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Orlog and Wyrd

Updated on September 3, 2011


Orlog is the eternal law of the universe, whose powers even the Gods have to bow to. It apparently has neither a beginning nor an end. The web that is woven by the Norns is done so at the behest of this older and superior power.


Mythology tells us that Wyrd is “the every thing-the interweaving of everything, everyone, everywhere, every when.” Every moment contains an infinity of possibilities; every action is a choice with echoes that ripple out along the thread of wyrd through the whole of reality.

The concept of wyrd is known in all European cultures, Celtic, Germanic, Greek and Norse. It is seen usually as a weaving of the threads of ones past present and future. Even the gods themselves were subject to wyrd. The cloth (destiny) that was woven could be changed by the pulling of a thread (an act). Some people view the concept of wyrd as a fatalistic outlook on life, but one must remember that you can change wyrd with one simple act or pull of a thread.

The Norns or Fates may have originally selected the “threads” and may be weaving the pattern, even choosing the new “threads” that are used, but the “design” (life/lives) is in fact made by the interplay of a number of factors. The material used to weave our wyrd comes from genetic inheritance, influence of natural catastrophes (floods, storms, earthquakes), actions of various people ( family, friends, neighbors) as well as our own actions.

We have the choice to direct our own wyrd only so far, for everything is connected or will be or has been. Still we have those options that arise that can and will change our wyrd for us. We need to learn to recognize those times, to learn to find the courage to stop and face the choices we are being offered and make the best decision for our life. We shape the cloth of our wyrd, if we meet it with courage, faith and knowledge.


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