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One of my articles appears to be missing.

Updated on September 13, 2012

I wrote an article a few months ago on the subject of democratic religion,and I discovered that the article seems to have been deleted. First of all, let me explain what the term 'democratic religion' means. The idea of a democratic religion was created by me, and it's actually a religious reform. I believe that churches today are run like dictatorships, and therefore, they cannot provide true religious freedom. Indeed, they cannot provide any meaningful religious experiences to their members. I proposed that one way to establish a reform of religion would be to introduce an element of democracy into the church, essentially, to create a democratic church.

In a democratic church, the members of the church would regularly vote in church elections. They would vote to choose their minister. They would also vote to decide issues of church doctrine, for example, if the issue of abortion was raised, the minister could ask, 'is abortion a sin?', and the church members would vote on it. If the majority voted that yes, abortion was a sin, then the policy of the church would become officially anti-abortion. Suppose the issue of homosexuality was raised. The minister could ask, 'is it a sin to be homosexual?', and the church members would vote on it. If the majority of church members voted that it was a sin, then the church doctrine would officially say that homosexuality was sinful. There's no way for me to predict how people will vote. The majority might vote no, which means that they've decided that homosexuality is not a sin, and therefore, the democratic church would welcome homosexuals as members. If anyone donated money to the democratic church, the church members would vote to decide how the money should be spent.

So, the concept is simple enough. A democratic church would be controlled by a democratic process. So why would anyone delete an article about a democratic church? It's possible that it was deleted because the article contained the word 'Nazi'. In one part of the article, I said that old-fashioned churches are run like a Nazi dictatorship, the ministers are appointed, not elected, and a democratic church would be better, since the people elect their own ministers in a democratic church. If the person who deleted my article is reading this, I can tell you there is plenty of evidence that connects Christians to the Nazi German movement, in fact, there are thousands of pages of this evidence, on websites, and in books that you could find in the public libraries.

Let's take the Lutheran Church as an example. First of all, the Lutheran Church was the first Protestant church in the world. It was started by a German named Martin Luther more than 400 years ago. Martin Luther was raised as a Catholic, but he disagreed with the Catholic teachings, and basically, he started his own church, which is called the Lutheran Church. All Protestant churches are branches of the Lutheran church. In the year 1543, Martin Luther published a book titled 'On The Jews And Their Lies'. So, there is plenty of historical evidence that Martin Luther was Anti-Semetic.

In the year 1941, Europe was in the grips of world war two. In December, 1941, the Protestant Evangelical Church issued an official statement that said Jews could not be saved through baptism, because of their racial characteristics. The Anti-Semetic philosophy of the Christian church fit in nicely with the Anti-Semetic philosophy of the Nazis. The Nazis worked hand-in-hand with the Christians. Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Germans, often endorsed the Lutheran church. Since the Lutheran church was started by a German, Hitler considered it to be the true German church. Hitler thought that the Lutheran church was the only church that was pure and true, because other churches had been corrupted by Jews.

Hitler was once quoted as saying, "[the Nazi party] regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality'. Hitler hated the Communists in the Soviet Union, because the Communists were officially atheists, and he sent the German army to invade Russia, killing millions of men, women, and children. Is that enough evidence for you? If the person who deleted my article is reading this, I'd like to ask, what do you expect to do? Do you expect to deny the Holocaust, or to deny the fact that world war two actually occurred? The act of deleting my article was an act of religious intolerance. The person who deleted my article was motivated by religious hatred, and bigotry.

The largest Christian church in the world is the Catholic church,millions of people around the world are members of the Catholic church. Did you know that the present leader of the Catholic church was a Nazi soldier during world war two? The leader of the Catholic church is a man known as 'the pope'. His real name is Joseph Ratzinger. Joseph Ratzinger was born in Germany on April 16,1927. In world war two he was an anti-aircraft gunner, helping the Nazis to shoot down British and American planes. This is historical fact, even the official Vatican website, in it's biography of Ratzinger says that he was in an "anti-aircraft corps".

Ratzinger was ordained as a priest on June 29,1951, he became Archbishop of Munich and Freising on March 25,1977, he became Cardinal on June 27,1977,and on April 19,2005 he became pope. So, the leader of the world's largest Christian church was a former Nazi soldier. Do you need any more evidence that that? If the person who deleted my article is reading this, I'd like to ask, how do you justify your position? How do you justify the deletion of a religious article? It's obvious you were motivated by by religious intolerance, and bigotry, and the act of deleting my article was an act of senseless hatred.

Anthony Ratkov, September 14,2012.


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