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Organized Religion: It Isn't For Me

Updated on February 2, 2010

I've found it no longer works for me. I didn't even know I was involved with Organized religion when I started attending my church. I was just doing what everybody else did thinking that's what christians do. I was eager and ready to take everything in blindly.

I accepted Christ in June of 1999 after realizing how much I needed Him and, became a member of a church I felt comfortable in. I attended regularly 3 times a week and participated in church funtions etc. I was having a wonderful time learning and growing in my faith but after a few years I began to notice some things and have been struggling over some difficult questions.

 One being the ever argueable Tithe. I had been taught by my pastor that you can't just take one verse and make it fit what you want. You must read all verses before and after to get the context and no matter how many times I read the usual verse this same pastor uses about " and it will be measured unto you....", I don't see any relevance to present day tithing in any way shape or form. Besides Tithing is old testament and we are no longer under the law but under grace. This also taught by the same pastor. See any conflict here?

If you want to give that's fine. I see no problem with that and I did but to be told that if I don't tithe I'm not a good christian and should be ashamed or even that I may not even be saved if I don't willingly give or God will not bless me doesn't sit well with what Gods word already says.

Is it all just about money?

 I've also sat through sermons telling us our troubles are brought on by Satan attacking us because we are Christians and then a few weeks later hearing our troubles are because we aren't walking right with God. Which is it? How much more right can I be as one of His children? Born again and sealed.

I'm dealing with several dibilitating and one terminal illness now. I have felt guilty for years since I got sick. because apparently I'm not a good christian for I should be at church every time the doors open and I can't. It got to the point I quit talking to God or even reading and praying because I thought, He won't hear me I'm not right with Him I can't get to church so His face is turned from me because of my disobedience. I went when I could but now I don't go at all simply because of the mixed messages I've gotten from the pulpit and I'm no longer feeling guilty.

No where in Gods Word does it say we must go to church three times a week or much less every Sunday morning, evening or Wed. evening. It's a man thing. Yes we are not to forsake the gathering of the saints, and I love being around my fellow Christians but don't judge me based on a man made requirement of attendance. and don't lay a guilt trip on someone that harms their relationship with their saviour simply because you want them there to put money in the basket. Sounds like works to me and works don't get you anything.

As I read more and more of the Bible on my own instead of listening to "a man" I have seen some things I had taken at my pastors word that simply doesn't jive with what God says. I'm sure my pastor is not intentionally being misleading but then he is preaching things the way he was taught to preach it by another man and his interpretation. Many will argue that the whole bible is interpreted individually but I disagree. If you read it carefully God is very plain on His meaning for everything. How it's interpreted by someone is their selfish choice to meet their own wants, which brings me to my other reason for getting out of organized religion.

Why have so many denominations? Isn't picking up Gods Word enough? Isn't preaching right from the Holy Bible enough? Can't it be read and taught His way instead of the Baptist way, Church of Christ way, Methodist way etc. Are denominations really teaching Gods word as it should or following a mans desire to meet certain monetary or controling needs? To come up with a "Popular" doctrine that has nothing to do with Gods Truth but a man made truth that's more appealing?

If we were all honest the truth really isn't a popular thing you know. We're all wretched but people don't want to hear that. Is that where all these so called denominations come from.? A desire to feel good and still believe we'll get to heaven simply because we attend a church where some man makes us believe twisting Gods word is ok.

I want to know Gods Word and His meaning, so I have chosen not to feel guilty about not being part of an organized religion. I want to know the truth about myself from Gods eyes and Word not mans.

I'll soon be sent papers saying I am no longer a member of this particular church because of my absense which is another sore spot for me about organized religion. Does God just throw us out of His family like that? I think not!

I'm a Christian and will always be a Christian because I called on Christ and was bought with His blood not because I sit in a church pew or work every church function. I know what God expects of me as His child and I prefer to answer to God not a man. All I can do is the best I can to be pleasing to the Lord and do His work. He will tell me if I'm not. I have chosen to read His word and His word only. To live my life being peculiar from others not better than. I choose to accept people as they are and to witness when I can and to minister to those in need. I don't need a church building but only Gods word. For He is all around me and there when I call on Him. Do I need more?


