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Ones Reality

Updated on March 20, 2016

Reality of Soul - By Shocro

One’s ‘Soulineage’ is a spiritual family tree. Arranged just like a family tree in genealogy, where the higher consciousness of one’s splintered soul resides on higher dimensions so would be placed at the top of the chart while the lower vibrational selves of the fractured soul would be placed lower on the chart. One’s fractured shards of self are spread across universes and dimensions, yet remain connected through quantum entanglement. Each version, or piece of self is self-conscious and self-aware, though some more-so than others. Each piece of you is in a separate level of evolvement. The selves who are more evolved will feel a primal compulsion to assist its fellow soulmates towards enlightenment and oneness of self. Ironically, and unfortunately to say the least, this supernatural but quite literal ‘self-help’ interaction must be initiated by the lower evolved self-who’s unaware such initiation is needed. The self that is aware of this, such as the fragmented self that is the ‘you’ who is consciously reading this now, is linked directly into the process of awakening and enlightenment. The ‘I AM’ id and ego that’s unique to you is a much more evolved Being who is also closer to ‘Wholeness’ than most of your other fragmented selves.

Each piece of you is an immortal being so each universe containing a uniquely broken piece of you will forever be altered by your observational thoughts, intent, and attention towards it. This effect, of course, helps to mold that particular universes collective reality.

The mind-bender occurs by looking closely at the parallel, double mirror reflected nature of your multi-dimensional multiverse cluster. Each soul shard that’s been fractured from the whole resides within one of the parallel universes that are spread across the dimensions. Imagine each universe being only third-dimensional physical planes of matter completely separate from all other matter in all other universes. Now imagine a multi-dimensional field of varying levels of energetic vibrations and frequencies blanketed across ALL the universes in our multi-verse cluster. This field is what binds ALL together on the most macro and microscopic levels. Without this dimensional field permeating and containing our multi-verse there would be no higher-dimensional sounds to shape and give form to any of them. Without this special creative vibrational frequency, no light could burst forth to expand the physical dimensions of a universe. Without physical dimensional coordinates to be perceived then none would exist, therefore, no multi-verse could harbor conscious existence without our higher-dimensional net which bridges each universe and holds the very fabric of them all together while also creating an entangled connectedness across multiple space-time continuums. This is like the macro version of the ‘strong-nuclear force’ in action – The force that bridges, connects and holds together quarks, the sub-atomic particles that make up protons and neutrons. They are also, obviously, a fundamental constituent of matter, and they almost always come in three’s (a handful of rare particles are made from pairs of two quarks, though duality and polarity is still there). Each is unique to the other in either ‘flavor’ (color), or spin. Together, they form the ‘atom’ that is oneself since each system is just that – A Oneness of pure spirit fragmented into multiple facets of multi-dimensional selves which scattered and splintered into even more selves who then created multiple realities and multiple universes in order to simultaneously experience those realities as self-conscious and self-aware beings. Think about it, no real experience could have been gained by only fragmenting a dozen times and scattering each among one universe with multiple dimensions. Millions of years of time, in human terms, would go by and the experience gained in order to awaken oneself would still be insufficient. But by fragmenting multiple times, and creating multiple universes within the multi-dimensional field gives one’s experiential evolution an exponentially greater boost.

A system that allows the multiple variations of one’s consciousness to simultaneously experience being separately from all other ‘selves’ can be seen as the macro version of a wave-function. Absolute reality must not exist. Conscious reality is created by the probable self, since only the possibility of being truly exists. The True Reality of Being can only be attained through enlightenment and the merging of one’s conscious selves. Channeling the soul shards of oneself achieves the Oneness necessary to observe your existence as the whole spiritual being you began as. The pure vibrational energy of ascension gives consciousness new meaning, allowing One to observe ALL of one’s own being and the truth of one’s higher-dimensional reality. This is when the wave-function of the macro system of parallels breaks down and becomes that true reality of one’s higher-dimensional self.

