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One Year Weekly Meditations

Updated on October 15, 2013

Weekly Meditations

October 15, 2013

One Year Weekly Meditations

A year had passed since I started to write weekly meditations and in that span of time, a lot of stuffs had come and go. I made it a point to write every week about the word of God and it was definitely an uneasy road. In a regular basis, I wonder about what to write as there are so many things one can read about in the bible. There are indeed countless topics to study about. There are more than a thousand pages consisting of stories, commandments, parables, teachings and so much more that learning them will require a great deal of time. It was a journey I had decided to take and along the way, I had my fair share of trials.

A year of writing every week was what I intended to do. I strive to make articles in a consistent basis. I would think about on what will be a nice verse to emphasize on for the week to come. To give a more broad meaning has been my goal. To be able to see it in a much wider sense has been the purpose and in doing so, I had gained experiences I will be bringing with me for the road ahead. There are often changes along the way as the Lord would speak. There were times when I will be writing three or four hours before the day ends. Only a number of hours before the clock hits tomorrow was what I sometimes faced. It was a scenario I had come to be inclined with. Monday night would sometimes be the time I would be hitting my keypads. I made it an effort to publish the article intended for the week before the due time sets though there are times when I hadn't fulfill it so especially in recent months.

Being part of our college paper, I'm quite expose to writing. I guess it can be said that it is a talent of mine I had come to nurture with. It has proven to be a significant way of putting my thoughts into paper. It has been a form of expression for me being able to bring into open what I had inside me. It became a habit that writing nice articles has been such of the outcomes. My speaking has become adequate and relating myself well into others by my communications skills was something that does not concern me much though in terms of grammar, there may be some slight corrections but things are considerable as they are often unnoticeable.

As what I can see, there are no shortcuts to writing. The early moments of writing an article may prove to be difficult. You may have a bunch of stuffs going on but you got to consider some things along the way as well. Putting those thoughts into paper may require some practice which includes me nonetheless. Even though I have read a lot of different books, I still can’t help but to be concerned of whether I would be able to make a good piece of material to read on. Indeed, it is a task for someone who wants to get his writing skills furnish to be familiarized by the many different words. How to use a meaning of a term and to relate it well to a similar matter will soon be a handy skill to use in the long run and of course, time is never out of the scene. It takes practice apparently mixed with the attitude to do so but once done, it became a fulfillment and a relief as well knowing you are able to do such work.

Having read the bible for quite a number of times, I admit I have my lapses but, then again, who doesn't? Though I never made it something to boast about, having to read both the old and new testaments is a fulfillment anyone can appreciate. It’s a personal experience worthy to undertake and many were the times when I want to put it off for the time being of having spent many hours to it but then again, I kept going for another. When I had gotten to half of it more than five hundred pages, It was just a matter of weeks before I finish it all the way through. I just hope in some way or another that my writings can be helpful.

Apparently, reading books is a hobby of mine until now which comes as no secret. I am pond of taking a good book in my hand and looking up what lies within its pages which reminds me of a good quote by Henry David Thoreau. I agree well as he says, “Read the best books first or you may not have a chance to read them at all.” Such a message is clear like those of a transparent glass. It is a goal of mine wishing I will be able to harness my talent all the more as they may definitely prove useful.

In our daily walk, we simply have to be faithful for what lies ahead. Though it may not be clear now what tomorrow will be, surely, with the Lord, the best is yet to come. God Bless You…


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