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One True Eternal Endless Love

Updated on December 18, 2011

Jesus Will Never Leave You

Did you ever have someone; someone in your life that promised never would you part?

Did they say they would be forever by your side?

You gave them all of your heart but yet it wasn't good enough.

Good enough to make them stay when they decided to suddenly go away.

They promised forever by your side they'd be only for forever to never come.

The loved they promised to you wasn't as unconditional as you believed.

But somehow though your heart was broke you knew that you had to take that chance again.

The chance to give your heart away afraid once again the love wouldn't stay.

Be brave & give it away again, don't be afraid to give your heart to Jesus.

Don't let the losses in life keep you from finding the love of your life in Christ.

Remember it was He that died for our eternity.

You have to know that sometimes when we loose we win.

In this life sometimes you have to mourn to have your soul reborn.

You might think what you left behind was the end of the line only to find it was a start to a new beginning.

Whenever the old was taken away all you could see were the windows closing when in truth it was just a beginning to a brandnew you.

You found out you had a strength you never knew & the courage to see it all thru.

Thru it all you'll find your faith will grow.

You'll become the tree, the tree that is planted in fertile soil.

You will not break, you will not bend, and you will not wither in fact you will flourish.

No you will grow so much in His love thru faith as you see His will for your life.

Yes you can find newlove today all you have to do is pray.

Pray without ceasing & then you will findthat the one true eternal endless love you were seeking was always right in front of you in the safety of Jesus' arms.

You will find the peace of God that you have longed for.

His peace will supply you with all you ever need to succeed.

You'll be able to do all things thru Christ who will strengthen you.

With Him as your onetrue love you will see all the blessings & love God has already sent to you from up above.

You'll see that you have hope in the future knowing He will never leave or forsake you, as He is our one true eternal endless love.

And all we have to do is release control; cry out to Him & He'll be there to pick up the pieces.

He'll save us so we'll never be alone again on earth or for eternity.

Yes you can find new love today all you have to do is pray.

Your one true eternal endless love is waiting just give Him a chance, all you have to do is pray.

BTW, it's always been said by mothers every where that when you are least looking for love it will find you. But our bibles is tells us to put Him first and everything else will fall into place. I think they are both right and that whenever you least expect it somehow, some way love will find you.


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