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Gain your mind by losing it. Oom chala walla um challa um Ack ball balla umch shalla bing

Updated on November 15, 2013

A great thing about sleep is that it lets our mind rest from reality.

A great thing about incantations is that it lets our mind rest from reality.
A great thing about incantations is that it lets our mind rest from reality. | Source

Yes you would be right in understanding that to be gibberish.

My whole intent on raising that incantation from my youth was that it means nothing. And when I say it, it has variables based on me.

There are also different ones. ah ooh wee oooh we.

If you think I have lost my mind then you get it already, no need to read further. But if you really do not get it read on and enter a whole new world.

This is a world where less is better.

We are in a world where total control is the normal day to day. We watch a movie where they are dancing in the rain and totally letting loose and to us that is remarkable. It should not be. It is not to me. Now let us talk about how you can get there also. Maybe you do not want to. Or maybe you think it is impossible to get there. But I would suggest that you give it a try.

In studying meditation, I found Sanskrit.

In learning a bit about this most ancient language I found out is was onomatopoeic, for the most part. That means the words sound like what the mean -- clap, bang, hush, lust.

And I found most the words do not have a direct corresponding English word. But repeating the words has an effect on your insides and especially your heart and mind. It seemed to me that the less of a "meaning" I put on a word, the less I thought about it in my normal "picture mind".

And therefor the less conscious I became.

small children do this automatically when they still can't grasp spelling or a real picture in their mind what the word means. It is actually quite amazing. If you do not believe me, think of lullabies. They are so soothing to a child yet quite often tell of horrible stories --- When the bow breaks --- yikes that is horrible. But perfect for an 8 month old. Go tell aunt Rodie has always been a favorite of mine and it is about a duck dying by suicide in a pond.

So for a time I set out to understand why an ancient language or a current foreign language actually helps us lose our self. Life not science gave me the answers.

But on the other hand I came to see some logic.

Have you ever spoken and seen the words that you are saying? Have you ever heard and seen the words that someone is saying. Try it. Now do the opposite with nouns. Speak and listen and see all the objects and not the words. Yes it is very hard to discipline your self to do those things. But try it, work at it.

The whole reason for that exercise is that it is an exercise. Mind strengthening to a high degree.

But our reason for doing it is so that we can do it and see nothing. Follow me here as we explore.

Clouds like this is how our mind should rest.

Do not define, just feel it.
Do not define, just feel it.

An amazing change from singing along.

I preach in a bilingual church. Many hymns in English and many in Vietnamese. I do not speak Vietnamese. Yes I can read it but very low comprehension. Before we settled on our church we sang in a Vietnamese choir for a large Catholic Church. These two experiences lead me to understand a bit better about hymns.

A good hymn releases your self.

Think of silent night in a foreign to you language. The organ starts and fills the air, you know the rhythm tempo and beat. You know the meaning of the song. Now the beautiful voices sing in melodic praise, and you are freed from the words and even concentrate on the meaningless words being sung.

Wow, you just had to let go. And feel. and breathe and really concentrate to stay in place. I hereby pronounce you at that time free from self. OK not completely free but getting there.

For those who think the ego totally controls us -- this is for you.

If the ego cannot control what the word means .... then?

What you do here is release control of your mind over your perceptions. You just absorb and do not re translate into your control zone. Right now you are considering this in your consciousness and becoming uncomfortable. No that is not because you do not understand, it is because I am speaking to you about letting go, but you must control yourself in order to comprehend what I am saying into your control zone. Let go of it. You do not need to understand what I am saying you just need to stop putting it into your box.

It is not about religion. It is about spirit -- yours

I have known this bear for nearly 30 years I have never seen him unhappy.
I have known this bear for nearly 30 years I have never seen him unhappy. | Source

Let us talk about emptying being necessary to filling

If you really work hard at filling your self with positive affirming stuff that is good. If you concentrate on filling your self with Love and kindness and devotion, that is awesome.

But if you do all that and your self is already filled what room is there for the good. You see you also must empty your cup. If you only start filling it. It is already filled with stuff you do not need. No room.

So please sing some gibberish, listen to the tonal qualities open a gateway to the outside. Then use that gateway to release and empty your cup.

You are now free to fill your cup with what you will. And I sure hope that is all about love.

We all get angry and frustrated and put some angst into our selves. And we just go ahead and create some unnecessary stuff of our own. That would be ego. The more we empty that part, the more the vacuum must be filled and we can be ready to filter what replaces what was.

Hey my good friend.

Have you consciously tried to empty your cup lately.

See results

This man lost his mind. He is well spoken and one of the finest and prolific song writers since Bob Dylan.

I got nothin on this guy. He was/is hell on wheels. But he was lost for words. Me too.

Funny here on my wrap up. I am at a loss for words. Let us leave a big blank space for all of us.

Our words do damage and our words actually heal. They are powerful but they do not control you. You do.

Thanks for reading my humble offerings and thanks for being you. Please do not lose that.


Now this is about our crazy life.

My editors and publishers say that this piece needs to be longer. I just hate that but always find that they are right. Excuse me. And what they always Demand is a "bring it together". I reckon they are right.

Here is the wrap.

I am not even a nobody. That is really cool. Oh people say I am not to put myself down. Silly people. You see I do not need to be a somebody. Think of me as a nobody. And then you can choose to accept or deny my words based on words and not me. See how cool that is.

I am a preacher man. And I just love it when my beloved flock, reject me. You see they get it. It is not my words. It is what they feel inside and go with, at least at the beginning of their week. Good enough for this old guy. Hit me hard, through the pain in your knuckles you will learn about us. And my broken nose is worth that.

I do not break bones except for a long time ago my nose. Funny that the bone stopped forming.

Can we let our ego stop forming? So that no new bones must be broken?


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    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 5 years ago from LA

      Om la om la onward! :)

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I think you might have a few om la om la, thank you's in you. Be well, good new friend with hill in your handle and love.

    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 5 years ago from LA

      I loved this, Eric!