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Onwards and Upwards

Updated on February 26, 2017

Ups & Downs

Life is full of ups and downs. We take two steps forward and get pushed three steps back at times. Such is life and it is, at the end of the day, what we make of it that counts, and how we choose to deal with the situations place in front of us. Why is it that life couldn’t be an even curve whereby we start at the bottom and move forward all the time. Have you ever thought about the ups and downs in your own life and what actually causes these ups and downs. I bet your answer is no because we don’t, we just get on with it. What more can we do?

Worry & Stress

We all have worries, stresses and crosses to bear in life. These are the very things that help to mould us into who we are. There is always someone better and worse off than we are but generally we choose to look at those who are better off, thus making our own circumstances even worse. For Instance, I work away from home and get home to see my Wife and kids every eight to ten weeks. I work with one guy who has not been home to see his family in 3 years. And then there are the people who live a normal family life. I am somewhere in the middle. I always try to think of the glass as being half full.


Generally speaking, we all assume that Money is the route to all happiness, and with enough of the stuff our worries would virtually disappear. I can’t answer that because the question is how much is enough? Is it when we have a ten bedroom house and a Porsche parked in the driveway? Is it when our families are not hungry or cold? There is a massive difference between both of those scenarios and each of us will have a different answer, depending on who and where we are and what morals and beliefs we have. Our perception of wealth and of other people plays a huge role in what we will generally perceive as being enough of anything.

What is true happiness

I would hope that every one of us has been truly happy at some point of our lives for varying periods of time. I know I have. This may be our wedding day, it may be the birth of a child, it may be when Man Utd won the champions league. The point is we all have good times and good memories to go along with them. The trick is, holding onto those memories in the bad times. Remembering the good times will always help us through the bad times. Also, always remember that no matter how bad a situation appears, today will always end and tomorrow will begin. If we consider the bad times as small defeats rather than permanent failures and decide to take them as a lesson and move on, then it makes the road we travel much easier.

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Laughter, so they say is good medicine. Laughter is a by-product of happiness, in a sense. Therefore to laugh is to be happy and we can only laugh when we are happy, Think of a good time in your life and make yourself smile, make yourself laugh out loud. Its healthy. An eighty six year old man, when asked how he was so healthy at his age, told me he stayed happy and that kept him healthy. If we could all think this way at times, we wouldn’t need money to male us happy.

The only way is up...

In conclusion this is about ups and downs that really only exist in our minds. No matter how good or bad our lives may seem there is always someone who loves us, there is always someone who cares about us and there is always someone who worries about us. So as long as we are remembering that, along with the good times, then realistically the only way is up.


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