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Ophthalmic Photography is Eye Opening

Updated on November 30, 2014

There is more to be said if you are told you are not a philosopher. It is true for many of us but least we bear in mind, one does not have to be a philosopher to have philosophized countless times. The assertions that follow are not intended to mitigate philosophy but instead intend to show how philosophy falcate itself into our lives inexplicably, without choice, through a simple division called truth.

Although the attempt here is to shy downward, away from attempting expert assertions relating philosophy, thanks to the first Greek philosopher, Thales, for shedding light through his association with philosophy relating it simply in “world” context. The world surrounds us with philosophical inclinations. We unavoidably live it daily, and life unavoidably spurs philosophical discussions often stripping away certainty and precision. When life divisions are looked at philosophically there is reminder of what has become certain: philosophy nearly cancels the absolute and substitutes relativity. Artful, logical, thinking on truth even without attempting to impersonate the art or the actor it does not allow escaping the philosophical, whether expert or not. We know the feel of it, and know it spurs open ended dialog and we know there are definite qualifiers for the one who is a licensed philosopher with merited accreditations, however interestingly anyone can philosophy, offering words to the wind behind reasoning that acutely and broadly relate our experiences. Truth, however obliquely concerns life in philosophical caricature, therefore what is proposed here are thoughts based in experience that falls aligned toward that which concerns man at all times, truth, i.e. the philosophical truth.

Words cloud the reality of truth, vision supports it, one’s personal philosophy defines it but nothing captures it like optical photography.

Essential and proven: “The truth is obvious, needs no explanation and cannot be captured with words” (God Channel, accessed 11/19/14). Principally, optical photography is what captures truth, visual snapshots proving what was seen actually happened. Words are not as fast as the eye and they do not construct truthful images as accurately as vision. Words derive drawbacks. The truth is words have the capability to distort the facts, causing interference and perhaps undue culpability, but the optical holds an advantage. Even in today’s modernism of technological lens technology hugely offers renderings of what happened, but when the truth comes from eyes it cancels possibility for tampering and distorting the actual, with the only drawback coming from worded accounts.

Congruously, what defines truth more than anything else is “something happened”. Truth essentially means something happened, that which was seen, indisputably. Truth is always what actually happened defiant to garnering a worded perspective and is relative to an ophthalmic witnessing of what happened.

“Wolf, wolf, he cried deceitfully derailing the integrity of real truth, and ending up gobbled down by the wolf after too many false cries. Tragic, is the worded account of it proving the only exception to truth not by an ophthalmic sighting as believable. Philosophically, it could be asked, “Was he a little boy raised in an environment based on faux integrity. “Do as I say, not as I do” relates as something of a philosophical set-up; poor boy? Living repeatedly in an environment otherwise to truths unfortunately is more imprinting than lectured commands.

“You can’t handle the truth”, famously stated by Jack Nicholson in the then famous movie A Few Good Men was quite depicting of why often time’s truth has been withheld from the fragile and from one who just loses it if the truth is not to their liking exemplifying “you can’t handle the truth”. In all practicality, the truth holds potential to calm the spirit otherwise there is a potential for havoc to the emotion.

Truth exists in something of an archetypical zone, extending past simplistic, associating the only certainty of what rendering the truth importantly affects; it is called integrity. It looms toward a philosophical dispensation, commanding a believer’s inquiry over one of acceptance. It requires coherence and often gets challenged by the conflation of its own truth and consequentially can be deflated by philosophy essentially staking claim to it.

Truth is larger than thought allows, and when discounting courts, philosophers, politicians, and the media, truth reasonably is what you see however large or small. Although dedicated reviews of literature reveal professionals and educational institutions tag other good formulated scholastic perspectives with references, it does not take long to associate further than the eye depicting truth may simply mean yours or mine and can scheme toward anti-realism based from worded perspectives. Therefore, it is reclaimable, “truth is what one sees”; but sight is always in the eyes of the beholder and as agendas, beliefs, and biases bring influence, truth consequentially can get a little murky.

Violations of truth are demonstrated through exaggerations, falseness, and endless futility; these values-scenario generators rule society; but ultimately demands getting to the truth of the matter, when it matters. Perhaps the truth essentially means no more than something that can be verified and who verifies it. What seems certain is the truth can be an orbiting adventure and is truly telling of one’s make and it is often hard to find.

An interesting author, Joel ben Izzy told a tale of truth never proven before about someone who actually found and saw Truth. In a condensation of what he said, he reported a man engaged a toiling search for Truth. Calling into a cave, Truth answered. He went inside the cave and found the most unexpected Truth, horrific to his ophthalmic photo lens that captured eyes that bulged out uneven over a bumpy face with stray teeth and long matted strains of hair. In spite of the shock of Truth he stayed around many years learning her ways. When he decided to leave he asked how he could repay her for all she had done for him. She said:

“When you go out into the world and speak of me, tell them I am young and beautiful”.

There is nothing like actually seeing the truth and cancelling speculation with no need for translation; it’s called eye-witness accounting but it should be remembered this accounting is from the heart and the eyes of the beholder.

Truth as it parallels with the otherwise dictate scenarios. Can you imagine living and reacting in a way that you may not even consider if you knew the truth? When hidden truths are revealed they change scenarios.

Conclusively, Truth, fallacy or fact, ultimately allies in the optical through eye witness accounting. There is nothing like actually seeing the truth, canceling speculation with no need for translation. Beholding eyes and worded renditions aptly transcend to stirring the emotion by infuriating the psyche or calming the spirit. Platonic philosophy adds confirmation: “And isn’t it a bad thing to be deceived about the truth, and a good thing to know what the truth is? For I assume by knowing the truth you mean knowing things as they really are”. Plato hints toward the optical, indisputably, confirming the best precept for knowing things as they really are, is knowing things as you have seen them.

It is pretty obvious, conflict and confusion blurs the path of truth, results negative drawbacks and can relate perpetual discomfort with potential for eruptions that can interfere with the vision of a whole society. Therefore, truth is a big deal because it eternally resides in the world of possible scenarios waiting to happen and once it does, it philosophically is up for perspective, yours, or my beholding eyes.


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