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Opening of the Third Eye and The Aura Through Meditation

Updated on September 24, 2009

Have you ever wondered why magick folk, are so pyschic. This is because they have opened what is called their third eye. The third eye being one of the many chakras that you have. Believe it or not, the chakras are really a Hindu belief, but have been used throughout the practicing of magick and meditation. So really the question is how do we open the Third Eye?

Well, the main answer for this is through meditation, of course and using it often.

This is not the only way to open the Third Eye. It is the way that I use and teach.

Third Eye Diagram
Third Eye Diagram
Hand Position
Hand Position
Aligning the Third Eye
Aligning the Third Eye

In the begining only worry about one Third Eye, but in reality you have six of them. This exercise is done with a vibration chant and should be done four days in a row. The process here is to get the energy to move to the Third Eye. After you have opened the connection you will need to meditate on it to keep it fully open.

  1. Sit with your back straight. The reason for this, is because without your back beinging straight it affects the flow of energy. For the simple reason that the chakras are out of line and balance.
  2. Now you need to place your hands like it is in the pictures. These pictures are people that are right handed. So I will explain for the people that are right and left handed. Now for the people that are right handed. Your right hand should be making a fist, around your left hands index finger: for the left handed people your left hand should be making a fist around your right hand index finger. Your thumbnail should be pressing against the side of the index finger that you have made a fist around, right at the end of the cuticle of that finger. When you feel a slight electrical shock, then you know that you have the right spot that I am talking about. Now what is you do not feel the shock. Please do not get frustrated or upset. You have to remember that all your energy runs off of your arura. So therefore, people with stronger auras will really feel it. All you do is to have patients, or do an arura boosting meditation. Which I will also write in here for you. With this hand position, all it is doing is redirecting the energy flow to your Third Eye. Please remember that you can use this hand mudra anytime you work on your Third Eye. You do not have to stop using it after four days.
  3. Okay, now I would like for you to take in a deep breath through your nose and on the exhale vibrate the word THOTH. Releaseing the breath slowly through your mouth to vibrate the word THOTH. This would then become TH-TH-TH-TH-OH-OH-OH-TH-TH-TH and should be done in one long exhale of the breath through your mouth. Just keep doing it for about five to ten times. What you should notice is that you will beginto feel a slight pressure of where your Third Eye is. This is a really good sign. Still again, please do not get upset because you do not feel it. For some people it will take a few times before they really begin to feel the effects of it working for them.
  4. After you get a feel for it, do it four times and then relax.
  5. The next step is aligning the Third Eye. As in the picture to your right, I want you to imagine that the point of the triangle is pointing to the inside. The color that you can use for visualizing, is a brilliant white light. Like the light that the sun gives off, as it is a miniture sun.
  6. This exercise needs to be done for four days in a row and at least 24 hours apart. Then it being a done deal, you will need to meditate on the Third eye regularly to keep it open and to continue to redirect the energy back to it.

Important to keep the energy directed to the Third Eye, meditate on it often. In this, all you have to do is close your eyes and focus on the Third Eye in the middle of your forehead. DO NOT strain your eyes to do this, just relax and focus on it. Then imagining that it is opening up, or that it is growing with light; like it is a sun on your forehead.

That is all to it. Be patient and keep meditating on the Third Eye.

The Aura
The Aura

Empowering Your Aura

Well, I did say that I would give you a meditation for empowering your Aura. So, here it is. This is the one that I use and there are simplier ones out there.

  1. First you need to get into a meditative state. However you choose to is fine. I Still would like to suggest a trance meditation for this. For the simple fact that it really helps getting in touch with your subconcsious. Which is really important for all improving and magickal training.
  2. After you have gotten into the meditative state, I would like you to imagine that you are floating up. Floating up in the endless amout of time and space. As you are floating up, you see what apears to be a bluish triangle above you.
  3. Now, imagine that you are within that triangle.
  4. Being calm and relaxed. You notice that the blue light from this triangle is a healing energy and that it is being pulled to your body. As it get more and more around your body, I want you to breathe in this energy a little at a time. Seeing yourself slowly become filled with this healing and empowering energy.
  5. As you become filled with it. it begins to expand past you into the area around you. Not hurting you at all, but cleaning your aura and the negative energy fromyour body.
  6. Now it fills the triangle that you are in. While you are here in your soloar plexus you see a small amount of light developing and as you breathe in the while light grows bigger and bigger. Until, it is the size of a basketball.Still, you are relaxed. It slowly moves up your body, turning the blue energy around you into white light.
  7. As it reaches the top of your head it start to expand. Pushing everything around you away.The triangle disapears and your aura becomes even brighter; that all you see is the white light.
  8. Okay, now bring yourself back and you have finshed the aura empowering meditation.

I accutally suggest doing a Aura Empowering at least one time a day. Because it drives all the negative energy aways from you. In addition, it cleans your chakras.

 The use of the Aura and the colors of it are many. You can project things that are useful to you with the aura. Like casting away negative energies. You can use the aura for protection and many other useful things. The aura also has many colors. Here are some links if you would like more information on the subject. Thanks and Blessed Be to all!!!!!


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    • profile image

      ThisWitch 4 years ago

      this IS a good article but honestly the way i connect to seeing through my 3rd eye, i light my fave, calming insence (fresh dry lavender) ligth 3 white candles, with the insence in the middle of the 3 candles ( candles in a slight triangle shape) breath slowly and try to invision the room around me. i`m a sencitive and can communticate to people who have crossed over. i find this quite affective. it may not work for you.

      best wishes

    • kesinee profile image

      Sranunta Lamduan 4 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hi Guru, I would like to ask you whether a very bright white - colored aura mean? I mean sometimes it's not only bright light but it's also radiated like a diamond. What it means? Please give me the right answer.

    • profile image

      1stHERO 5 years ago

      nice tips thnks

    • tgopfrich profile image

      tgopfrich 6 years ago from Stettler, AB

      Thank you, I'm definitely going to try this out

    • profile image

      sreejith 7 years ago


      its really nice i got the information which i search and need...

      thank you very much.. i request to add more article related to this.. i am from india.. actually we have lot of books to refer this but it got the real information from this article...

    • draconis7 profile image

      draconis7 8 years ago

      no problem some people just do not know how to do it

    • Kathy T profile image

      Katharyne Peckham 8 years ago from Boston, MA.

      Great Hub, love the links as well, Lot of great information thank you for sharing

      Love and Light