Your thoughts create reality. This simple notion has been around for possibly thousands of years, though the seriousness of this truth has only just begun to seep into the world’s consciousness. It has just recently gained much wider attention when the theory became scientifically proven by quantum mechanics. No longer hypothesis, but fact of nature. It isn’t science fiction, it isn’t still theory, it isn’t just a figure of speech, and it certainly isn’t just another ideology or philosophical teaching. It is quite literal and exactly what the first sentence of this paragraph states, pure and simple.

Energy follows ALL thought, therefore, the universe and ALL there is suddenly bursting into existence must have been the energy projected from a thoughtful intention from higher consciousness. This is hard to even take remotely serious, I know, but truly think about what is being said and research the facts of energy and thought etc. It is the only explanation of where the tiny point of pure energy physicists call the singularity comes from. If we know energy follows ALL thought on a quantum level then the quantum sized singularity of energy could have only popped into existence by conscious thought. Either intention or attention, or both, was directed towards the dark void of nothingness before the big bang. ALL comes into being by thinking of one’s own existence and the conscious awareness of self.

“Reality doesn’t create thoughts or consciousness; conscious thought creates reality.”

We are all fragmented pieces of pure spiritual energy, splintered and flung down the various dimensional levels. All came into being after the illuminating expansion of the Big-Bang, or what I like to call, the ‘Big-Thought’. Big-Bang implies a chaotic explosion of some sort, which wasn’t the case. The ‘Big-Thought’ implies what actually happened; a rapid expansion of matter and form that came from the singularity followed by a perfectly timed period of cooling which allowed for the formation of the sub-atomic particles – the building blocks of this universe. This process sounds far too intentional and intelligent to be brought about by accidental chance or coincidence.

Enlightenment can only be achieved once the knowingness of connected reality has been fully integrated in one’s mind and the remembrance of one’s truest self is achieved. Once the amnesia of one’s splintered soul-self has worn off, the bright essence you truly are will be freed to roam beyond the physical self, and One becomes truly, and quite literally, free-spirited. One is no longer slave to self or others. Consciousness as separate no longer applies so separateness has no meaning to One who has merged with higher consciousness. The everyday tedium of basic human experience is no longer necessary. The domineering necessity of needs such as food and the burning desires of wants such as money are both obsolete sensations. Pure thought formed energy from higher spiritual dimensions are easily absorbed through One’s higher-consciousness. Through creative visualization, focused meditation, and contemplation of being One with all is able to deeply satisfy any of One’s bodily requirements of one’s physical self. This third-dimensional form of physicality can be satiated by pure spiritual energy, but this energy can only be tapped by beings who have been enlightened, and I don’t use that word, enlightenment, with any religious context.

My aim for this article isn’t to preach about God. I don’t intend to point fingers of judgment towards any religion, but I also won’t be dedicating any devotions towards any one particular faith or divine figure either. I’m not here to criticize, dispute, argue, or start any sort of political or religious and/or spiritual debate of any kind either. So you won’t be reading my personal preferences on those I call the Ascended Masters of Earth.

(A positive archetypal label - ‘Ascended Masters’- is the title given to the widely accepted enlightened beings of Earth throughout history from all walks of life and from all different religions. It symbolizes Oneness; a connectedness to all. This so called ‘New Age’ coincides with all the accepted psychic predictions and with all the astrological predictions of the coming Age of Aquarius, but I won’t get into that. By superimposing all the knowledge from the most holy figures throughout all of histories major religions an amazingly simple thing occurs. A pattern emerges which can be cross-checked between all of the known sayings and parables of all the divine figures of religious and spiritual influence to find that the prevalent underlying messages of ALL of them are exactly the same at their core root levels. Like the mustard seeds of Jesus and Budhaa (yes, they both told mustard seed parables) The ‘Ascended Master’ shows the divine similarities of spiritualties pursuit religions and spiritualties for those throughout history who have reached divinity and have ascended in some way, shape, or form to the heavenly spiritual realms of existence, perceived Masters such as Jesus of Nazareth, or the Buddha, or Muhammad, or any other organized religious or spiritual group or their Gods/Goddesses, Prophets, Saviors, Messiahs, or any ancient or modern holy figure.


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