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    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 5 years ago from OHIO

      It's been a while since I've been on here and I want to thank all who have commented that I've not gotten back to. This is a continuing thing for me. Some friends who still go there are seeing the light and are being hurt by the realization of what's going on and has been goin on. There has been a major turnover in the congregation. It's a very monied church now. Many of the lesser and middle income have left simply because they can't afford to go there. That is not what church is all about.

    • profile image

      hiit 5 years ago

      I really like your hub, thank you for putting it up .

      Ron -

    • mariefontaine profile image

      mariefontaine 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I do not subscribe to organized religion either. I have had far too many negative experiences with hypocrisy and other issues such as choir directors that try to seduce you as a married woman... and more... I just said no way. I am not taking my kids into organized religion to be like "the good Christians" that go to church 3 times a week but lead the ultra dysfunctional lives they lead at home...

    • profile image

      Amy 7 years ago

      I come from a very organized religion that I would never choose to raise my family in. However, I am a believer in community and how important it is to a continued relationship with Jesus Christ. The church I have been attending has been great for me because it is very laid back but has a great message. We have developed a friendship with the pastor and his wife as well. Although I have been happy at this church for 6+ years they do not have a very good kids program. I'm on the hunt for a good church that gives me what I need spiritually with a good program for the kids too. I'm not looking for a super over the top church, just good Christian people that read from the scriptures and inspire people to want to walk with the LORD. I will go to as many different churches as I can until I find the one that is perfect for my family. I completely agree with the statement that "Organized religion is Satan's greatest weapon". So many people come out not believers, depressed, scared, and some never come out of it. Since my true spiritual journey began of personal accountablility not to a religion I see the world in a complete different light. I have so much more compassion for people. It is sad that organized religion (Satan's little baby) has turned so many away from finding a good community / church. This is exactly what Satan wants. I miss church all the time but do not feel guilty and am not made to feel guilty. I have a strong relationship with Jesus, but when I do attend a nice church with an encouraging sermon I feel even closer to him and it just pushes me to be better.

    • profile image

      bsolo 7 years ago

      Hello, I'm a Pastor, and I am currently in the process of teaching this very concept. Not only at my congregation, but also everywhere I am invited to preach and teach. We are saved by God's Grace, and anything else is another gospel. It is so sad that so many people think that because they "go to church" they will be saved; yet, none of them can tell you, with confidence and certainty, that they are saved now. Organized religion is Satan's greatest weapon that has caused many people to walk right away from the Grace of God. I have decided to continue preaching, in hopes to free the minds of people who desire to follow God, but are still slaves to rules. God bless you

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 7 years ago

      AnythingArtzy, The Lord knows your heart! "I want to know Gods Word and His meaning..." We are Saved by Grace not works! Thank you for sharing, I invite you to read "What is The Work of the Holy Spirit" as well as my series on the PROVERBS! In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • profile image

      ClearSky 8 years ago from Kentucky

      Jesus did say that two or more gathered in his name is the church. There are many believers who have come out of the Church and organized religion, and now have Bible studies and worship in their own homes. Follow whatever the Lord leads you to.

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      Hi Moulik, thanks for the comment but I"m not sure I understand what you mean. If you are an athiest what religious identity are you talking about? Please comment again I'm really interested.

    • Moulik Mistry profile image

      Moulik Mistry 8 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

      Excellent post - I am an atheist and on the way to losing my religious identity...

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      thank you canbyte, I'm doin just that. God will take me where I need to be.

    • profile image

      canbyte 8 years ago

      Sounds like you made the right decision, at least for now. Its time to lighten up, take a break, stop thinking so hard and have a holiday, at least in your mind. Lots of other choices will appear in the years ahead. Good luck.

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      thank you so much for your comment. I struggled for so long and when I did go I had to ask myself why was I going? For God or to please the "church". I'm much more at peace now with my desicion to pull away.

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      My dear sister, I once was in a church that way very legalisict as well. I am glad that you were able to hear God's voice in spite of the error you heard! All churches are not like this, perhaps a home or cell group would better fit for you. Ask the Lord to help you find a ministry, (it does not have to be an organized 'Church') that love God,people and teaches the truth.