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Online Fortune Telling Courses

Updated on December 17, 2013

Fortune-Telling Courses

Fortune-telling has long been an art veiled in secrecy and sometimes fear. In the early 20th century, it was difficult to find information about learning fortune telling, but with the increase in Internet classes and the proliferation of New Age and metaphysical shops, fortune-telling classes are easy to access and join.


Tarot is one of the best-known forms of divination. Free and fee-based tarot courses are available online. The Magicka School, a United Kingdom-based metaphysical and pagan organization, provides a free 20-week tarot course with access to forums. At the end of the course, individuals can print out a certificate of completion. The American Tarot Association provides correspondence courses and the Tarot School provides both on-ground (classes in specific locations in a live classroom) and distance education courses (through correspondence courses and online classes) for a fee. The American Tarot Association asks for a yearly membership fee before making the courses available, while the Tarot School allows individuals to pay for specific courses that cost $30 and up. Prices are current as of publication time.


Palmistry is also called chiromancy. offers a distance-learning palmistry course for $1,275. For free, Find Your Fate ( offers a breakdown of basic palm-reading methods. Often, local metaphysical shops offer classes in palm reading.


Scrying is a blanket term for any method of reading the future using objects, most commonly a crystal ball, black mirror or the surface of water. offers a free basic course in scrying, while Psychic School House offers a course in scrying as a direct download for $5 with an additional $5 for a test and certificate of completion.


Astrology goes far beyond the simple determination of star signs. Universal Class offers an astrology 101 course for $35, with a $60 option that includes a certificate of completion. The Avalon School of Astrology provides certificate and diploma programs, though the school is in Florida and does not provide distance education (such as correspondence courses or online courses) options. Kepler College offers an online certificate course with a $40 fee for registration and a minimum of $135 for a 10-week, one-unit course.

A Pendulum for Divination


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