray away from God in search of truth. Truth really is in Jesus Christ for each and every human being for their individual lives. If we put all these piece together we could have a whole. We could be healed, the whole world, (Michael Jackson knew that!) just the way God intend for us to be; before sin came in the world. He's gave it back to us but our minds struggles to comprehend it enough for us to act it all out in our lives today. Our minds have been trained to believe we have to work, get ahead the best way we can; some honest doings and some no so honest. What and who trained our minds, the worldly systems; was it parents, friends, teacher, coaches, that doesn't know God's will? And its hard to let go of our worldly system of beliefs. The bible tells us to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Many are called but few are chosen.

Thank you for letting me share the treasurers of my heart with you Ms. Winfrey. All I've said in true value is worth billion, trillion, zillion dollars and eternity. Jesus said in St John 8:51, "Verily, verily I say unto you, if any man keep my sayings, he shall never see death."

I do give advice to my family and friends and others from time to time on life issues and spiritual matters. I'm even thinking of going into business with it. So by all means, ask my advice about a matter and judge how good it is. Without asking, my advice to you Ms. Winfrey is for you to hold on to the belief systems you have in place on how to be saved on earth; only add Jesus and His redemptive work at the cross. Accept Christ as Lord and Savior, repent of your sins, get water baptized and ask him to come in dwell in you, meaning fill you with the Holy Ghost, and follow Him and His teachings. That's heavenly! That's the missing part. An encounter with Jesus (smiling). Be Blessed!


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    • Jisblessed profile image

      Jisblessed 8 years ago

      Thank you AngelD47 keep checking me out; you're sure to be blessed! Read with opened heart, ok!

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      AngleD47 8 years ago from Sunshine n Blue skys

      Hmmmmm that's pretty cool