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Operation Highjump - German UFO's in Antarctica

Updated on March 6, 2012

There are a lot of things that happen in the world that we are not aware of. Some of the most influential and unusual facts that get reported go on the shelf as a hoax. The question I ask is, what if? What if the stories are true that there was a secret operation to Antarctica to remove a Nazi presence that was working on some untold futuristic technology?

The operation the United States went on was called Operation “High Jump.” This mission is still classified by the United States Government as “Top Secret.” Over the years, many documents, people, and other evidence has come to light that maybe this operation was conducted for another reason then the military exercise that it claimed to be.

The operation took Place in Antarctica one of the most in hospitable places on earth. It is so desolate and dangerous there that people living there must survive in underground shelters. The Military operation exercise was conducted after WW2 in 1946-the beginning of 1947. The Operational exercise was constructed with the largest forces to touch down on a remote area of the earth. It consisted of 15 vessels, 25 aircraft and a total of 5000 men. The leader of this expedition was Rear Admiral Richard Byrd. It was the first time the U.S Military had an extensive presence of military personal on such a remote location in history. The operation according to military documents was to explore, photograph and chart the remotest location on earth.

The mission according to the official classified documents, involved foremost military and scientific teams from around the world. The U.S wanted to make claims in the world’s remotest location so with a few hundred scientists and military personal they stared the long trek to Antarctica to map and explore. They were also on a scouting mission looking at the possibility of setting up a central supply base in Antarctica that could supply troops anywhere in the world in a lot shorter time from then from the U.S mainland. Also with the objective of making a permanent base that would consist of runways, out building and a full time staff.

Along with mapping this remote land there were still rumors that a majority of the high ranking Nazi party had escaped to a hidden military base there. Even though, Germany had been over thrown, many documents had been found pointing to Antarctica as an escape base to which they were to move all new technology from Nazi Germany. The location of the German base was called Neuschwabenland It is a region of Antarctica in which Germany claimed for themselves prior to the outbreak of the war.

So, along with discovered documents from Hans-Ulrich Rudel that documented the Antarctic claim. The extensive trips made by Rudel and specialized teams that were permanently based in the southernmost tip of South America. Along with extensive mappings and aerial photography of Antarctica there had to be something more than just Germany trying to survey the continent. They were building something to either hide or study in the Antarctic tundra. The result was a permanent German base on the Antarctic main land that Germany was using to conducted naval warfare from. This has been documented in military records from Germany discovered after the war and to as late as 1947. Where there are portions of still active German u-boats carrying out surveillance in the South Atlantic Ocean.

One such reported stop by a German u-boat was reported by an Icelandic whaler named the “Juliana.”The u-boat stops the trolley and demanded of the crew a trade of rations in the late spring of 1947.

Some theorist goes on to explain that the German occupation of a base in Antarctica was more than research. It was a place to conduct extensive research into extraterrestrial technology that was fund during the war. Over the years after the Second World War there were extensive reports of alleged flying disc over the skies of the southern Atlantic Ocean. These discs resembled that of captured scientist writings of circular and cigar shaped UFOs. Whether this was a new found technology or one from a captured alien disk, is uncertain. But, the documentation on how the Germans were experimenting with these flight shapes is historical fact.

What is not reported by the official documents about operation high jump and the ongoing military exercises is the testimony from those that claimed to be there. On numerous death bed confessions, it was discussed that operation high jump was a complete failure. Out of the 5000 men that went there less than 1000 came back. The military claimed that there was a enormous storm that took over and capsized several ships and all hands were lost. Yet, due to this story many felt required to revel in the end. The story states that when Byrd landed in Antarctica they found the secret Nazi base. But, they had an unusual type e of technology in Arial and gun form that gave them much superior edge. The military due to many casualties was forced to return. The military continued to fight with this unknown circular craft all around Antarctica until they left.

Although we may never know the truth regarding the official operation in Antarctica. Admiral Byrd was able to procure thousands of hours of video, documentation, photos, and scientific information that would be used by scientist around the world, to document this harsh region of the world. Even to this day the exact location of this base has been hidden, and whether or not we sent other military to remove the German presence is unknown. They still may be under the ice living with some out of this world technology. I guess we may never know the truth.


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  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 5 years ago from Florida

    there are many things that go on in our skys that we can only guess at

  • moonlake profile image

    moonlake 5 years ago from America

    I heard a story like this many years ago here in our town. The man was a soldier stationed in an out of the way base and I'm not sure where but it was someplace very cold. He said UFO's would come over and shine their lights down on the aircraft and base. He said he saw them. They were never able to catch them they were to fast. I wish I could remember where it was.

    Your hub was very interesting. Voted up