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Oneness Eby Way

Updated on October 20, 2015

We are One with all Beauty

Peace | Source


by Gary Eby, MSW

My topic for today is "Oneness." This seemed fitting and proper given that Global Oneness Day will be celebrated all over the world on October 22nd through October 25th. As you know by now from maybe reading my articles, you are completely free to reject everything I am about to say about Oneness and spirituality. I value the absolute freedom of choice regarding the discovery of a connection to all that is Good, Beautiful, Positive, and Loving.

Some of you might recall my two previous articles. The first was about the "Meaning of Life." To this end, I shared with you four spiritual principles: faith in the omnipresence of God; direct access to a heavenly state of consciousness; loving our self unconditionally; living one's life without fear. The second focused on a state of "Just Be Happy" by reprogramming our subconscious mind with five positive beliefs: we are one; we are spiritual; feel the presence of Divine Grace; release all negativity; be still. Most importantly the key factor that unites both articles is the concept of Oneness. So what does Oneness really mean?

For me, Oneness is not just an intellectual construct or a warm, positive emotion; it is an experience. I believe Oneness refers to a shift...a click in consciousness or awareness, when we intuitively realize that our physical body is connected to our Divine Self, and this True Self is always linked to the Source of all Love, some call Spirit or God or Higher Power. This means that not only are we One with the Divine, we are One with each other and all forms of life on the planet. You might even have your own definition of Oneness. Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to be Me, calls this state of perfect, infinite Being, Magnificence.

Actually the definition of Oneness probably transcends sense consciousness...what we think is true in our physical brain grounded in the realm of duality. Just try to be open to experiencing an intuitive connection to all that is Divine within us and around us. As quantum physics points our regarding the Universal Field: we are each a mighty wave in an infinite sea of Life-Energy.

Now there are probably many ways to have the mystical experience of Oneness. You can practice yoga, tai chi, prayer, meditation, Secrets of Natural Walking, reiki, love-in-action, creative activities, or simply relish the joy and majesty of Nature. Along these lines, Jesus...the master teacher for many, stated the following:
#1. "The father and I are one."
#2. "Of myself I can do nothing."
#3. "It's the father within that does the works."

Furthermore, Joel Goldsmith, Christian Mystic and Healing Practitioner, recommended being still, suspending thinking, and just entering the Silence on a daily basis. All the great New Thought teachers and leaders highly recommended this power of meditation via accessing the Secret Place of the Most High.

Patricia Jepsen Chuse, author of the GodSelf and Breaking Through plus 30 other spiritual books, recommended the following exercise to experience our Magnificence. Affirm silently and aloud frequently throughout the day these positive ideas:

#1. "I am releasing my good from within myself."
#2. "I am releasing perfect health (or whatever) as my conscious experience."
#3. "God in me fulfills my every need. Thank you, God."

There is another major way to realize Oneness: just participate in the Global Oneness Celebration beginning on October 22nd. Simply go online and search the keys words, "global oneness day 2015." This will enable you to have free access to fantastic motivational speakers and related activities that will surely impact your heart with wonder, beauty, peace, and love. Along these same lines, our local Unity Church in Grants Pass, Oregon will be having a special Global Oneness service on October 25th at 4:30 P.M. We will cultivate the Oneness Connection through music, song, prayer, meditation, and fellowship, featuring a sampling of international foods. Perhaps there are local Oneness Activities in your own neighborhood?

In closing, I suggest you take time daily to breathe in those four spiritual principles mentioned earlier to give our life more meaning, and count to five with positive beliefs geared to facilitate a state of being happy. Why not read aloud my following Global Oneness Pledge? Or go online searching the keys words, " oneness declaration" which will be signed and sent to the United Nations. Here's to Being One human family, and doing what we can to create a healthier and better world.

In the spirit of Global Oneness, let us pledge:

To speak the mantra, "We are One" frequently, which will foster loving answers to world challenges.

To begin to change the world by using the power of "spiritual citizenship."
Humanity has the incredible potential to manifest positive, social, and personal transformation.

We can create a better life and healthier world when we discover our connection to all that is Divine, Beautiful, Peaceful, Wise, Abundant, and Joyful.

"The time for change is now." Step forward, come together as One "human family." Celebrate the wonder and sacredness of all Life.

Love is the the Power. Love is the Answer. Love is the dominant force in the universe. Together we are One. And, as One, we will do amazing things!

One Universe

One Light
One Light | Source


Enter Silence
Enter Silence | Source

I Am Light

Ready for the Journey?

Let Go
Let Go | Source


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    • profile image

      Heidi Ogle 2 years ago

      Thank you for being such and inspirational person. And for teaching me to live in the light, love, peace and mercy that God offers to each and everyone of us at any given moment.

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 2 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      You are so right Ericdierker. Maybe the world is starting to experience a revolution of Love? Smiles and Blessings...Gary

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A marvelous look into the concept of oneness. The Love is truly all encompassing. No matter the time or place we can always share love. It is just wonderful to fathom that all the love we have is the same love that all others have. A true oneness.